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switching for you
| the aftermath of a fight with a villain splits Ochako in two. and the darker, carnal twin won’t leave until she gets a taste of Ochako’s explosive roommate. F/F/M
She’s on her knees, hands extended as she uses the full brunt of her quirk to hold up the tilting building.

There are civilians scattering around her, running for their lives, which only adds to the cloud of dust that the destruction of the building’s foundation had caused.
She can hear the villain – a thug with a gigantification quirk – screaming and yelling from where Deku has him pinned to the floor. His partner, the enigma with a quirk not in the database, is knocked out to her right.
Gunhead martial arts had made quick work of him and allowed Uravity to focus on keeping the building from crushing anyone.

All in all… it was a good save.

Sure, the mystery quirk user had managed to touch her with his glowing fingers, but nothing had happened.
No pain, no immediate change to her behavior.

She felt fine.

The dust is settling and her vision is clearing. She can see the sign on the building that reads ‘Japan National Bank’.
She hears the sound of sirens in the background, making a note to see the EMTs about her quirk exposure. She’s been in enough battles to know that whether she’s concerned or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
But right now her energy and attention is better focused on keeping the building as upright as she can. The force and weight have her feeling the early flutters of nausea but she’s a lot tougher than she was in high school so she fights through the feeling.
Besides Ground Zero would never let her hear the end of it if she threw up just from holding up one measly building. Especially when he’d seen her hold up a skyscraper just two weeks earlier with blood pooling from a gash in her leg and a concussion.
“You’re fucking reckless.” He’d told her as if he hadn’t thrown himself directly into the line of fire multiple times. There was a reason he was in the hospital bed next to hers. “/A reckless little badass/.”
Coming from Bakugou — who had always been quick to criticize and correct than to compliment— was the highest of praises. And as much as he’d tried to hide it, the smile on his face and the awestruck lift in his voice gave away his pride in her.
It puffed her chest when she thought about it — made her want to work harder just to make sure he always felt that way about her.
That was just the way it had always been with them since their time at UA. Bakugou inspired her to work harder, smarter, and longer in a way that no one else did.
Whether that was because of his intensity that demanded excellence from everyone in his vicinity in his or because he’d always respected her as an opponent, student and, now, fellow pro hero was up for debate.
But it was probably both. Ochako just really appreciated Bakugou and how he’d contributed to her own drive with his endless passion.
And besides, a compliment from Bakugou really was a /high/.

So with the thought on her mind, she pressed forward, shoving the building higher up.
“/Gravity bitch./” The villain she’d apprehended stirred as the police surrounded him. She cast him a glance. His eye was swollen and his lip busted. “/Don’t get fucking cocky ‘cause you got the drop on me, bitch./”
As the police pulled him to his feet he cried out in pain at the weight on his foot. Damn. She’d gone pretty hard on him. And, maybe it was the Bakugou rubbing off on her but Ochako didn’t feel bad at all.

“/You’re in for it now./”
The police took him away, quirk suppression cuffs locked on his wrists.

She raised a brow at his threat but didn’t think too deeply about it. If monologuing was a villainous trait then so was making empty threats when the battle was over.
Villains were always the same.

As Bakugou would say, “sore fucking losers”.

Ochako’s eyes snapped to the front as the hum filled the air.
She squints. The dust has cleared enough that she can see the form of a woman. She’s mirroring Ochako’s position, kneeling on the floor, shrouded in the shadow from the building.
Shoulder-length hair flows in the wind around her and there’s a reflection from a panel in her outfit.

Ochako frowns.
There were two villains, not three. And all the citizens should have evacuated by now.

Who was this?

“Ma’am.” She calls out. The building shifts slightly as her attention is split. Ochako gives another push. “Are you hurt?”

The woman tilts her head but doesn’t answer.
“Can you stand?” Stray rubble tumbled around them. No answer. ”If you can please evacuate. It’s not safe here.”

The woman stands, bringing a hand up and waving the dust away.

Ochako looks up at her and gasps.
For a moment, as the dust clears, Ochako sees herself.

Big brown eyes, torn Uravity suit, hair that has now grown past her shoulders, even the scratch she’s just gotten in her tussle with today’s villain.

It's like looking in a mirror.
Except the mirror smiles darkly at her, the hint of something sinister in her eyes.

/What the hell…/

She turns towards the sound of Deku yelling, the footsteps of his steel-toed boots loud against the pavement.

“I just heard from Hawks – Mt. Lady is patrolling two blocks away. She’s on her way over so just hold on for a couple more minutes.”
Relief washed over her.

She turned back to the woman.

She was gone.

Ochako frowned. /What the …/

Where had she gone? Was she hallucinating?

The sound of shoes hitting the pavement got louder.
“Uravity!” Midoriya knelt down next to her, looking up at the building in wonder. A faint pink glow surrounded the building as Ochako’s muscles strained against the force. “Wow. Good job, Uravity.”
“Certainly.” Ochako looked up at Police Chief Naomasa. The older man was smiling down at her, the lines around his eyes kind. “A show of strength the likes of which we’ve come to expect from Gravity Hero: Uravity.”

Ochako blushed slightly at the praise.
Ochako blushed slightly at the praise.

“Thank you, sir.” A stray rock fell to the spot her doppelgänger had been standing. Was that a hallucination…” Sir? We’ve blocked off the perimeter, correct?”

Naomasa nodded.
“Of course. I have officers stationed at all entry and exit points.” He revealed. “Why? Is there a problem?”

“I thought…” Thought what? Thought she’d seen herself staring down at her? “I thought I saw someone standing here.”

“Under the building.” She explained, nodding to the shadowy area under the slope of the building. “Under the slope.” She turned towards Midoriya. “Did you see anything?”

Midoriya frowned.

“I didn’t see anyone.”

“Maybe she slipped away?”
Naomasa hummed, hand coming up to grip his chin.

“I’ll contact the officers. If anyone did slip away they would have seen it.” He said, reaching for his phone.
He pulled the phone to his ear, the ring loud enough that she could hear it.

“Make sure to see the medic once Mt. Lady gets here, Uravity.”

He walked away, talking to the officer on the line.

Midoriya watched him walk away, a frown on his face. He turned to her.
“You think there was a third villain?”

Ochako sighed.

“I don’t know.” She shook her head. “Maybe that villain’s quirk is messing with my head. I thought… I thought I say myself.”


“Standing across from me.” She nodded. “But something looked wrong.”
“Wrong?” Midoriya’s frown deepened, the lines on his brow betraying his concern. “Wrong how?”

How indeed.

“She just seemed…” She searched for the word. “Darker.”
“That /is/ concerning.” He ran a hand through his hair.

