Can I do another pep talk thread? Those are fun. Like this tweet for a mini pep talk.
@AnthonyPNW Here's a mini brain science lesson for you: The more you think about things that hurt you, the more your body has to relive those experiences, same chemicals released + your strengthening your neurological connection to those memories.
@AnthonyPNW and its all a big game of telephone. The more we do this, the less and less the memories are actually what happened and the more its a story designed to hurt us and kill our neurons and damage our bodies.
@AnthonyPNW Why am I telling you this? Cool party knowledge. I want half your money if you win who wants to be a millionaire, and you need to get out of your damn head and into your future.
@AnthonyPNW I don't say this often because I understand how damaging it can be to someone. But I'm gonna say it to you with all the love I can send along, you need to get over the story you tell yourself and move on. You need to claim better and think you can do better.
@AnthonyPNW life happens to us all, you aren't the only person who got fucked by life. You're not the only person in your thoughts right now. But you are on the brink of everything. Do you want the story or do you want a new life? You only get one.
@AnthonyPNW Do you want to be happy more than you want closure? More than you want to hang on to protect yourself from hitting the pavement again. You might fall on your face another 100 times in your life. But you'll also have 100 moments where you flew.
@AnthonyPNW We don't like the story of icarus over here. The whole idea of getting too close to the sun and falling because you aimed too high? Ya I don't support the idea of things being "too big". Every dream is the same size. So go for them.
Oh and @AnthonyPNW talk to people who can help you. You aren't going to do things on your own. You can't. There's people assigned out in the world to help you. Go ask the universe for one to step forward.
@jasonoke You know there's this idea about dreams, they're never what we expect them to be when they manifest into reality. They're always better. Like God added interest and fairydust to make up for time we spent waiting.
@jasonoke Why am I telling you this? Because you're about to be rewarded with a very old dream that you've been storing in the back of your head. Maybe you thought it was collecting dust. Maybe it was the dream you took out of the box every now and then just to glance at.
@jasonoke Your oldest dreams are about to manifest into reality. I know it's been a bit and when you face them, it's scary and exciting, and beautiful and fun and god damn terrifying. Because suddenly you're facing your dreams and them being real is every emotion at once somehow
@jasonoke The key here is in all of this overwhelm and emotion, nothing you asked for and deeply wanted was forgotten. You weren't pushed aside in favor of someone else. You weren't replaced or deemed unworthy.
@jasonoke I really want you to know that, when you're faced with this dream, don't start to let the feelings get to you. Don't start wondering if you're good enough or what cosmic game this is. Because you've always been worthy, just right now is the time.
@jasonoke Timing isn't a bitch. There's no right thing, wrong time. There's always just timing. Perfect timing. Everything happens when its meant to and dreams are no exception.
@jasonoke The fact that its facing you now doesn't mean you're any less or anymore than when you dreamt the dream. It means right now is when the dream can be sustained. You were always enough and worthy of it. Just right now it's ready for you.
@jasonoke And just so you know, although you've def heard me say it before. Our brain doesn't know the difference between excited and scared. So when you start feeling things, usually the sudden urge to run even if you want it, tell yourself that you're excited and ready.
@erikanmack Unclench your jaw, wiggle your nose, move your forehead, wiggle your fingers, do a scan of where you're carry tension and let it go. Breathe.
@erikanmack You're so disconnected from yourself and your body. Go inward for a few moments. Just as you read these tweets and release the thoughts you're hanging onto. Don't worry, they'll be back. But right now they can go away. They dont need to exist at this moment.
@erikanmack We'll do this together. BIGGGG breaths and outstretch your hands for a few seconds. Stretch them fingers. Then take your hand and gently press and massage each finger tip, focus on the sensation. When you finish, jazz hands them out.
@erikanmack do this twice since you wanted to ruin my fun.
@erikanmack ANYWAYS MY DAMN POINT, as you're jazz handing, pretend you're slapping away allll your troubles and stresses. Nice bigs slaps. If you graduate into air punches that's totally fine. Give those thoughts what they deserve and kick their ass.
@erikanmack Here's the point, other than kick ass more, even if its just in your head, Life happens, stress happens, weird annoyance and just shit happens. And you're always going to rise above them. Don't entertain things for too long, always let shit flow off of you.
