Yep. Legitimately, starvation is a fake, manufactured problem.
I would. That their starvation was not necessary.

Knee-jerk, emotional reactions are not required.
I mean, Holodomor was literally caused be State withholding of plentiful food. That’s the point we’re making here.
I will not be emotionally blackmailed out of thinking.

Over-dependence on the Soviet State is what cause Holodomor. Who is “disrespecting the dead?”

Starvation is not a real problem. It is manufactured BY the State. I’d rethink the misguided moralizing, but that’s me.
“We must honor the dead by not understanding how to prevent it from happening ever again.”

What is that? I don’t know, but I’m not interested.

• • •

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21 Nov
My world looks nothing like it did a year ago. Or a month ago. Or a week ago. Or a day ago.

I’d argue that it doesn’t just appear as a different world, but actually is a different world.
The observer cannot be separated from the observed.
The observer of this tweet, you, were not the observer yesterday. You were a different person yesterday. You observe it now.

And as such, our realities are interacting.
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21 Nov
How do you win? Find the will to be free, in its purest sense, no matter what your external circumstance. No matter what they can do to you. Even if they lock you up, as seemingly paradoxical as it sounds.

Then you win
Hope I never have to test this theory, but I intend to try. And by virtue of intending to try now, I am already free.
If you can smile with the barrel to your head, congratulations — you’ve won the game.
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20 Nov
The way you experience the world writ large will largely be dependent on your own weaknesses.

If you are ignorant, the joke’s on you.

If you are filled with hate, the hate will be abundant.

If you are filled with fear, there will be no shortage of things to fear.
Think of it as a learning exercise.
It’s hard to change, though, because we get attached to the way we see the world. Doesn’t matter if it looks ugly to us, it seems to impart some order — we “know” it exists this way.

But if you want a better world, you’re going to have to destroy the earlier models.
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20 Nov
I’m not postponing anything. I’m collecting rainwater right now. And not wearing a mask. And having gatherings of more than 10.
This is about more than politics. As long as we continue to observe rule, we will be ruled. That’s the game.
As long as we beg for a rule to be lessened in the same system that created the rule, we will be ruled.
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20 Nov
If you don’t enjoy one man’s random dialogue with himself, you’re not gonna like following this account lmao.
You’re not gonna find hot takes on the news anymore, because I don’t care about it anymore. It’s fake. I’ve said it was fake but really believing it takes a lot of time.
I’m certainly not going to give the unreality anymore attention than I already have, which is a lot.

Torturing myself with endless, manufactured cycles of fear.

I’m disembarking the carousel.
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20 Nov
“Oh shit, they locked us down again. Tyrants.”

Says who? Some random dickhole in a big house upon whom we ascribe authority?
“They’re gonna wreck the economy. We won’t have food on the table. Bastards.”

What economy? Their economy? Have a yard? Have a bit of forest in that big ol’ world that nobody visits? Have a friend who grows potatoes? Have a skill? Trade. No taxes.
“They’re gonna make me do X in order to work for money. Pieces of shit.”

What money? Their money? If you can work for that Monopoly money, you can work for real value.

Don’t you see? It’s all fake. The system can only threaten to take away services the system provides.
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