There were gashes in the leather material of his hero suit and a scratch on his arm.
“Duplication quirks are rare. I haven’t seen one since Twice and that was only self-duplication. If this guy can duplicate other people — dark versions of other people — that could be very very bad.”
“But he went down so easily. Other than when he touched me at the end he didn’t even really try to use his quirk.” Ochako said.
In the final moments of their tussle, the villain had slapped a glowing hand onto her back but she’d maneuvered him onto his front and slapped the cuffs on him almost instantly.

“It was barely a fight.”
“If he does have such a powerful quirk that it is weird that he didn’t try to use it during your fight.” Midoriya agreed. “I mean what reason would he have for holding back?”
“That’s probably not it.” The sound of giant footsteps sounded in the distance. The force of them shaking the ground. Mount Lady. “I mean, like you said, duplication quirks are super rare.”
She stood, shaky on her legs as she prepared to drop the building as giant fingers gripped the sides. “It’s more likely that his quirk just has me disoriented. I’ll go have the medics check me out.”
“Okay.” The look on his face said that Midoriya wasn’t fully convinced. “Go get checked out.”

With a tired “release!” Ochako watched as Mount Lady pulled the building into her hand with ease.
Ochako loved her quirk and all its varied applications but as she sat in the back of the ambulance hooked up to a machine meant to analyze her quirk exposure, she had to admit Giantification had some major perks.
“Okay, Uravity.” The EMT — a red-headed boy with curved horns — said as he read through her results. “There seems to have been no change to your physical health or any clear neurological alterations.”
The clean bill of health — other than a few scrapes and cuts that are taken care of by a nice young lady with a healing quirk — should have offered Ochako some sort of relief but she just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off.
It stuck with her as she walked back into the agency to give Hawks her verbal report. Was nibbling at the back of her mind as she finished off the incident reports and filled in documents for the police with Deku.
And even as she turned the key to her apartment she couldn’t shake the feeling.
“I’m home.” She yelled. Bakugou off for once and had finally decided to take her advice for once and actually relax instead of working out to the point of exhaustion and listening in on police scanners. “Hello?”
Bakugou wasn’t the most domestic of roommates but she could usually hear his gruff response whenever she got home. She slipped her shoes off and placed the titanium case holding her new hero suit but the hook at the door.
The sound of the news on the television sounded through the room but there was no sign of Bakugou.

She wandered in, reaching for the remote and turning off the screen. The lights were on in the living room and the kitchen.

She frowned.
Bakugou was always nagging her about leaving the lights on in the apartment and how for someone so fucking frugal she didn’t seem to care about the electricity bill — there was no way he’d just leave the lights on like this.
Before she could call out again she heard what sounded like a pained moan coming from his bedroom.
Ochako frowned, walking down the hall to Bakugou's room. As she neared she could hear strange smacking sounds and the rough, deep groans got louder.

It sounded like he was in /pain/.
Ochako approached slowly.

She knew that Bakugou could take care of himself - he made sure everyone knew he could take care of himself - but they were still public figures. There was always the risk of some vindictive hero trying to get the drop on them while they were home.
And while so far just the knowledge that Uravity and Ground Zero were roommates has been enough to sway the notion from any villains but all it took was one overzealous thug willing test their luck to change all that.

Even Bakugou was suseptable to a sneak attack.
Ochako neared his door back against the wall. The door was slightly ajar but from her angle, she couldn't see him.

"Bakugou." She called out again.

The sound of shuffling echoed through the room as a deep, guttural moan sounded off the walls.
Ochako paused at that.



More shuffling.

She reached for the door when she heard him hiss.

"Fuck." His voice was rough and breathy. "Oh, fuck."
Ochako frowned.

Was he hurt?

It was his day off so he'd have no reason to have been on the field but this was /Bakugou/ she was talking about. He'd been known to join in on pro hero battles while off duty numerous times.
Once, he'd run out of the gym to apprehend a theft who had slid past the police only to reprimanded by Hawks for hero-ing without his uniform.

He was even more notorious for overdoing it in every capacity of his life.
Not only did he take it upon himself to jump into every fight he saw but he would come back to the apartment bleeding, beaten, and limping. In the early days, before they'd found their rhythm, Bakugou would retreat to his room and try to tend to his own wounds.
After the first five times, she'd seen him limp sadly into his room and curse up a storm, she'd offered to help him.
He'd complained - of course - about how he didn't need her help and could do it on his own but she knew that Kirishima would help him with his self-inflicted wounds back when he'd over train at UA, so he didn't have a leg to stand on.
Ochako rolled her eyes.

The sound of muttering filled the air followed by a long hiss and a "/Fuck/".

Did he get into another fight?
Overdo it at the gym?

She gripped the handle and pushed.

Her jaw dropped.

"What the /fuck/?"
For a moment, she can't breathe as she looks at Bakugou sat on the edge of his bed.
He's leaning back on one of his hands, legs spread wide and eyes shut in what is very clearly /not/ pain. His other hand is gripping brown hair, moving along with the enthusiastic bobbing of a head.
He's naked, the towel underneath him signaling that he must have just come out of the shower before doing... /this/. The water drips down from his damp hair, along the column of his neck and as her eyes track the droplet her sight is blocked by a woman.

"/Oh, fuck./" He groans.
A woman that she clearly recognizes.

At her words, he opens his eyes.


Bakugou looked at her, eyes blown out in lust and confusion.
A lewd pop sounds as her doppelgänger slips him out of her mouth.

"Ah boo." It's eerie hearing her voice like this. She watches in horror as her tongue - the doppelgänger's tongue - licks at the head of Bakugou's cock. "I was hoping to get one ride in before /you/ got home."
To his credit, Bakugou moves fast.

In seconds he's on the other side of the room, his towel wrapped around his waist and arm rubbing awkwardly at the back of his neck.
It doesn't change the fact that her doppelgänger is sitting on his bedroom floor topless but she appreciates his swiftness.

Is that a /bite mark/?

Ochako looks between the two of them, utterly gobsmacked.
He's looking up at the ceiling as he asks.

"What the fuck is going on here?"
The doppelgänger - the only one who probably has any real idea what the fuck is happening - just hums as she watches the two of them go through two existential crises right in front of her.

When she begins looking at her cuticles, Ochako loses it.
"You!" She points at ... herself. "What the hell are you?"

In the background, she can hear Bakugou muttering, "/Please tell me that isn't Toga. For the love of God tell me that isn't Toga/."

(She almost wants to tell him it is just to see what he'd do.)
The doppelgänger cocks her head to the side, observing Ochako lazily.

"I'm you."
She stands up, breast bouncing as she does. Her hero suit is unzipped up to her naval, the arms hanging at her sides.

"But you aren't stupid, Ochako. You know that."
She doesn't move to cover herself the way Ochako definitely would have, instead standing upright and confident. Her eyes are the same deep brown that she sees in the mirror every day but they're darkened by lust in a way she's never seen before.
She points back at Bakugou, who is flushed pink.

Ochako glances at him. She's never seen Bakugou /blush/ before.

"And obviously /you/ are interrupting."
"Again," Bakugou said. "What the hell is going on?"

