We shouldn't accept uncritically any attempt to pardon 45 for all unspecified fed crimes he's committed, even those committed pre-presidency. There's little caselaw about pardons. We shouldn't overgeneralize its applicability to a pardon not even limited in time, as Nixon's was.
The statute of limitations for many bank crimes is 10 yrs. How might prosecutors challenge a pardon that specified no crimes & yet purported to cover any crimes Trump committed w/in the previous 10 years, even tho the pardoner didn't know what they were? Charge and litigate them.
On preemptive pardons: Except for amnesties (e.g. Carter's draft resister pardon), the only so-called preemptive pardon that did NOT involve charged crimes was Ford's pardon of Nixon. Ford pardoned Nixon for all federal crimes during his presidency, a five year period.
At the time of Ford's Nixon pardon, and, since, the pardon has been criticized as an abuse of power, possibly corrupt, and maybe invalid. Then NY Rep Elizabeth Holtzman, e.g., strongly argued that a pardon that didn't detail crimes was invalid. It was never litigated, of course.
Watch and listen carefully to Elizabeth Holtzman's questions and comments:
Elizabeth Holtzman is brilliant. Her questions have never been answered. We should make sure they get answered this time around if similar, yet even more egregious, circumstances arise.

• • •

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17 Nov
How would the Ga. Secy of State's statements about Graham play in court??? Well, glad you asked.

Raffensperger would be seen as extremely credible. He's a repub, who would in no way benefit from falsely providing info that puts a powerful GOP senator in a bad light. On the 1/
contrary, from his career standpoint, at least, he has every reason to keep silent about it. Raffensperger is relaying statements Graham made directly to him, which under the law would be considered "verbal acts," that is, not hearsay. Graham, on the other hand, admits he 2/
contacted the Ga. Sec'y of State, even tho' he's not even a senator from that state. Why, pray tell, would he contact Raffensperger at all? The most logical explanation is entirely consistent w/Raffensperger's statements. I'd be happy to call the Ga. Sec'y of State as a witness.
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4 Sep
Media, here's your headline:

The president, furiously denying he called military personnel "losers," calls the sources of the Atlantic story -- who are military officers and his own aides --, "animals."

Don't bother analyzing whether the story is true.
We all know it's true.
Sure, it'd be great if Gen Mattis or others publicly confirmed the story, but don't set that up as a necessary condition to believing the story. They're not going to and we don't need them to do it to know it's true. We have seen and heard Trump for years. This is how he talks.
We know he didn't go to the cemetary. We know he calls people losers and other puerile names, pretty much on a daily basis. We know he called McCain a loser. We've heard it and seen it. This piece is just a slice of what we already know: businessinsider.com/trumps-insults…
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11 Aug
The Harvest-A Short Thread:

We harvested the carrot today.
Here it is. 👇 Image
We didn't just plant one carrot seed.
But there was this bunny...
Or, to be honest, it could have been a bunch of bunnies.
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29 Jul
No, Donald, don't hold back.
Please feel free to reveal all racist, corrupt thoughts.
People: I'm not really asking this as a question seeking answers. It's a rhetorical question, ya know? More of an exclamatory phrase.
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26 Jul
Portland protesters could really mess with Trump, his plans -- and his mind -- by staging massive peaceful protests against Trump, away from federal property, outside of federal jurisdiction.
Sometimes ya gotta change things up. 😉
When I say Trump's "mind," I mean his "mind, such as it is."
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