"The Rosicrucians are described as seeking a protector whose kingdom is signified by a Rose, just as the Lily is a symbol for the Gallic monarchy."
wtf Star Trek?! @RealSpikeCohen @LPNational
Star Trek Conventions held at Sacramento Scottish Rite Masonic Center, wtf @SacZAP ?
I went to those conventions as a child before going to a Masonic picnic which my sister was a member of Jobs Daughters. It was suggested I join DeMolay and I didn't and was told I was making a mistake, this was June 1996 when I was 15
Revelation 17:6 is a curse! You guys are Jesuits @JeffersonAirp !!!!
No more upholding blood oaths, blood atonements, wars, homicides mass shootings "honor killings" that is not honor. Those are hideous oaths and they say to lie about having knowledge!
You can do theatre have the public participate in allegorical theatre through these oaths when these people populate government and media, the public unawares, and devastation results. You are a virus and we need war with China for wealth, regime change, and elimination of life.
The oaths in Freemasonry are militaristic, you can have a North Korea done to America through gradualism and do it with 3-4 generations that have already been taught disinformation through the schools. Mason and ignorant person come off the same often because of their oaths.
The electoral vote elects Biden just like in 2016 for Trump who did not get the popular. Now look at Trump contesting the popular. This is Lunacy. You ignore the obvious Socialism that Trump has done and go for all the obvious Socialism of Biden's.

• • •

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21 Nov
This is the Jim Jones Cult and Son of Sam cult, they are continued through Freemasonry and military operations. The Church of Satan is definitely involved along with Mormon Church and Scientology, the AMORC.
They externalized through tracking of Social Security, masonic records, etc. It's done to the public to better understand their families at the top. Many people claim being related to kings, royalty. The Mormon church lies about genealogy to get people to track their genealogies
This is important because you are all being told to wear masks. You were told you have some special genealogy or you are god or there is no god. Now you are being told you are a virus. Wear a mask. Knowledge can be anything, knowledge is knowing the Hulk slammed Andre.
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20 Nov
"Rituals, often nocturnal, by members of secret societies wearing ancestor masks are reminders of the ancient sanction of their conduct. In many cultures, these masked ceremonies are intended to prevent miscreant acts and to maintain the circumscribed activities of the group."
"Let these be guidestones to an age of reason"
Evil is Alex Jones
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19 Nov
"It was a few years later that he learned the value of being a good listener while a student at Scranton Prep, the Jesuit high school he attended. It was there that he studied Latin under a teacher named Carmen Gigliotti"
secctv.org/about/board-of… @SacZAP
"Joe continued his Jesuit education at the University of Scranton, where he earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and then a master’s degree in Music Therapy from Loyola University New Orleans."
"People such as Berkowitz, Man son and members of
the Process Church, and its cells around the United States, make up the current O.T.O. network.
All are sub-Masonic and linked as part of an underground web of murder.
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19 Nov
"BRAIN-WASHING: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics is a unique and historical instruction manual issued in training the practitioners of Psychopolitics in Russia before, during and after the Cold War." ImageImageImageImage
Pharmakeia "the use or the administering of drugs


sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it

metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry"

Hex "cast a spell on; bewitch" "a magic spell; a curse." @realDonaldTrump evil! ImageImageImage
Very evil @realDonaldTrump the wrought you furthered on America

Proof of Remote Mind Control
hourofthetime.com/mindcont.htm?f… ImageImageImageImage
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19 Nov
"When the entire text of the four verses are considered, the rules of grammar only allow one conclusion: It is the Messiah who is the only he that qualifies. To confirm "the covenant" means that it must already exists" @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden

Does the National Emergency you authorized exist @realDonaldTrump ? Yes. Then it's confirmed. This is all stupid, wicked evil.
Jesuit Ribera strategy was for Gnostic opposition to run with his dispensation eschatology through Protestantism since they lacked the plot development to explain for their Merovingian bloodline to rule from Jerusalem. In turn, these gnostics through Protestants blame Jesuits.
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18 Nov
"The only reason that most can't see what the Vatican truly represents is because the Vatican rules through a myriad of front organizations, but mainly thru The Empire Of The City which I call the Unholy Trinity that Rules the World." The Rapture Will Be Canceled -Nicklas Arthur
These people never own up to responsibility, therefore their supporters see this information and then go look at Donald Trump, and he has been caught by many in this, so he just signs bills so that his supporters deny such charges. He's the one that was building war with China!
When are you ever going to tell the truth @realDonaldTrump ? You lied for 4 years and you signed first National Emergency and then endorsed Warp Speed Vaccine, only to come down with Corona. That should be obvious to anyone with sense what you have been up to!
Read 10 tweets

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