Ochako glares at the side of his head.
"I was hit by a quirk today." She can feel a blush working up her neck as she speaks. The image of herself - her doppelgänger knelt between his legs - like that is playing over and over again in her mind. "Unregistered."
Bakugou finally turns to her, eyes locking on hers as he frowns.

"Some low-level thugs partner." She explains. His eyes are still swimming in lust and she tries her best not to think about the very prominent erection still visible through his towel. "He must have had a duplication quirk. He touched me just before I put him down."
She looked over at the doppelgänger. "Then she showed up."

The doppelgänger smiled. "/Guilty./"
"Why are you here?" Ochako took a step forward. "What are you? What do you want?" The doppelgänger leaned back, and she could hear the sound of Bakugou slapping his hand over his eyes. "And can you put on a shirt?!"

The doppelgänger giggled as she turned to Bakugou.
"He took it off." Her smile was downright lecherous. "He should put it back on. If he wants." She leaned over. "Huh, /Sir/?"

Bakugou turned to her.

"I /did not/ tell her to call me that."

"You didn't have to," the doppelgänger replied, "we've always want to."
Bakugou swallows thickly, turning to look at the imp lounging on his bed.

So, it's Ochako's turn to ask.

"What the fuck is going on?"
"Don't ask me!" Bakugou scoffs. "I'm just as confused as you are."

"Just as confused?" She chuckles, humorlessly. "Somehow I doubt you're just as confused as I am." She points at herself. "What is this?"
"You want to tell her?" The doppelgänger smiled. "Or should I?"

They both watched - one in horror, the other in thinly veiled lust - as the doppelgänger brought her fist to her mouth and made a lewd gesture, poking the side of her cheek with her tongue.
Ochako looked over at Bakugou who was watching the doppelgänger very closely.

"Bakugou!" She scolded, crossing her arms over her chest. "Focus."
"Fuck!" He rubbed his hands over this face, "Sorry, I just... /Fuck/."

"Don't blame him." The doppelgänger shrugged. The mirth in her eyes reminded Ochako of Mina in the worst way. "I was well on the way to sucking his soul out."
"Oh my god." Ochako didn't know whether to laugh or cry or scream. "This isn't happening. This can't be happening." She looked at her doppelgänger, still sat on Bakugou's bed with her tits out like that was the most natural thing in the world. "I'm dreaming. /I must be/."
"Hmmm." The doppelgänger furrowed her brow. "I don't think we've ever had /this/ dream before."
She looked back at Bakugou again. "Usually, our dreams are much more pleasant than this. Sometimes they're set in the office, the shower, the roof, or that one time we dreamt we were in the cla--"
"/Shut up/." Ochako took a step forward. "Shut up."

The doppelgänger smirked at her.

"We dreamt about you fucking us in the classroom on your des--"

Ochako slapped her hand over her doppelgänger's mouth
"Ochako..." Bakugou started.

She ignored him.

"You're going to tell us what you are and why you're here." Ochako's voice was strict and commanding. The voice she'd perfected in her interrogation classes at UA. Even Bakugou paused, watching the scene unfold. "Got it?"
Ochako pulled her hand away.

"Got it." The doppelgänger answered. The light, cheery sound of her voices was strange, familiar in a sense but tinged with something else that unnerved Ochako. Something strange. "Where to start... where to start..."
"The beginning," Ochako said, strictly. "Where did you come from?"

"That's an easy one -- from you." The doppelgänger pointed at her own head. "Specifically from your subconscious."
"My subconscious?"

"Yup." The doppelgänger popped her 'p' in the way she did sometimes. "Sugawara Daisuke - the villain you took down - his quirk is called Mind Split. He can split the consciousness of a person into distinct persons."
The doppelgänger reached for the arms of her suit, pulling it on, much to Ochako's relief. "He can split the mind into three person types - the subconscious, the preconscious, and the conscious."

Bakugou took a step forward, mind clear now that less skin was on display.
Ochako rolled her eyes. /Men/.

"Usually he splits a person from their subconscious because that's the darkest part of a person's mind."
She smirked up at Ochako. "All the mean, nasty, dirty little things that a person thinks - the things that they try to hide - all end up in the subconscious. And that's what I am. All the dirtiest parts of you, Uravity."
The doppelgänger pulled her zipper up. "It usually works to distract his enemies. But Sugawara miscalculated with you. You're really not that bad."

She smiled up at Ochako, a genuine one that puffed up her already rounded cheeks.
"A little... naughty maybe. But not evil. So you can stop looking at me like I'm this diabolical villain now -- because /we/ aren't."
Ochako sighed.

Well, that was at least some of a relief. But still...

"Why are you here?" Ochako asked, "You were on the scene and you /disappeared/. Why come here?"
The doppelgänger smirked.

“I told you...” She looked back at Bakugou. “We’re a little /naughty/.”



/Fuck no./

“You need to go.” Ochako said. This whole situation was already crazy, she didn’t need to go on any longer than it had to. “How do we get rid of you?”
The doppelgänger turned away, shrugging.

“Don’t give me that.” Ochako hissed. “How do we send you back?”

The doppelgänger sighed.
“You really aren’t any fun are you?” Ochako didn’t answer. Ignoring the sound of Bakugou snickering like this situation was funny in the slightest.”You have to come to terms with yourself. With /me/.”

Ochako frowned.

“Come to terms with myself... what does that mean?”
“I mean look at you.”

The doppelgänger pointed at her. She stood, arms crossed over her chest, in an oversized shirt and shorts she’d grabbed from her work locker.
“You’re so uncomfortable with all of this — with me — and why? Because you don’t know how to just give in to what you want.” She pointed between herself and Bakugou. “You want to know how we ended up like this? Because I /wanted/ him. /You’ve/ wanted him.”
Ochako stared at herself.

There was no use in denying it now that they were all stuck in this weird ass predicament together — she had a thing for Bakugou. She had for a while.
Whether that was a relationship thing or a list thing was something that she’d pushed down to the furthest parts of her mind because she didn’t want to ruin a good thing.

They were roommates.


They were /good/ together.
Exploring whether they be good together in a way that was new and intimate had, admittedly, scared her. The intensity of her feelings — romantic and sexual — had scared her. So, yeah, she’d pushed them to the back of her mind.
To her subconscious where they’d only come up in weak moments and dirty dreams.

But now she’d literally walked in on her subconscious— everything she’d denied — sucking his dick.

There was no where to hide now.
She wouldn’t deny it.

She wanted him.

And it would seem, to some extent, he wanted her too.

“Thanks for the self evaluation but you haven’t answered my question.” Ochako glared at herself. “How do I get rid of you?”
“Seems you’ve had a shift in attitude.” The doppelgänger chuckled. “So now, I can leave at anytime.”

“Then go.”

