The purpose of;

The Vatican; to keep up at bay hiding historical/religious knowledge from the people

Government; to scare us into submission into their agenda of global dominance

Central bank; to keep us struggling distracted while they read the..
benefits of our labor, legally making us into slaves

Education system; to indoctrinate us into liberal/socialism ideals to support the governments agenda

Media; to manipulate us into an agenda to maintain the narrative by mind control while eliminating..
free thinking and establishing group think

Sports; to keep us occupied/entertained as a distraction away from the elites continuing their agenda (back to Roman days)

Television; a way to send programming messages to further indoctrinate the people..
and subliminally keep the curiosity of a free thinker at bay and push identity politics through social engineering

Is it all started to make sense now?
Everything has been put into place for a very long time, to create a NWO (WITH) your permission..
because without (YOUR) permission, they knew itll be 1776 all over again, to which our numbers alone would greatly defeat them. This is why you see their desperation, their time is running out, because we have woken up!

• • •

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20 Nov
George Soros
Government infiltrator
Political Puppet Master

PART 2! ⬇️

BLM and Antifa had already been organized and funded by Soros (open society) and the Clinton foundation as a fail safe to pursuey public opinion just like the Orange revolution...
Dominion was another fail safe to the 2016 election, and even though activated still didn't produce the results the establishment expected due to high turnout for Trump. Dominion formed in 2003 (Canadian CO) designed to sway elections through software...
Such as Smartmatic and Scorecard. Smartmatic is a UK based Co funded by Soros providing voting tech/manipulation in 28 states including AZ, CA, FL, MG, PV and GA. The chairman of Smartmatic is Lord Molloch Brown who sits on the board of George Soros open..
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20 Nov
George Soros
Government Infiltrator
Political Puppet Master

Born Gyorgy Swartz in Budapest Aug 12, 1930 as a non-practacing Jew, at the age of 6 the family wanted to remove the religious background by replacing Swartz with Soros. George received his passion
Of a globalist agenda from his father who was a POW from the Russian revolution and escaped. Soros family was already wealthy, as his father was a lawyer. Soros Sr acknowledged the incoming Nazi movement and using his wealth bragged a government official..
To take George into their movement. In 1944 George Soros was 14 years old, and in an interview with Steve Croft in 1998 (60 mins) openly admitted that he was bothered in taking the belongings of the Jews as they were being rounded up for slaughter and...
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5 Nov
Just got a DM that I should be more "comfy"...

Let's talk about "comfy"

Our country is being burned, looted and destroyed. People have lost their businesses. My friend committed suicide to losing everything over a hoax. Dems trying to steal the election...
MSM has caused many friends to turn on me. Criminals/Pedos are still walking free while Patriots are silenced for truth. Patriots are getting killed in the streets, while antifa criminals are let out of jail. Truth is suspended on all platforms...
While gathering groups (antifa/BLM) are encouraged on social media and mainstream media. FBI, CIA and others designate us as terrorists, while terrorists are designated peaceful. Election interference by dems is ignored, while Patriotism is deemed racist..
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4 Nov
Why are the media doing what you are seeing? An old friend deeply exposed this 👇
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30 Oct
Let's talk 16 year plan...

Kissinger was one of the main liners to recruit scientists during operation PAPERCLIP under CIA.

Kissinger was a operative under GHWB (George Scherf) head of CIA (Jesuits of the Order) founded the CIA in 1947 by OSS...
Nazi command, Kissinger opposed the idea of increased population of minorities as a threat to the establishment.

After PAPERCLIP, Kissinger was tasked to put in place Nazi scientists at all levels of government including, NASA, CIA, NSA, FBI ect ...
Kissinger is in fact a Rockefeller by bloodline, Kissinger had 3 banking accounts directly linked to Jacob Rothschild and Standord Oil (JD Rockefeller) and also was on the board of CFR, Trilateral and Builderberg. Kissinger passed the torch to Kerry...
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17 Oct
This is a list of current channels still standing to get your current and 17 information. I'll continue to add more. These are the links to their channels 👇
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