@erikanmack here's my thinking, life comes at you hard as hell. Breathe in a bit. Wiggle your fingers cuz its fun and we type all day so finger cramps. And know that there's something equally as good about to meet you. Bad is always followed by incredible.
@erikanmack oh and if you kill my vibe again I'll jazz hands your face and spill glitter all over your desk.
@ProfChrisMJones I'm doing a cliche. You've been warned. There's a reason for everything and a season for everything. You're in a drought in comparison to whats coming your way. Which I know sounds ughhhhh-blah, but its also hopeful. But also BLAH
@ProfChrisMJones I mean no one wants to be in a damn drought when they have all these dreams and ambitions. Like I HATE things not happening, I hate lack of visible action. I'd rather be stuck in the wilderness than in a waiting period.
@ProfChrisMJones We're human, we like knowing the things we want are coming. It's not that we like control, most humans don't. Our brains actually HATTTEE it. Our brains literally hate controling things so much, it's funny.
@ProfChrisMJones I always find that funny, our brains hate control. But the amydala, the damn baby of the brain, wants to control everything. Only part of our body that thinks it needs to control.
@ProfChrisMJones Not to get sidetracked, just want to give a bit of perspective. I don't feel like you're controling. I feel like you're in a dry ass place where you've been waiting. and waiting. and waiting.
@ProfChrisMJones at some point, our baby brain wonders why we're waiting and sends intrusive thoughts, anxieties, just it's own little militia to make us move. Waiting feels unsettling because a tiny part of our brain says move.
@ProfChrisMJones but here's the thing, you're close to your rain. If you look off in the distance and you can see a tiny little cloud. You're not waiting much longer. You've just waited a long time. And I get that.
@ProfChrisMJones there's this part of me that doesn't want to say this because I've been waiting too and I've gotten my hopes up for years. So I know how much hurt gets carried by false hope and what I'm about to say, so know I took consideration into this.
@ProfChrisMJones You aren't going to be waiting much longer. No false hope here. I'm not delivering you heartache. I thought long and hard about even saying this, cuz trust me I know how it feels. But my dear, you aren't waiting much longer. You really aren't.
@ProfChrisMJones I know there's so much you deserve that feels like its been on hold. You've just been trying to be good and do the right thing and trust the world. But it's been a long ass time of waiting. So things feel impossible because its been that long.
@ProfChrisMJones they aren't impossible. They're going to happen very very soon. You could close your eyes and feel it right behind you. Feel it all. A flood of everything you've been waiting for. It's all happening at once with interest.
@ProfChrisMJones I said it earlier, but the thing with dreams is they always happen and when they do, they happen better than we imagined them. You get interest on your wait time. You're about to be having a whole lot because its been quite some time.
@ProfChrisMJones You'll know why it had to be this way when it comes. Right now, don't figure it out. Just feel it coming. Allow yourself to be excited and get your hopes as high as they can reach, even if its not very high atm.
@ProfChrisMJones I know disappointment hurts esp when its over and over and over because you have this weird unnatural faith in a prayer. But darling, you aren't going to be hurting much longer. Its safe to be as excited as humanly possible.
@ProfChrisMJones this isn't the forces of the unnatural world took pity on you and decided 2020 gets a good thing. My dear, you have always been worthy of what's ahead. The wait wasn't a punishment. You'll get good shit so soon.
@davidrossmcclay There's something you need to discover but you need to venture outside of your own head for it. Look outside your window David, shit is staring you in the face.
@davidrossmcclay And you know this is good. You know its the damn thing you wanted. Just you're fucken staring at it like "oh is it real", which like look bro, gooooooooooooo.
@davidrossmcclay David, David, David, life is made up of moments that are comprised of 20 seconds of courage. All this game is. Courage after courage after courage.
@davidrossmcclay Let's get first ever David for a second. You know how the first ever David was anointed and wasn't even invited to the party. Everyone was just like "oh David, what do you want David for?" People undervalued first David.
@davidrossmcclay You know what this David is doing? he's undervaluing himself. You've just made it up in your mind that everyone else isn't going to invite you to the party where you're anointed, so you undervalued yourself and I'm dragging yo ass into the room.
@davidrossmcclay Probably ruining my expensive shoes just to grab you from the field and drag you into a room where you're going to get promised something...and not see it for years (oops).
Here's the thing @davidrossmcclay, you were given a promise. I don't care if it was the love of your life or a kingdom. You don't get the promise the day it was spoken over you. You need to develop before the promise is granted.
