If you promote nice front gardens, some may feel compelled against their will to do more yardwork--in order to keep up with their neighbors.

But the COLLECTIVE effect is that the entire neighborhood is a nicer place to live.

The critical point is that, even thought the mating market is competitive, beauty is a positive sum game, not a negative sum game.

Threads like these aren't fundamentally different from books that tell you where and in what season to plant your flowers.

I'm always tentative in my recommendations concerning the costlier interventions. For some the risks and costs are too high. But it's important to be honest and acknowledge what works.

Fertilizer might be cheating, but it WILL make your flowers bigger.

As I've said before, I think smart and even outright geeky women who don't think they're having the success they deserve can benefit the most from a logical explanation of how to make their appearance more appealing to men.

• • •

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More from @surrealSanilac

21 Nov
This is the closest I've come to a "serious" effort at electronic music (my earlier work in that vein being a chiptune "novelty project), and I'm not sure I'll make another.

Electronic music has distinct technical demands from orchestra writing...…
...and the skill set doesn't really overlap.

So there's a question of time management: would I be spreading myself too thin by developing my synth patches?

Probably yes, which is why I use very stripped down and traditional timbres.
Different branches of music generally have distinct technical requirements and approaches, which means that you can't simply move from one to another at will, anymore than a performer can switch instruments at will.
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9 Oct
I posted this tweet three times with slight alterations, each time it was hidden.

When my followers retweet it it doesn't appear in their profile (when logged out).

This tweet is shadowbanned from the general public.

THIS is what they can't let you see.
If you have to hide a 500 year old statue from the public view, your movement is a fraud.
One time might be a bug (actually I really doubt that too), but three times is not a bug.

They're afraid of viral embarrassment that's obvious to everyone.
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8 Oct

a fable in twenty tweets

by J. Sanilac
You've just signed a long lease for an apartment in a nice building. It's in a big city, but it's very safe and has a great ocean view. You move in; you're delighted. Marble countertops!

But a few months into your lease, there's a small problem.
It's a new building, and some of the apartments on the ground level are still empty. A homeless family is squatting in one of them.

No big deal, you think; they look uncouth and they're making a mess down there, but it's not like they're stealing from you. So you ignore them.
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7 Oct

Here's a complete index of the threads I've written especially for this account.

I've decided not to continue with these as they've taken too much writing time away from my MEMOIRS, but I hope you enjoyed them all.

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7 Oct



a thread by

J. Sanilac

Second Edition
"Epistemology" is the philosophical study of how we know things. The basic concepts aren't complicated.

For instance, we know some things through experimentation, others through logic or intuition, etc.

It sounds nice, except that's not how we ACTUALLY know things.
The way we actually know things, EVEN IN THE SCIENCES, is by "ab homine" thinking, i.e. "from the man."

Anything we haven't directly experienced or deduced we actually "know" because we trust the people or institutions who are telling us it's true.
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26 Sep

How did this gentle bespectacled military dictator bring about an outrageous trend in sexy fashion mannequins?

With the help of a native jungle love goddess, naturally.

a mostly true thread by

J. Sanilac👳 ImageImage
Once upon a time, in a small equatorial South American oil state, there lived a beloved evil military dictator named Marcos Evangelista Pérez Jiménez.

He wasn't loved by ALL of his citizens, nor was he born into the role. Naturally, dictatorships are seized, not inherited.
Perez Jimenez, or P.J., brought prosperity to his people, but at the terrible price of wickedly suppressing innocent commies, for which President Eisenhower gave him a medal. Image
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