The doppelgänger seemed to be considering it.
“Nah.” She leaned back on her hands, mimicking the position Bakugou had been in when she walked in on them. “I don’t think I will. Not yet anyways...”

That conniving little b—
“What do you want?” Bakugou interrupted her, taking a step forward. The doppelgänger smiled up at him, her eyes locked on his as she bit her lip. “You want something don’t you? What is it?”
“Isn’t it obvious, /sir/?” She toyed with the zipper on her suit. “I want you.” She pulled it down a inch, showcasing creamy cleavage. “I want both of us to share you.” She smirked. “Or you can /have/ both of us... whatever works for you.”
Bakugou frowned.

“Leave her out of this.”

“Why would I do that?” The doppelgänger pouted. “When she clearly wants it just as much as I do.”
“Right, O-chako?”

Bakugou turned to her.

“You don’t have to do this if you’re uncomfortable, Cheeks.” He sighed, arms crossing over his chest. “I’m not going let some shitty villain’s shitty quirk force you to do anything. I’ll deal with this.”

The doppelgänger scoffed.
“I wasn’t so shitty when I was sucking your cock was I?”

“You were /quiet/.” He glared. “Now you’re being a brat.”

The doppelgänger pulled her zipper lower.

“Maybe you should shut me up again?”
Ochako had heard enough.

“And you’ll leave?” Both of them looked over at her. “We do this and you’re gone in the morning.”
The doppelgänger looked at her face, searching for something. She smiled, apparently satisfied by what she saw there.

“Gone by morning.” She said. “Promise.”
“Okay.” She nodded. Ochako looked over at Bakugou. He was still in the towel, his skin dry now. “Okay.”

“Ochako,” he stepped towards her, “you don’t have to do this.”

She looked at him.

Take what she wanted, huh? Maybe her subconscious was onto something.
“I want you.” She said, proud by how steady her voice sounded as her heart thumped in her chest. “And I think you want me.”

She glared at her doppelgänger, who was watching the scene with a shot eating grin.
“I’m not big on sharing but if it means I get to have you alone tomorrow... I’ll do it.” She locked her eyes on his, deep red stirring something in her. “If you want me...”
Bakugou didn’t answer instead moving towards her, lust and purpose in each of his steps, and grabbing her face before kissing her. His lips slid against hers, soft and warm, as she gasped at the feeling. Taking advantage of her open mouth he slipped his tongue in, tasting her.
Ochako moved closer to him, hands coming up to stroke at his chest. Her fingers wandered over ever dip and indent of the muscles she’d spent years fantasizing about. His hands drifted from her face to her neck.
The feeling of his hands, strong and calloused from his quirk, against the sensitive skin there had her moaning wantonly into his mouth.
He felt so good, all of him felt so good. She felt herself throb as his hands squeezed against the sides of her throat, the constriction lighting her veins with adrenaline that highlighted ever sparks of pleasure.
His hands wandered to her ass, hands kneading the plump flesh there. Ochako gasped at the sensation, the feeling sending lightning into her core as she clenched sadly around nothing.
She rubbed her thighs together, desperate for friction, when she felt another pair of lips on her shoulder.

She looked over her shoulder.

Her doppelgänger smiled at her.
“You’re both so /hot/.” Hearing her voice sound like that — melted honey and sex — was doing something to Ochako. Something that had her leaning back into her double’s touch. “So good together.”

She kissed at Ochako’s cheek, her right hand moving to stroke at Bakugou’s neck.
“Right, sir.” The doppelgänger cooed. Bakugou looked up for where he was nipping at Ochako’s collar bone, exposed by her skewed shirt. “Isn’t she beautiful?”
“So fucking beautiful.” Bakugou moaned into her neck. Ochako gel her doppelgänger hand slide between them, pulling at the towel around hai waist. She looked down watching as it fell to the ground. “So fucking /sexy/.”
She moaned at the sight of him.

He was long and thick with an angry tip leaking fluid. Her double’s hand gripped him as she spotted herself against Ochako’s back, barely able to wrap around the girth of him. She was transfixed.
Her hand looked so /small/.


How had she fit that into her mouth?
She wanted to...

"Let me taste it." Her subconscious stole the words from her, vocalizing Ochako's raunchy desires. "Let /us/ taste you."

"Is that what you want?" Bakugou smirked, eyes locked on hers. "You want to taste me?"
Part of her wanted to hide, not used to having her wants so clearly displayed but the pressure of her doppelgänger against her back was making her feel bold.
"Yes." She reached down to grip him in her hand too. Her hand connected with her double's fist, and there was still a decent amount of him leftover. /Fuck/. "I want to taste you. Can I?"

Bakugou groaned, taking a step back.

"On your knees." He instructed. "Both of you."
Ochako would have been ashamed about how quickly she obeyed but she was too utterly aroused to think too deeply about it. Her double sunk to her knees next to her, her hero suit unzipped to her navel again.
The sleeves were still on, showcasing the shape of her breasts without exposing her and somehow that seemed more erotic than when she'd been topless. She couldn't help but stare.

Was that how she looked?

Her doppelgänger noticed.
"You're gorgeous, aren't you?"

She reached over to Ochako, stroking her face tenderly. The action had goosebumps forming on her skin. The doppelgänger slid her fingers over her lips, slipping her thumb into her mouth.
She held it there for a second, eyes locked on Ochako's face as if wondering what she'd do. She heard Bakugou groan as she sucked.

" So /lovely/."


The doppelgänger smiled, seductively up at him. Ochako watched entranced, she'd never seen herself look so... sexy.
Bakugou looked mesmerized by the sight as her doppelgänger gripped him in both hands, stroking at his member.

"Watch me." She said as she moved closer to him. "Then it's your turn."

"Watch," Bakugou repeated, heated gaze dropping to her. "Watch yourself."
Ochako watched as her doppelgänger licked at the length of him, from the base to the tip, before she slipped the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked.
She watched as her doppelgänger's cheeks - her cheeks - hollowed out and Bakugou groans, hands coming down almost automatically to grip at her hair just like they had been when she walked in.
She felt herself aching at the sight, her cunt dripping with desire and as she watched her doppelgänger slide her knees apart and slip her hand into the front of her suit she knew she wasn't the only one.
The doppelgänger slips him out of her mouth, his damp cock glistening under the fluorescent lights. She drags her hand up and down, stroking at him as she looks up into his eyes.
Ochako watches as his eyes darken, something ominous and sensual coming over him. The doppelgänger swipes her thumb across his slit and collected a bead of precum that she spreads over the length of him.
Ochako feels herself throb as she watches herself lick along a thick vein on the underside of his shaft, one she'd been eyeing greedily.

"Fuck. "So fucking good./"
Bakugou pulls at her head, pushing the doppelgänger back to his tip. Ochako watches closely as her double opens her mouth and lets Bakugou thrust into her open mouth. Her hand is buried in her suit now, fingers moving quickly and she moans around his cock.
"Fuck." Bakugou looks over at her, "Do you see this? Do you see how fucking good you look?"