@davidrossmcclay But that doesn't mean it was never promised. Just that it's not 4ft away at the moment. God never told OG David, "Well you didn't get ready in 3 years, so Saul is still gonna be king forever. We're taking your promise back." Like no...
@davidrossmcclay David, the time it takes to get the promise was calculated in when the promise was originally promised. Like all of this, it was planned, spoken, signed, Spike Lee is directing it, whatever. It's all planned before you ever got the role of David.
@davidrossmcclay Your whole thing is you're looking in front of you and saying well, I'm not invited to the party so its over. When BRO NO. No. No. No. No. NO. You got a promise. The promise is on its way. You dont get a promise taken away from you. No one does.
@davidrossmcclay I need to remind myself of this all the time too. But look David, OG David wasn't even invited to war where he'd kill Goliath. He was just living his life, doing what was asked of him, and then he had a moment of 20 second courage, and boom.
@davidrossmcclay My point, OG David was never in direct position for his promise. He was promised something, then kinda always was familiar with where he was meant to be, made aware of it, but never actually invited to the opportunities that'd lead him to his promise.
@davidrossmcclay But OG David through all these indirect moments, was getting prepared for his promise. Did you know back in the days, a slinger with a staff could shoot a rock faster than most modern bullets? OG David was a trained slinger.
@davidrossmcclay what prepared OG David for slinging a rock? Tending sheep. What got David familiar with Saul? Befriending his son. What restored glory to Jonathans crippled son after he died? David remembering his best friend. All this shit is connected David.
@davidrossmcclay I know right now you're kinda sitting here like, what the fuck am I doing? Nothing is getting me to this damn thing I want. And DAVID it's all connected. Every single moment from the day it was promised to when you get it,
@davidrossmcclay David, if you learned your lessons in the arena, like any gladiator you'd die. Imagine learning to fight in an arena. (There's a reason gladiators were kidnapped soldiers). You're getting taught in a field where no one can see you.
@davidrossmcclay Just because there's no stage doesn't mean you aren't preparing for your promise. I get it, unless we can actively see it, we think we're not doing it right. But everything was planned. We don't need to overwork ourselves just to have what we know is ours.
@davidrossmcclay So in summary, OG David wasn't even invited to the party, still got his promise and got trained behind doors where he was protected. David 2.0 got a promise, and he's going to get to the promise, he's just not looking directly at it yet and thats okay.
@davidrossmcclay It's still coming, even if you can't see it. If I put an app on your phone that counted down the days until you got it, you may want to stare at the countdown, but looking at it isn't going to make it move faster.

• • •

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I don’t care if I’m the only person saying this, your dreams were assigned to you longggg before you formed your first thought. There’s nothing in this entire universe that can stop them from being yours. Not a person, job, or situation.
Whatever you’re holding deep in your heart, about to quit, praying for a sign, here it is. All of that shit you dream of and can’t let go, it was made for you. Not for anyone else. No matter what happens, how you feel, or what fuck ups you do, you are still getting it all.
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Intrusive Thought Tricks From Someone Who Has Them: A Mini Thread.
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I know it’s hard to forgive people who were mean or angry + explosive towards you. It hurts. We want to fight back. But darlings, how we talk to others is a reflection of how we talk to ourselves. They’re hurting. Extend compassion + grace. It has nothing to do with you.
When people are less than lovely, show them kindness. They probably haven’t been exposed to it in some time. And if they’re dicks because you’re nice, pray they find peace. Either way don’t let them change who you are.
I know some of us are still carrying around hate for our HS bullies, first boss, ex, parent, ect no matter how long it’s been. It’s time to see the reality. That person was and maybe still is hurting. It was never about us.
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lol you guys know Sallie Mae isn't tied to the government anymore right? They still count as federal loans but its a fully-privatized bank lender as of 2004. *cough* so they have nothing to do with the damn gov or harming the economy.
If anyone's curious, SLM Corporation is who owns Sallie Mae. Over the years they've been super discriminatory and charge Latinos and Black applicants higher interest rates. Also they're on the stock exchange. They're shareholders are making income even if we get rid of $10k debt
Holy shit guys, we should talk about SLM Corp and Navient Corp. Both are private (still under Sallie Mae which offers federal loans). And holy hell guys they diversify their offerings and portfolio. They'll be perfectly fine if we eliminate student loans all together.
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