Patriot Version of Beethoven's 9th
Word of Day: Obstreperous
~noisy, clamorous, or boisterous~

5D Theme
Beethoven Banter

9th vs 5th Symphony

9-Trump's legal Team
5th (Column) W/ No Script

Notice MSM journalists exhibiting OBSTREPEROUS behavior in WH Pres Corp😱
2020 is 250th anni of Beethoven's Birth
Timing of Strzok wife promotion Obvious!

Deleted Facebook PAGE(lisa) Liked:
Don Miguel Ruiz
The Four Agreements
~Toltec Wisdom ~ 1997

Son helped write 5th Agreement 13yrs later in 2010

Coup Plot only had 4 PHASES

5th is a ShitShow!
They Truly intended to have Pres Trump taken out like Kennedy by now!
Let that sink in!
"Insurance Policy"

Date of 1st Quote
The Con He Rode Own
Article attacking Trump for “lies”

Clown/journalists realize that Trump can NOW DEPLOY the MILITARY under Covid Response
Pence's lets DS know the "VAX" is coming
~Waking Americans up~

🤡Journalists' Obstreperous Behavior

2nd Quote:
The Many Beethoven Myths
Read of 5th review
5th Column prior World

The 9th is based on conflict & resolution, striving for a JUBILANT ending
Recall that Beethoven was blind when completing the 9th

~Much like we are as a population right now~

Think Trump when Reading~5D~
Alex Ross
New Yorker
2014 – “the aura of history unfolding before our ears”.

? Trump Beethoven Tweet (Can't Verify)
“Why did Beethoven only put the choir in at the end of Symphony No.9?
Could’ve been a contender. Bad attitude”

May be fake tweet as Trump did exactly that by bringing us "The chorus" in at the END!

MIS-TUNED Faux news 3/29 article comparing 9th to Covid
Now The Date Divided🎼
11/20/2020= 27 & Repeating 2277's
Not everything can be publicly disclosed because so much ties back to foreign heads of state. Much will be revealed, we want transparency but not at a cost we can’t recover from

Q2277 9/27/18
27 around (2+7)9
Not to interfere with your enjoyment of the 9th
We need to remember what we are fighting FOR!

IT brought tears to my eyes listening to this exchange

⚡️Same day as Q2277 9/27/18⚡️

Harness Brett Kavanaugh's emotion when getting grilled by 5th Column LEADER FrakenFeinStein
If the 5th Column regime remained in power, all the distractions the elites corrupted us with through their media in our younger years (peer pressure norms) would always be enough to incriminate you!

Would you believe me if I appears that God's justice is about to be served!
Kavanaugh has been reassigned to the Circuit Courts of MI, WI, PA, & GA Effective 11/20/2020

Divine Justice!

Take note Patriots!

Thank you Dear Lord🙏
Meant Deaf
We so collectively dumb after CIA mind control same Difference in intent

• • •

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More from @jushangininther

22 Nov
~A 5D Story

THE BAT'S KOW TOW ~ (Chinese Bow)
Season 2 Ep 30

'66 Batman Episode captures interplay of Est Repubs, Dems, & Trump with Chinese Title

~Catwoman Captures Batman in EchoChamber

~She Steals Voice of BRIT named CHAD

~Cameo by DON⚡️

MIND BLOWING! ImageImageImageImage
The unHOLYwood 666 1st tries to use Batman '66 Script to power Steal Spell

💥2K Budget ~ 2000 Election CHADs⚡️

~Must act as wolves & steal to avoid☠️ by 12/14/20

Actor History:
Clarke Wolfe in Satanic’s Panic & DEATHCEMBER
~Kent ST riots💥 ImageImageImage
Spell Themes:

Stan against Evil
MB (Muslim Brotherhood) ~Hoover ~ Think FBI
Hollywood Babble On
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Samurai Jack
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer vacation
Zombie Nightmare

Steal Spell Revealed in DELTA to Day Stolen Voice is to be Certified⚡️ Image
Read 17 tweets
21 Nov
11/21/2020 5Decode

All Cards on the Table

As We Dawn the 57th Anniversary of JFK Assaination

Assets Work to Protect the CANON


Word of Day: CRANKLE
~Bend, Turn, CRINKLE

JFK Truth is on the Horizon
Following the #'s... Image
An A to I Delta in WOD is then used to Define Itself

AI is 19
19 days ago 11/2/20
Trump passes 1776 EO (REVOLUTION!)
Laying foundation to restore TRUTH in schools!