Ochako nods, squeezing her thighs together.
"So fucking good." He thrust harder, letting more of his cock slip into her mouth. She gags for a moment, unprepared for the intrusion, before calming her breathing. "Letting me fuck you like this. Fuck. /You're so beautiful/."
She pulled off, a line of drool connecting her to his cock. Ochako watched, barely breathing as the saliva snapped, something hot shooting in her veins. The doppelgänger turned to Ochako, lips plumped and cheeks flushed.

"Your turn."
Ochako swallowed, throat dry, as she moved closer to the two of them. She gripped Bakugou's base, relishing the way his member pulsed in her hand. Her fingertips didn't quite reach all the way around as she fondled him.
"Taste him." The doppelgänger pulled off her suit, slipping out of it and kneeling in nothing but her sheer panties. The same panties that Ochako had flooded. "Go ahead."

Bakugou reached for her, stroking at her cheek.

"Take your time," he said.
There was something different in his eyes now - desire still clouded the ruby red to a deep garnet but there was something affectionate in his face too. Something that had her heart fluttering.
Ochako took the tip of him into her mouth, the weight of his head sitting on her tongue. She sucked at it, wrapping her tongue around him as her hands deliberately pumped the rest of him. Bakugou hissed as she squeezed at his base, tongue rolling against his slit.
"Teasing." He groaned. "Fuck."

Ochako moaned around him, the sound making him whine. His hand reached for her hair, lightly tugging. She sunk down, taking as much as she could of him.
There's was a couple of inches left, and she'd definitely taken less than her doppelgänger - already fucked open from earlier - had but Bakugou is moaning and hissing and whispering dirty praises that have her dripping through her shorts.
"Fuck." She hears her doppelgänger moan. "God."

Her eyes drifting over to her. Her hands are buried in her panties, fingers stroking at herself fervently as she watches them.
Ochako is spellbound, reminded of all the nights she'd spent in her room fingering herself and moaning into her pillow.

This is what she looked like.

Desperate, needy, and lusty.

Her doppelgänger looked at her, brown meeting brown.

She smirked.

"We look good don't we, Ochako?" She reached up cupping a breast in her free hand, rolling the nipple. Bakugou thrust gently into her mouth pulling a groan from her.
"That's one of your problems, /O-chako/. You're too damn modest." The doppelgänger sat up, pulling her hands out of her panties, fingers glistening. She crawled over to Ochako, the curve of her back and the arch feline as she moved.
She heard Bakugou curse, sneaking a glance at him as he was enticed by the sight of it. The sight of /her/. "You're so /sexy/. Embrace it."
Her doppelgänger stood, hands coming up to caress Bakugou's chest before she kissed him. Their lips crashed fiercely, as her doppelgänger nipped and sucked at his lips.
Bakugou reacted in kind, lips harsh as he explored the inside of her mouth, hips bucking unconsciously into Ochako's mouth.

"On the bed."

The doppelgänger whispered against his lips, pushing him towards the bed. He slid out of Ochako's mouth, member damo with her saliva.
Her double pushed him down onto the bed, sitting up just as he had been when she walked in.

The doppelgänger looked back at her, "Don't you have a job to do?"
Ochako crawled over, form hid in her oversized shirt but as she moved Bakugou's eyes were locked on her. She watched as his member twitched, leaning onto his thighs as she gripped him again.
"You're doing so good, Cheeks." He ran his hands in her hair, the change in position allowing him to stroke at her cheek. "So fucking good."

"And me?" The doppelgänger asked, sinking onto her knees next to Ochako. "How am I doing?"

Bakugou rolled his eyes.

"You tricked me."
The doppelgänger laughed.

"Barely." Her double ran her hands over Ochako's shoulders. "All I had to do was drop to my knees and Bakugou here was /more than willing/. I think he has a thing for us..."

Bakugou groaned as Ochako ran her thumb against his slit.
"Isn't that fucking obvious?" He moaned. His hand left Ochako's cheek, instead gripping the doppelgänger jaw as he turned her face towards him. "You still tricked me."

The doppelgänger smiled.

"Sorry, sir." Her voice was dripping with sex. "Do you want to /punish/ me?"
Ochako slipped him into her mouth.

"/Fuck./" He groaned, hips bucking. "/Oh, shit/"

The doppelgänger chuckled.

"I'll take that as a maybe."
Ochako focused on sucking him in, taking more of him into her than before. Her hand stroked in time as she bobbed her head.
There was something so sensual about this - about knowing what she looked like while she did this - that had her clit throbbing as she hummed around his cock.
"You're doing so good."

She heard herself whisper in her ears, her doppelgänger's hands stroking over her back and hips.
She tensed for a moment as she felt a hand sneak under her shirt but something about her own touch - even though it wasn't really - felt comfortable.

"Taking him so deep. This is what you wanted, huh? Him?"

Ochako moaned against him.
She felt her doppelgänger pull at her shirt, pulling her off Bakugou for a moment as she tugged it over her head.

"Let him see you." Her sports bra was the next thing to go, the zipper in the front making for easy access. "Let him see what he could have."
Bakugou groaned. "Fuck."

His hand came down to her chest, caressing the weight of her breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers.

"So fucking /beautiful/."
Her doppelgänger pulled at her waist, coming behind her until Ochako was leaning over Bakugou's thighs with her ass in the air. Her hands roamed over her skin, toying with the lace of her panties as Bakugou stroked at her back.
She wasn't surprised when she felt her double slide her hand into her panties - she spread her legs wider, allowing her to get better access.
The doppelgänger chuckled, darkly.

"That's my girl." Her fingers honed in on her clit, rubbing her the way that she liked. Ochako moaned around Bakugou's cock, sinking him deeper into her mouth. "Doesn't it feel good to take what you want? To give in?"
Her fingers slide through her folds, dipping into her entrance.

Ochako groaned, pulling off of Bakugou as her doppelgänger fucked into her.

"Is that what you like?" Bakugou stroked her hair, scratching at her scalp. "Is this how you touch yourself?"
"Fuck," Ochako moaned, the pleasure of having something inside of her weakening her knees, "I-I ... /Fuck/."

"It's okay." Her doppelgänger cooed into her ear, "You just take care of, Blasty. Let me take care of /you/."
Ochako nodded, gripping Bakugou again and sinking down on him as her doppelgänger added another finger.
Ochako whined and cried around him as she bobbed her head, the feeling of her fingers - not her fingers - filling her while she sucked on Bakugou's cock left her feeling /filthy/.

Dirty in all the best ways.
The ways that would leave her whimpering in her sheets alone on nights when her desires ran rampant.

"To answer your question, sir." The doppelgänger slipped another finger in, stretching against her walls as best as she could.
"Yes. This is how we touch ourselves. Deep, rough thrusts. Scissoring motions."

