I don’t care if I’m the only person saying this, your dreams were assigned to you longggg before you formed your first thought. There’s nothing in this entire universe that can stop them from being yours. Not a person, job, or situation.
Whatever you’re holding deep in your heart, about to quit, praying for a sign, here it is. All of that shit you dream of and can’t let go, it was made for you. Not for anyone else. No matter what happens, how you feel, or what fuck ups you do, you are still getting it all.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve never met anyone who gets their dreams. Or if everyone but you has always been blessed. What is deep in your heart, person, job, family, riches, whatever it is, you can’t move on or let it go because it’s yours. It’s meant for you.
I say this a lot, I’ll say it again. You weren’t brought on a path to heal + grow with this dream being held as a promise over you, just for god to be like lol jk taking it back. Whatever the dream is, it’s yours.

• • •

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21 Nov
Can I do another pep talk thread? Those are fun. Like this tweet for a mini pep talk.
@AnthonyPNW Here's a mini brain science lesson for you: The more you think about things that hurt you, the more your body has to relive those experiences, same chemicals released + your strengthening your neurological connection to those memories.
@AnthonyPNW and its all a big game of telephone. The more we do this, the less and less the memories are actually what happened and the more its a story designed to hurt us and kill our neurons and damage our bodies.
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19 Nov
I’m just going to say it. When an order says work from home if you can, it also means stay at home when you can not mindlessly fill malls. Retail employees don’t deserve to get sick because you can’t sit at home.
Retail employees don’t have the choice to stay at home. You do. Be a smart shopper. Use curbside 1 hour pickups, go out when you need to, have only one person in a household go out. And jfc kids can get COVID, stop taking your child to homegoods.
We live in the age of Amazon and online shopping. Guys, you don’t need to go out and roam stores. If you want to support a store, in store pickup or curbside. Don’t spread Covid recklessly.
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18 Nov
Instead of comparing COVID to the flu or H1N1, compare it to any plague from history. Black plaque, Plague of Justinian, Antonine Plague, Great Plague of London, whatever your favorite historical plague is. And stick with this comparison.
It’s been a year, people are still disregarding this as a common cold that kills some people. But we don’t know the long term effects of Covid, other than they’re debilitating. Can we start calling this a plague instead of viewing it as the sniffles?
Imagine reading a history book about the cholera pandemic and someone knew their water was possibly a risk for spreading cholera. But they still served it to their guests who got sick later on. We’d think that person is a an asshole. Get my point?
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18 Nov
Intrusive Thought Tricks From Someone Who Has Them: A Mini Thread.
If you need a intro to what are intrusive thoughts and some books + resources, @DordMagazine has an article about just that dordmagazine.com/post/634637730…
I cover intrusive thoughts a lot because it's the basis of pretty much every mental illness, we all have them (even if we don't have a mental illness), and they worsen with stress or change in sleep cycles. SO we're all exhibiting more because of COVID.
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18 Nov
I know it’s hard to forgive people who were mean or angry + explosive towards you. It hurts. We want to fight back. But darlings, how we talk to others is a reflection of how we talk to ourselves. They’re hurting. Extend compassion + grace. It has nothing to do with you.
When people are less than lovely, show them kindness. They probably haven’t been exposed to it in some time. And if they’re dicks because you’re nice, pray they find peace. Either way don’t let them change who you are.
I know some of us are still carrying around hate for our HS bullies, first boss, ex, parent, ect no matter how long it’s been. It’s time to see the reality. That person was and maybe still is hurting. It was never about us.
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18 Nov
lol you guys know Sallie Mae isn't tied to the government anymore right? They still count as federal loans but its a fully-privatized bank lender as of 2004. *cough* so they have nothing to do with the damn gov or harming the economy.
If anyone's curious, SLM Corporation is who owns Sallie Mae. Over the years they've been super discriminatory and charge Latinos and Black applicants higher interest rates. Also they're on the stock exchange. They're shareholders are making income even if we get rid of $10k debt
Holy shit guys, we should talk about SLM Corp and Navient Corp. Both are private (still under Sallie Mae which offers federal loans). And holy hell guys they diversify their offerings and portfolio. They'll be perfectly fine if we eliminate student loans all together.
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