There's a lot of weird stuff around Chris Krebs' Twitter. It isn't just that he misspelled "tomorrow."
Remember he had the superhero thing and said he "expected to be fired"…
It was Krebs' shop that released the odd "interagency statement" about the elections being "most secure"...which he then backtracked on....after being fired..."I never claimed there wasn't fraud..."

The Twitter header is completely blank. Odd for someone so opinionated.
He does the same weird thing with capitalizing words - "Defend Today, Secure Tomrorow" DTST - Donald Trump...what?
He must know that Georgia is an audit, not a recount, but he uses "hand count."

His Sesame Street puppet here is an odd choice of comms. That's a bad guy.
He retweeted one of the CISA fliers...showing that "pizza" is a divisive issue ("pineapple pizza ha ha ha") - we all know the real issue is pizzagate.

NSA Child Crimes' account (@NSA_QIL2) is the only other one I ever saw use "C_C_" in the handle and that was explicitly about child crimes.

I just think this is a lot of weird.
He uses capitalization in this very intentional way. For example, why is Thanksgiving not capitalized?

Also, why would he need a cover name when he travels?
What was dangerous about the press conference with @RudyGiuliani @SidneyPowell1 and @JennaEllisEsq, Chris? Why was it crazy? What are we lucky not to know? Tell us.
So he was defending democracy -- against President Trump -- while running CISA?
Any one of these tweets alone is not a thing.
Together it's a thing.
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23 Nov
This is irregular warfare against an insurgent population comprised of traitors. Why were you expecting it to be literal?
Trump did not magically decide to run. He was handpicked by a military already aware that Obama/Clinton were dirty.
Trump was simultaneously handpicked by them and chosen by Clinton as the Pied Piper candidate to fail. How is that for pressure?
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23 Nov
It was ES&S clarified the AP. Otherwise I haven’t seen this specific claim debunked.

Smoking Gun: Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA. - By: Edward Solomon…
Also: “Laptop, USB drives stolen from Philly election-staging site”
October 1, 2020…
“ES&S said the...USB devices use multiple levels of encryption & are ‘married’ to single voting machines during programming. But Perez said that it’s so far unclear how far along Phila was in programming for the Nov. 3 election — & thus how much of a threat the theft might pose.”
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22 Nov
Just to address what xoodyssey is saying on Instagram. It’s pretty frightening to think that the world of underground tunnels (and associated trafficking) is as well-developed and extensive as she says. But it’s not shocking.
There is extensive documentation on underground tunnels (deep underground military bases), experiments, and so on.
I think what’s frightening about xoodyssey (to the bad guys), is that she is Black, and her mom is White. She is living proof that the fight against trafficking has nothing to do with “racists exploiting suffering to elect Trump.”
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22 Nov
Remember what I said. @POTUS is Mashiach Ben Yosef. The defining characteristic of MBY is to being world peace - political redemption.

Mashiach Ben David brings spiritual redemption.

We are in a war that ends well.
The logic of the world is the revelation of God, against all “natural logic.” It is not true that they are stronger than us. It is true that it looks that way, mainly because of their disinformation, echo chamber, and that Patriots don’t advertise.
This is not a war of flesh and blood, certainly not about Republican versus Democrat. It is more than saving the country. It is a war to vanquish all demonic principalities for all time.
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21 Nov
The whole debate about cloud computing for gov
The Amazon deal!
And Amazon has everyone’s data!
Would a cloud-connected served need to be seized though?
Interesting from yesterday 11/20/2020: “CIA awards multibillion-dollar contract to AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and IBM”…
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21 Nov
This one works. Start at 1:05. Tore says SR did his job and imaged the DNC server. She and others on the “undernet” saw this and took a copy after “fractioning” it. Brennan MO she says. Delete info insert info.…
The actor would have to do this without being observed if they’re changing vote data. Not on an official government server. A contractor (as explained in documentary) would siphon off data as it streams.
So perhaps the C— server farm, operated by a contractor, observed remotely the machines in the US, cloned the data, changed the data, and then sent it back.
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