The feeling was divine, enough to have her arching into each thrust, but as she suckled at Bakugou's head she could help but wonder what /that/ would feel like.
"Our fingers are small, though. Yours would be so much better. Give us a real stretch."

Ochako felt Bakugou throb in her mouth, the bucking of his hips getting sporadic.
"Would you like that, Ochako?" Her doppelgänger pressed her front against her back, breast pressed against her as she spoke. Her fingers picked up their pace, fucking into her harder and sending her closer and closer to her end. "You want him to make you cum? To fuck you?"
"Fuck." Bakugou moaned. "Fuck, fuck. Fuck."

He was close.


Ochako tensed against her double's fingers. She was close too.

"Imagine that." Her doppelgänger moaned. "That /stretch/."

Bakugou clutched his sheets, leaning back, as smoke rose from his hands.
"Fuck, fuck."

Her doppelgänger pulled her over his cock, turning her face towards her, and kissed her.
Her lips were soft - softer than any boy she'd ever kissed - and warm. She held her chin in her hand and pulled her close, Ochako twisting to face her. Her other hand continued to fuck into her at a punishing pace, thumb rubbing at her clit.
Just as she felt her muscles tensing, the feeling of something hot and liquid against her skin pushed her over the edge.
She came, moaning into her double's mouth, fingers digging into Bakugou's thigh. Her doppelgänger fucked her through the orgasm, massaging at her walls as the tremors of pleasure died down.
The rough sound of Bakugou breathing pulled them apart.

"Fuck." Ochako looked up at him, drinking in the relaxed expression on her face.
Contrary to popular belief Bakugou wasn't always frowning - living with him painted a picture of a man with a full range of emotions, one who felt things strongly - but she had never seen the relaxed, content look on his face before. She liked it. "That was.... fuck."
"It's not over." Her doppelgänger moved to her side, pecking at her lips again. Ochako returned the gesture, gripping at her double's neck to deeper the chaste kiss. She moaned into the kiss, delighting in the way that Bakugou's groan washed over her. "Not yet."
The doppelgänger stood up, slipping out of her panties as she did. She moved to Bakugou, kneeling at his side on the bed.

“What do you say, /sir/.” Her hands wandered over his pecs. “You have one more left in you?”

Bakugou smirked up at her.
“Sure.” His eye wander over her body — the doppelgängers body — as he spoke. Ochako watched as his member twitched, already storing back to life. “If you behave.”
“I’m literally one hundred percent id.”The doppelgänger chuckled, wrapping her arms around his neck, breast pushed together enticingly. “Besides, I thought you liked it when I was ... naughty.”
“Naughty, sure.” He pulled her arms away from his neck. In an instant he had her pinned to the bed. “But I don’t like being tricked.”

Ochako watched the encounter, the way he manhandled her had her /dripping/.
Her doppelgänger was breathing heavy, whole body blushing and Bakugou’s muscles were taunt as he held her in place.


Her hand inched towards her core.


She stopped, Bakugou looked back at her.


“Get on the bed.”
Ochako stood quickly, moving to sit next to her doppelgänger. Bakugou sat up, gripping the back of her head and pulling her into another passionate kiss. Just as she was getting use to the bruising pressure of his lips, he pulled away, pushing her into the bed.
“Relax. Let me take care of you.” He said as he dropped to the floor in front of her, spreading her knees apart with his big hands. Ochako shuddered at the sight, sitting up on her elbows to get a better view. “You don’t know how fucking long I’ve wanted to do this, Cheeks..”
Before Ochako could ask him what he meant, her doppelgänger interrupted.

“We can tell.” Her hand slithered down her front to her cunt, fingers rubbing at her clit. “But I think Ochako would appreciate it if you showed her.”
“Oh, I will.” Bakugou reached for the sides of her panties, burning them away with two miniature explosions. The sight of him throwing the scrap of fabric behind him was enough to have her moaning. He turned to her doppelgänger. “Did I tell you that you could touch yourself.”
“If you won’t do it,” she huffed, “then someone has to.”

“You’re on /thin fucking ice/ with me.” He scolded.
The gentle way he pried her closing knees apart contrasting sharply with his strict tone. It had her dizzy.
“For as long as you’re here you’re going to make it up to me. You belong to me.” His hands stroked at Ochako’s thighs, flirting with the spot where she really wanted him. “Which means you do get to touch what’s /mine/ unless you ask.”
His fingers rubbed at her clit suddenly, making Ochako’s back arch off his sheets and her hands grip helplessly for some ring of grounding. His fingers were rougher than hers, more calloused, and the friction they created was /delicious/.
Her doppelgänger echoed her moans.

“Can I touch myself, sir?” She asked. She was sat up now, looking down at where Bakugou was stroking Ochako. “Please?”
“No,” he said.

His finger circled Ochako’s entrance, teasing her and building the sweet pressure in her core at an alarming rate.

“I want you to watch while I give her everything she wants. And when she cums — if you fucking behave — then I’ll give /you/ what you want.”
For once her doppelgänger had nothing smart to say, the pout on her face hiding her delight at this dominating aura exhuming from Bakugou. Ochako couldn’t blame her. She was getting wetter at his words too.
“Now,” his eyes snapped up to her, watching as her breast heaved from her heavy breathing,”you watch me too.”
He dipped down to lick a wet, thick swipe through her folds as his finger slid into her.

“Fuck, fuck.” Ochako moaned at the feeling. Her eyes shut reflexively at the pleasure. “Fuck, Bakugou, fuck.”
A sharp slap landed against her thigh, making her hiss as a tinge of pain mixed with her pleasure.

She heard her doppelgänger groan at the sight.

Fuck. She /liked/ that.
“Open your eyes, Ochako.” His voice was stern, leaving no room for rebuttal. She open led her eyes, looking down to find his heated gaze locked on her face. “Good girl.”

Oh, shit.

Getting praised by Bakugou really was a /high/.
He grabs at her hip with his free hand, bringing her closer to the beds edge as he licks at her. The wet pleasure has her bucking against his face, spreading her wetness along the bottom half until he pulls away for a moment and she can see it glisten under the lights.
His hand moves up to her stomach pushing her down slightly so he can fully press his face into her cunt. Another finger joins the first and when he starts thrusting and scissoring his fingers she all but screams.
“You like that?” Her doppelgänger asks. She’s closer now, kneeling right next to Ochako. Her hands move over her thighs, spreading her wider. “You like how he fucks into you with his fingers?”
“Yes, yes. Fuck.” Her hips are canting forward, desperate to press harder against him. The pressure is building fast.”I love it, fuck. It’s so good.”
The bed rocks softly as Bakugou ruts against it, moaning into her cunt.

“It looks good. Fuck.”She’s rubbing at the skin of Ochako’s thighs, scratching slightly with her nails. “Just imagine what his /cock/ will feel like.”
That spurs them both on. Ochako reached for Bakugou’s hair, gripping the soft blonde between her fingers and pulling him into her, while Bakugou slips a third finger into her hole.
The stretch is palpable, much more pleasurable than anything that she could have gotten to on her own, and the pace he fucks into her with is maddening.
“Oh, fuck.”

