Is simply the Mark of the Beast (charagma) in Rev 13:16-18. The second [NAZI] beast, was wounded but healed.
FEMA and WARPSPEED USA. If not instant administration ove all people, the unvaxxed could see the side-effects as in Rev 16:2
And the side-effects of GMO-Charagma are those: the well-known Zombie-Apocalypse
And here a short movie illustrating the events:
Hy! Thanks for sharing / carrying! You had a picture with all nazi that came in USA or UE via PAPERCLIP> Can you put that here in this thread?
That movie was made in April 2020 based on the text from [engl. links available in header] written in Febr 2020. All details were ACCURATE FORESEEN way before events: RNA VACINE as know today, the Q-blockchain (QFS now), DNA-ID etc. IS CHARAGMA, PEOPLE!
The Digital Angel ( 1 + 2) - a Russian movie predicting in 1994 Trump and the Plandemics at Charagma-times. Russian subtitled in Romanian.
Seems the crypto-nazi here are truly furious that we cracked the nazi aspects of this tyranny. Whereas for fools at the basis is bolshevism, at top is corporate-socialism hence NAZI. . That's the true FABIAN socialism as per G.B Shaw, which praised for a quick gasing in 1933!

• • •

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22 Nov
SUPERMAN? UBERMENSCH? TRANSHUMANISM? NAZI! It was always about that. All "superman" figures in the XX century are about nazism. The 4th Enclogue of Virgil coupled with Apocalyptic Jesus Image
4th Enclogue /Virgil and NWO! USA SEAL:
Justice returns, returns old Saturn's reign,
With a NEW BREED OF MAN sent down from heaven.
Only do thou, at the boy's birth in whom
The iron shall cease, the golden age arise. . .…
NEW MAN = the leitmotif of ANY DICTATORSHIP in XX century... Image
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22 Nov
We shall say that the 8th Enclogue of Virgil is about pharma and LUCIFER.…
Whrereas the fourth Enclogue (about a divine child) was the basis of USA Great Seal... masonic! scroll thread!~ >>
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22 Nov
Any major volcano eruption release x 10k the amount of CO2 produced by humanity in his WHOLE existence. The CO2 scam is a NAZI-Rotschild banking goal - a Worldbank backed by NATURE GREEN RESSOURCES. And of course YOU MICROCHIPPED!!!! Read-on! !…
Is the GREENs plot. As you maybe know, te modern Greens are sourced in NAZI-laws on environment. Hitler made the first environmental laws....…
Of couree ZERO CARBON means ZERO HUMANS. You don't breath anymore, the emission is ZERO. The depopulation agenda as written in Georgia Guidestones. Having that, you can of course back the money on world-forests. ......And implantable microchip+DNA-ID....
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20 Nov
Corona conspiracy is a pandemic hoax. His ONLY purpose is to genetically modify humans [GMO HUMANS] ans intended by the Masonic conspiracy since Virgil 4th Enclogue: a new breed of mens plotted by Saturn. Aka NEW MAN as praised by all dictatorships.
Virgil 4th Encl is the basis of USA seal on $$$ bil. A NEW MAN made by GMO and WEF dictatorship. WEF is lead by a Saturnalia Priest: Klaus Schwab. The same secret as kept by Templars and THULE-NAZI. Is corresponding to Megatherion [mega-beast] in Apocalypse...
Megatherion aka Transhumanist Singularity today. According to Apocalypse the Megatherion plot goes "to perdition". And so, the vaxxed humanity....
I wrote it has a GMO PURPOSE in Febr. 2020! CHECK> English links in the header!
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18 Nov
NWO = OWN = NAZI 2.0 The wound of the beast was healed, Rev 13. That's Klaus Schwab aka Palpatine NWO. New World Order = Novum Ordo Seculorum. See $$$$ bill! NOS was borrowed from Virgil's Eclogue IV by Ch.Thomson. From mason to mason. ....+>>
....+>> But study first Virgil's verses! Is about Saturn (Satan) worship! "..returns old Saturn's reign,
With a new breed of men..." Now, see that Klaus Schwab is a PRIEST in a Saturn + witchcraft fellowship. The 9-star! See verses:… ....+>>
NWO = "the Republic will be reordered into the First Gallactic Empire"/ Palpatine scene "Clones-War". Aka NAZI 2.0.…
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8 Nov
Ultimii mohicani. "Neumritorii"/Sergiu.N. leatul: Sf Mihail si Gavil 2020- Pta Victoriei - Buc.. LIVE_SHOOTING ImageImageImageImage
A si filmarile dar mai incolo.
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