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21 Nov, 17 tweets, 3 min read
Understand that visualization is realigning and modifying the vibrational energy that is in effect of whatever you're tapping into

So we have a few things to first consider

- Visualization is editing something in reality
- Thus that means we are connecting to something when we are visualizing

So with that being said some things to consider to make our visualizations work harder for us

1. Figure out what were connecting to
2. Facilitate a stronger connectivity to whatever we connected to
3. Figure out what the energy equation of this thing is
4. Figure out what is optimal energy and what energy integrity and such looks like

So the first thing we need to figure out is this, what exactly are we connecting to?
Visualizations connect to vibrational ongoing energies that are in existence or become in existence within this reality
When we vi-sualize, we enact a vi-brational energy that either influences a pre-existing vibration, or with enough energy, it creates its own standalone f-requency that has the ability to i-nfluence on its own (f=6 / i=9 -> 69)
So now that we figured out that, we need to figure out how to facilitate a stronger connection

2. How do we facilitate a stronger connection to anything?
Lets think about the parallels to reality here, if we want to get a connection going between 2 people we "get to know each other better", i.e. start getting a stronger sense of another person's energy
If we want to get a better at basketball or some other sport, we "get a stronger sense of the ball, or a the court"

If we want to get better at driving a car, we "get a stronger sense of the car, and ita dynamics, and how it handles"
All the parallels start coming down to one thing

That sense, that ability to feel the existence of something.

How do we orient ourselves to get a better sense?
And the way we start doing that is facilitating a stronger energy exchange so we can have more data coming in, more data going out

Stronger connection = stronger ability to inject energy, and receive it

Now the next thing
3. We have to figure out the energy equation of said thing, and what is the amount of energy it can receive, vs how long it takes for that energy to come to cycling and fruition
That occurs from observing things that preside with that, and looking for "examples" of said thing.

How much energy is associated with that manifesting?

if you want to connect with a girl, can you "inject" a ton of energy into the connection to cause a strong pull with her?
Or will all that energy overwhelm her?

Which brings us to our final point, energy integrity, momentum, and optimal energy
4. Once we start to have a sense of what the equation allows for in regards to influencing or creating that frequency, what it comes down to is figuring out how to construct stability, or if we even want stability as an outcome
And with that, it takes assessing the "rhythm" of energy

As well as how much energy can be injected at those rhythm points
Think of music, if music becomes too "erratic" i.e. too much disruption and injection of energy at certain points, it changes the nature of the music, and with some people, the music will no longer become influential to them, and fall out of effect
This is just the tip of the iceberg. We go far deeper here -- but it will cost to gain access to this group.

Find it here.

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21 Nov
People look at this and dont even think about the amount of persistence this man had to have to just sit there while the world laughed at him, told him no, told him all this sh-t is a joke

We are lucky G stuck to it, and people are lucky this man is still generous af
And people have the audacity to get a fuckin ego about the shit this man created

While going through none of the suffering none of the tribulations none of the trials Gary went through

Shit sickens me

Have a tiny bit of fucking self awareness about what your journey is
And the appreciation of what another man created so you can easily go around and say "this franchise will become this because of xyz number energy sequence"

Think about that shit the next time you get a ego in regards to what you "discovered"

Think about how easy it is
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20 Nov
Cracked 33 retweets so here is the little thing I've been working on.

In every math equation we have

x = x -- what if we re-engineered the perception to work for other things

Consider this -- imagine that every connection you build with someone has a "arbitrary" value of...
a "unit" of energy.

For instance, the first time you meet someone, with no real "exception" in connectivity to them, you can qualify that connection being

1 = 1

vs someone you may have a very deep significant connection, being

100 = 100

Manipulating and giving you
A basic methodology to put a statement to the energy + connectivity you have with someone

Now -- let's start applying reality to this equation, i.e. no relationship is typically a equal give and take

So, we can say that a "friend-zoned" guy is in a relationship that is set like
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17 Nov
Ever notice that when you "spoke" to that person, you had a "feeling" a "sense" - due to you speaking with them -even though the events had no real direct correlation.

Some how, some way

That event caused you to get closer to what you wanted
Or let's say that you did some strange little task, a little "ritual" that made you do a series of actions in a "odd" way

And by doing that, you had more "momentum" towards this thing that might seem not related in anyway
The point being made here is this.

Everything you do contributes to something.
Every thought you have, every action you make, all the "skills" you "have"

Everything is


With breaking your world view, it's wise and smart to be aware of what "manifesting" is
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