Her doppelgänger moved to carcass her front, kneading at her breast.

“And this is can be all yours, Ochako.” Her left hands finds its way into Bakugou’s hair, aiding Ochako’s in pushing his head down.
Absentmindedly she wonders if he needs to take a breath but the way her ruts harder against the bed assuages her of the concern.

“All you have to do is /ask/.”
She begs.

“Please, please.” There are tears building in her eyes as she feels the beginnings of her orgasm. Just a little more... “Please make me cum, Bakugou. Fuck. Please.”
The doppelgänger twists her nipples just as Bakugou nibbles on her clit and suddenly the dam breaks.
Her orgasm has her blinking back white as every muscle in her body tenses and relaxes.
The pleasure is paralyzing spreading from her toes to the crown of her head and she can barely feel when Bakugou pulls away from her, slipping his fingers out of her with a lewd squelch because she's still cumming.
Ochako isn't sure how long her climax lasts - it feels like an eternity and a second all at once, leaving her gasping and delirious and fucked out - but when blinks back into reality she heads the lewd sound of skin hitting skin.
Turning her head to the side she sees them - her doppelgänger on her knees, back arches at a seemingly impossible angle as Bakugou presses a heavy hand on her back and fucks into her at a breathtaking speed.
Ochako watches as skin meets skin, captivated by the sight of Bakugou's cock sinking into her - her doppelgänger's - cunt with abandon.

He's fucking into her hard.
"Is this what you wanted?" He says. He enters her so hard that her ass jiggles indecently with every forward thrust. "You wanted me to fuck you like this? You like this?"

Ochako gasps, silently, as she watches Bakugou land a heavy hand on her double's cheek.
"Oh, fuck. Yes. Fuck."

The creamy skin redding under his force and her doppelgänger moaning, brazenly at the feeling. His hand rubs at the spot, kneading and stretching the muscle of her ass. Her doppelgänger turns her head, locking eyes with Ochako.
Her mouth is open, tongue hanging out as she takes every one of Bakugou's thrusts.

"This is what /we/ wanted."

Her orgasm has her feeling lethargic and boneless but the carnal scene has desire and, strangely enough, envy sparking in her veins.
Bakugou follows the doppelgänger's eyes.

He smirks, hips still moving wildly.

"Do you see this, Cheeks?"
He presses harder against her doppelgänger's back, forcing her to spread her legs further and opening her up lewdly. "This is how she wanted it. /Rough/."
He chuckled, darkly. "I always knew you wouldn't be some meek pillow princess. I knew you needed someone to fuck you properly."
"Oh, god. Yes." Her doppelgänger moaned, reaching underneath herself to rub at her clit. "This is just what we needed. Fuck. Just like that."
Ochako watches herself rubbing herself as Bakugou Katsuki fucks her within an inch of her life, mouth open and barely breathing. It feels like her heartbeat is on her clit as her eyes trace over the sight. "Fuck, I'm so close. So fucking close."
"I know, I know." Bakugou coos at her. "I can feel you tightening. Fuck. Can't believe how tight you are. Fuck."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck."

There's another loud crack as his hand hits her cheek again. Her doppelgänger jolts, gasping at the contact, her ass rippling from the force.
"Yes." She moans. Her eyes have rolled back in her head. head facing down as she revels in the sting. Her words are muffled by the bedsheets but they both hear her when she says, "/More./"
Smirking at Ochako, Bakugou grants her subconscious desire with a sharp smack that has her doppelgänger whimpering underneath him. "Filthy girl."
His hand moves off her back as he grips the doppelgänger's hips and pounds into her, skin slapping against skin. Wordless moans fill the air as Ochako watches him drill into her doppelgänger all while watching her with hooded eyes.
His own groans and pants mix with the double's, creating a symphony of pleasure that threatens to overwhelm her as she watches.

"That's right, 'Chako," he pants, "take my cock like a good girl."
The doppelgänger's fingers are moving in earnest now, adding wet squelching sounds to the background of the music of their joining.
Her face is tensed, pulling a crease between her brows, and her lips are pouting in the way that she's always felt herself do whenever she's about to cum so Ochako knows she's close.

Bakugou apparently does too.
"You gonna cum on my cock? Drench me in it?"

Her fingers are fast and hard against her clit, and each forward thrust had her doppelgänger groaning. Her climax is rapidly approaching.

Bakugou turns back to her.
"You're so fucking sexy. So fucking hot. I want you to cum on my cock."

"Both of you." His eyes find Ochako's again. The doppelgänger's body begins to go slack, legs twitching. "Wish I could keep both of you."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!"
Her double's eyes have rolled into her head as the early spasms of her orgasm rack through her body.

"Wish I could fill you /both/ up."

Ochako's eyes snap to her doppelgänger as she screams.
Bakugou pulls out of her then, cock glistening with her juices. His member is red and throbbing and looks almost painful but Ochako isn't watching him.

She's watching herself.
The doppelgänger is twitching, nonsensical moans and curses falling from her boneless form as she succumbs to the pleasure. She's still on her knees and Ochako can see the lewd clenching of her cunt as she lays there. Her face is pulled in pleasure and her chest is flushed red.
She looks...


"Fuck," Bakugou moans, hands digging into his thigh. "She almost made me cum."
Ochako looked at him then, eyes dropping to his cock.


Bakugou smirked.

"Get over here."
The doppelgänger turned over, laying on her back as she watched Ochako crawl over to Bakugou. He reached for her again, kissing her deeply and wholeheartedly.

"Fuck," she breathed out in a breathless pant.
Neither of them heard her as they focused completely on each other. Ochako's hand slipped down to grip Bakugou's member at the base, stroking him as her mouth melded with his.
His own hands slipped down her sides, brushing against the swell of her breasts, on their path to her ass. He pulled her closer until she was practically in his lap, before laying down on his back and dragging her fully onto him.

The doppelgänger couldn't help herself.
She turned to Bakugou, who was now lying next to her.

"We've dreamt about this too."

Bakugou smirked, turning towards her.

"Me too."
His hands came back up to grab her hips pulling her into him and pulling a groan from her as he rubbed her against his cock. He bit down on his bottom lip, stopping the groans and moans that threatened to spill from his lips at the feeling of her dripping for him.
His hands were everywhere as she started grinding against him, any shame pushed away by the tide of her arousal. He reached for the column of her neck, squeezing gently just like he'd done when they first kissed, reached down to grope at her breast.
His left hand twisted her nipple lightly, urging another moan out of her mouth, as his right traveled further down the planes of her abdomen. Ochako keened as Bakugou's hand reached her mound, fingers rubbing at her clit.
She was already so close, still sensitive from her previous orgasm. The head of his cock bumped against her entrance with each grind of her hips, teasing her until she was wetting his shaft with her slick. It wouldn't take much to get her to dive off that precipice again.
And she was sure, Bakugou would give her more than enough.
"Are you ready, Cheeks?" Bakugou's hands were back on her hips again, stalling her movements. She looked down at him. Her vision was blurry as the building pressure drew tears to her eyes but his red eyes were clear. They were beautiful. "You want me?"
She nodded, "Yes. So much."