Truth about what?
As the Republicans remain quiet?

Truth about
The BUSH regime

D Perino, FMR 43 Press Sec ImageImageImage
1st Crankle Quote:

2 miles down, the river crankles round an alder grove
Henry Talyor 1834
186 Yrs Ago
Q186 Dropped
3 Years ago

You are learning
You needed a push

TS 10:11:47
JK ~ John Kerry
47 ~ DG >< GD

JK 2Day
55 Narrative
geopolitic.org/2020/11/21/joh… ImageImageImage
Read 12 tweets
21 Nov
ET Update

We stand 2 days before the 57th Anniversary of JFK's Death

This Epoch will end as Justice is served on the Clown's regime

Allowing healing from that terrible chapter of our history

The 56th Anni 11/22/2019 of JFK was memorialized by Trump & Tucker on Ancient Aliens
Tucker is ducking for cover for optics

The Deep State is ugly..
They paid me a visit.. & I'm nobody

This Episode is relevant to Voter Fraud

Trump was on Season 14 Ep 21
The Executive Pen
Just saw EO against those taking $ from China

This episode is also relevant as
Podesta featured late in episode but was lead-in in '18 episode 574d Before

Wikileaks email CC'd to Podesta about a Minion Meeting with SOROS to PRE-PROGRAM voting machines

Exactly 365 days from 11/22/19 is Today
~ 1 Year~

Due to 2020 Leap Year!
Read 5 tweets
20 Nov
Word of Day
~a blend of imagine & engineer

~a person who is skilled in implementing creative ideas into practical form

Code for understanding how the 5th Column infiltrated our country & our minds

Occurred back in 1955

Follow the Origin of ImaginEEr
Mickey Mouse Club ~ '55
Disneyland opened in '55

"1st Appearing in print on 6/1/42, just before the Battle of Midway, in the very darkest days of WW2, in an upbeat advertisement, “Postwar America.. Will be a great day for Imagineers”

Understand that they got robbed of that
dream as the Pres Bush (circa '37) funded puppet Hitler
Duping them of their dream
Pres Trump fulfills that DREAM TODAY!

1st Quote:
Note that the NYT article gaslighting Jeff VandermEEr is released on 7/7/20
Exactly on Mr EE's 52nd Birthday
52 not good..

2nd Quote:
Bernie &
Read 8 tweets
19 Nov
Note that Green shows up in Date Divide today as well!
11/18/2020=~302 530

For Green

Side-by-Side Posts vs Actual News
Show: Future PROVES Past
BIGGER next week

Reminds me of the GREEN LANTERN behind the Trump podium back in March
Next in #'s is 253
On main page of Red website

Obama was in S Korea ONE DAY after Trump spoke to leader
5mos 1d after Trump takes OFFICE

Q253 12/4/17
155d after BO Mtg
Logan Act Violation!

10d Diff
DT 420-165=265~ To: 6&5
Notice the ONE "peeking" out from the sign over her heart

If you care to stumble into this rabbithole be my guest

But I'll just give you some highlights of what insanity this site is pushing

"Covid-19 could cause 2 million cases of female genit.. mut.."
Read 4 tweets
19 Nov
ET Update!

Brien Foerster's video today establishes a collective theme I noticed the last 5 days

He focuses on a "alien" skeleton with unexplainable features

An ER Doc tries to explain the skeleton he sees & is unable

The videos to follow seem unreal!
11/15/20 video on an recent Egyptian ET mummy found along with sculptures made in its like

11/13/20 video covering ET artifacts uncovered in a Mayan tunnel strikingly similar to the ET finds in Egypt & in Foerster's video
It's hard to just accept the videos above as legit

But consider,
The well researched 35,000 yr old Bosnian pyramids with HEALING properties

The # of giants (Book of Enoch) hidden by SMITHsonian (Formed to Hide Such)

Large Underwater Pyramids off Cuba
Read 8 tweets

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