Hello Democracy, it's been a while

1. I know a lot of people are worried, very worried, that western democracy is on the point of extinction.

I beg to differ, it's my view we are witnessing its rebirth & mighty painful it is too.
2. Believe it or not I spent years with absolutely no interest in politics. Didn't watch politics on the news, didn't talk about it, didn't vote. John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown & David Cameron: interchangeable politicians who didn't represent my values.
3. I didn't even take much notice of the referendum, as the MSM had informed everyone the remain vote was comfortably ahead. So I voted & forgot about it until the next day. Even then it wasn't a big deal, nor for the next 2 years.
4. Oddly enough it was a remainer who persistently alerted me to the trouble we were in with our democracy: my other half. That's when I started to take an interest.
5. I've written about this before, but it's to the fore again. The reason we have so much pain at the moment is because the government is having an internal war with the blob.
6. We've seen it today with Priti Patel. They're out to get her. Ministers shouldn't rock the Westminster boat. It doesn't matter that the boat needs a refit, all that matters is that the civil service carry on as always.
7. You can put whoever you like in government, but little will change if the civil service are running the show.

I'm sure many are good people, but they're unelected & unaccountable to the public, so they have lasting power regardless of who is 'front of house'.
8. In my view that's how it was from John Major's premiership until the present government came to power. The EU called the shots. Any unpopular policy our government wanted could be legislated for in Brussels.
9. Discussions behind closed doors. And our governments might shrug their shoulders and say 'well it's Brussels, we don't like that policy either, but there's nothing we can do'.
10. That isn't a functioning democracy.

For all those years from John Major's premiership we had no real choice within the main parties, they were all of pretty much the same neoliberal view.
11. Clearly Jeremy Corbyn exposed the divides within the Labour Party & Boris Johnson exposed the divides (& loyalties) within the Tory Party.

Like a pendulum that has slumbered for 20 years, our parliament started to swing left to right, creaking at the joints.
12. Brexit nearly brought the whole lot tumbling down. See here how close it was:

13. What we are in the middle of is a rebirth of politics. Old skills have been lost due to Parliament's lack of debating anything important. Politicians now have to sit up and take notice, or be found wanting.
14. We're not out the woods by a long way, it's going to take a decade. Labour shall have to find new politicians who have a capacity to debate serious topics - they can't hide behind identity politics for much longer as it's destroying them.
15. Our biggest democratic deficit lies with the media. We really are in trouble with the state of our networks. There are very few journalists who report news. Useful discussion is elusive, but propaganda is rife, on both sides of the political divide.
16. It's a difficult conundrum: free speech (with bs) v limitations on free speech (with all the dangers that poses).

Thank God for social media. I find the most thoughtful, well researched articles are written by normies.
17. Long may that continue amongst the parroting insanity of the MSM.

• • •

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20 Nov

1. It all kicked off before I moved here, but was the reason I did. House prices dropped through the floor, in fact houses just wouldn't sell at all for a while & the market took years to recover.
2. The house I bought had stood empty for 6 years or more.

MOD land near to the village of Fulbeck was earmarked by the government as an appropriate site for the dumping of nuclear waste.
3. What the government didn't bank on was the extent of the yokels revolt. People around here still talk about it now.

All entrances to the MOD site were blocked by local residents & farmers, who took it in turn to blockade the access tracks.
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18 Nov

The West Reset

1. I just think 'they' are skint. 12 years of economic & innovation stagnation has resulted in the West being left behind. Emerging economies are unstable, undemocratic institutions, built on dollar a day style economics.
2. The 'green thing' is the vehicle for the West's reset, to push technology to the forefront of new growth.

I caught part of a discussion about currency reset a few weeks ago, predicting some sort of write off of governments debts. Maybe 25% or so of GDP across the West.
3. Could it be that institutions are using Covid as the catalyst for that to happen? In debt so deep the only way out is to write off colossal sums & start again with a cleaner, leaner balance sheet & a new Bretton Woods?
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14 Nov


1. I listened to a political discussion yesterday evening, I'll post the link at the end of this thread.
2. Some of you may have heard of Mark Blyth: he's a Scottish, lefty political scientist/economist & a professor at Browne University in the US.

He gets it. 'Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea' was the book that tuned me into his observations.
3. And he's usually very accurate. The interview was recorded just before the US elections & he forecast a Biden win, followed by disputes over the result :-)

But it's his analysis of the Climate Change agenda that made me stop & think.
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14 Nov


1. A deal is almost over the line. This week's 'climate, climate, climate' from various MP's suggests we've moved on environment LPF. I imagine we'll have moved on employment too.
2. The Select Committee with Gove & Frost a couple of weeks ago hinted that agreement on state aid was all but over the line.

Which just leaves fishing.
3. Frost has been solid in his tweets on zonal fishing, suggesting it wasn't a sector we'd be willing to move on. Although I wouldn't be surprised at a lengthy period of status quo in regard to quotas, with just small increments in our favour yr on yr.
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8 Nov
Short thread

1. Re the US litigation.

Were Trump to concede now the mob would be baying: 'See, there was no evidence of vote irregularities'. If he sees it through & exposes irregularities, regardless of the quantity, it places doubt in the mind of the electorate.
2. One of the most famous litigation cases in US history rested on 1 tiny piece of evidence amongst a mountain of otherwise damning evidence: 'If the glove don't fit, you gotta acquit'.

8 words. But enough to cast enough doubt for an acquittal.
3. It's not that the jury think the defendant is innocent, but that the reliability of the evidence is brought into doubt. If 1 small piece of evidence is wrong, everything else starts to fall away too, because trust in the establishment is blown.
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8 Nov


1. Remember PeoplesVote & all the millions of people who supported it? Or a few hundred thousand if you care to delve a bit further than the bs the media dish out.
2. I'm torn to be honest:
a) One half of me tends to think the media are having a strop because millions of normies like you & me have a voice. They'd love the social media platforms all to themselves, with only a ♥️ button which they could preload with 1000's of clicks.
b) The other half of me thinks we're witnessing something very dangerous. Propaganda on the scale of Tokyo Rose. Just as the PeoplesVote & Remain cohort pushed a narrative that they were the front runners in the contest, we saw the same tactics used in the US election polls.
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