He shifted her over his cock, his head grinding against her slit. The pleasure was pointed now. So tantalizing that Ochako was close to begging for it when he lowered her onto his cock.

All three of them moaned in unison.

/"Oh fuck." /
She's so wet, so stimulated, that the head of his cock eases into her easily as she sunk down on his length. Each inch stretched against her walls, drawing out breathless moans until she had him fully seated inside of her.
Her walls spasmed, tensing and relaxing as her body got used to the size of him inside of her. The pressure building in her core increased exponentially as he twitched and pulsed inside of her, hot and erect.
"Big." She leaned against him, pressing her chest to his as her knees spread on either side of him. Her head was buried in his shoulder as pleasure sparked over her. "Fuck."

"Finally." Bakugou breathed.

She couldn't help but echo his sentiment.

Her body adjusted, the pleasure overtaking the sting of the stretch until her hips lifted almost automatically. Bakugou groaned at the feeling of her walls against his member as she bounced against him, fingers digging into the flesh of her hips as he helped her lift up and down.
When he starts thrusting up in time with her bounced he hits against a bundle of nerves that has her jaw slacked in a soundless scream. Her hands come up to claw at his shoulders as she hugs herself to him, the only part of her moving from him is her hips.
Up and down in a lewd dance that has the room echoing with the sound of skin on skin. They're sweating from the exertion and they're both tired but that's not enough to stop either of them when they're so close to a release.
Ochako finds herself kissing and nibbling at Bakugou's neck, his sweat swathing her in caramel and sugar.

"Fuck, Cheeks." He moans when she bites at the apex of his next.
She laps at the mark, the dark part of her pleased with how it darkens.

Marking him.

"You're so fucking /flawless/." She feels his pace change sporadically as the pleasure takes him. She swivels her hips. She's not far behind. "I'm so close. Fuck. Tell me what you need."
Her mouth moves before her brain can stop her.

"Spank me." She groans into his neck. "Fuck, /please/. "
She feels and hears him as he cums.

The sensation of his shooting his cum into her is hot and sensual, the sound of his guttural groan erotic.

And when his hand falls heavy on her right ass cheek, she joins him.
Her climax sends her diving over her peak with a husky moan. Warmth washes over her as she feels him spill inside of her and her core pulses as a bright ecstasy washes over her body.
The snap of tension is softer this time - not deadening like the last one - but as she feels Bakugou's hand petting her hair, it somehow feels more fulfilling.
They're both breathing heavily as they lay there naked on his bed. Ochako feels her chest press against his with her every breath, skin sticking to his in a way that should be uncomfortable but just feels... nice.
"Hey," Bakugou says, his voice rough.

Ochako hums, fingers stroking at his skin.

"She's gone."
Ochako looks over to where her doppelgänger had once been.


"When did she leave?"

Bakugou smirked at her.
"Probably around the time you asked me to spank you." Ochako slapped his chest. He laughed. "Or maybe when you were mauling my neck?"


"I'm not complaining."
Ochako blushed, looking at the ceiling.

"Don't get shy on me now, Cheeks."

She was embarrassed, sure, but she didn't regret anything they'd done.

/Not at all/.

She just still wasn't as shameless as her subconscious would have her be.
She sighed, steeling her nerves as she looked down and the man who was very much still inside of her.

She sighed.

"We're roommates."

"Yup." Bakugou nodded, hands moving up to her sides. "We are."

"And..." He rubbed the skin just under her breasts. "We had sex."
"Yes," He nodded, "We did."

"And I like you." She confessed. "More than is conducive to a one night stand."

Bakugou chuckled.


Ochako wasn't expecting that.

"Good." Ochako blinked. "Now what?"
"Now we sleep." Bakugou pulled her back down, her head landing on his chest. She could hear the steady thumping of his heart. Strong and confident. "Then we can have morning sex. Take a shower together and grab breakfast."
That sounded good.

"And talk?" Ochako asked, looking at him. "We should talk."

"Who said we can't talk while I'm fucking you in the shower?"


• • •

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6 Nov
anything to please you
💼 Lawyer! kacchako
💼 Teasing
💼 Dirty Talk
💼 Witness Protection Sex 😂
“How the fuck did this happen?”

Ochako rolled her eyes as she pulled off her heels.

She was wondering the exact same thing.
How had she started the month excited about being selected as the lead counsel on the Shigaraki Tomura case to hiding away with Bakugou Katsuki six hundred miles from the city in his family cabin under witness protection orders?

How was this her life?
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5 Nov
(know i be) driving you crazy
nsfw kacchako
⏱Stakeout Smut
⏱ Pro!Hero Kacchako
⏱Van Sex
⏱Dirty Talk
The Ouroboros Gang is notorious amongst those in the Police and Hero force interested in the apprehension of human traffickers. OG has managed to evade police detection since its inception nearly twenty years ago, alluding many notable heroes.
The group is said to function under three main branches - extractors, transporters, and exchangers - whose movements are serpentine. Bending and weaving around each other, completely separate but somehow part of the same whole.
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5 Nov
how heaven sounds
nsfw kacchako
👔dom/sub undertones
👔sex while on the phone
👔Boss!Ochako, Secretary!Katsuki
The ring of the telephone stops their rhythm for a moment.
Usually, he’d be at his desk where he could answer the phone when it rung like this. That’s how he spent a good majority of his day, screening Ms. Uraraka’s calls and making sure his boss’ time wasn’t wasted on useless extras who could very well talk to some lower level manager.
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4 Nov
playing games
-playing games
-nipple play
-dirty talk bc it’s me
She feels his hands slide up her shirt.


They’re playing video games in his apartment.
Before they got together, she’d never really seen the appeal of video games but now, a year and a half, into their relationship she’s right by his side playing a multiplayer RPG with him and his friends.
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4 Nov
take it all
nsfw kacchako
⚫️ size kink
⚫️dirty talk
⚫️really dirty talk
⚫️enemies to... still enemies but they’ve fucked?
“Will you shut up already?”
“What? Can’t handle a little crude conversation, Cheeks?”

Bakugou is leaning against the door, body turned towards the door as if he’s ready to bolt at any given moment. Which, to be fair, he probably is.
Ochako was pretty sure that the only reason he was here was because Kirishima was his ride back to the dorms. Otherwise she doubted he’d be stuck in Denki and Sero’s tiny off campus with the self titled Bakusquad.

Honestly, Ochako was wondering why she was here too...
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