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21 Nov, 10 tweets, 3 min read
Close … like where your head is at … but any postgame analysis must account for the current ecosystem by which we download information in this nation … the one which bifurcated our society into two distinct bubbles …
within bubble one you find a two-party system battling for the restoration of observable reality … here you may recognize groups such as all-of-the-f$&king-left or the NeverTrumpers … moving to the second bubble you will also find some familiar groups such as the GOP or the KKK
… but notice we have some relatively new additions … we have the Proud Bois and QAnon for example. Now within each of these bubbles something magical happens … an entire reality unique to the bubble pops into existence. These realities diverge in some fascinating ways.
Take the first bubble … within this bubble it is a widely held belief that our norms and our precedents alone can protect our democracy … naive … I know … but bless their hearts … I know not if they are ready. And check this out … in the second bubble … seriously … you
won’t want to believe me but I promise you this is true … millions … yes … millions of people within this reality find it totally plausible for their to be a shadowy, high power cabal drinking up babies in pursuit of immortality. Now ask yourself why … cult phenomena can be
tricky so don’t feel bad if you can’t think of the answer … I can’t think of it myself. But … back to my point … I mean aside from cashing in this opportunity be a smartass … the information ecosystem … bifurcated … what does that mean for political messaging … what does
that mean for MSM … is “mainstream” still a relevant moniker for these media outlets … what do dualing reality information ecosystems mean for politic analysis. Don’t worry if you don’t know this either … I sure as sh$t don’t … but I expect it’s consideration would be
integral where political analysis is concerned. But I am admittedly biased … I am obsessed with this information ecosystem quandary … constantly passing these out when I can draw relevance
And so it has come … the end of the thread … I will leave you with some happy to offset some of the rub-you-the-wrong-wayedness I have most certainly accumulated.

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20 Nov
Everyone keeps acting like Trump is a f$&king mob boss controlling those around him. F$&k that sh$t … he is the bullsh$t babbling baboon puffed up like an orange balloon that we all clearly see him to be. Trump is the f$&king tool. His enablers built the propaganda machine for
peddling this cult of personality as a means for safeguarding their minority rule over our nation. I am not quite sure how we are meant to judge psychopathy where accountability is concerned, I can’t quite put my finger on a true psychopath’s capacity for comprehension. I have no
such knowledge gaps when it comes to non-psychopaths utilizing weaponized psychopathy to achieve a stranglehold on power … willingly committing treason to protect that which they have gained. The constitution had an answer for Trump … enablers … such as @LindseyGrahamSC
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20 Nov
And we end with a brief staring contest and finally submission to the sleepy
Side note: crazy how well these phone cameras are aggregating light on still shots these days.
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19 Nov
Minority rule over WE THE PEOPLE comes to an end in 2021. Everyone strap the f$&k in. Everyone mask the f$&k up. We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there … but … goddammit … this Grady Hospital baby can f$&king feel it in his bones.
This is the moment … this is the mother… f$&king… moment … the moment when the momentum shifts … when the forming of a more perfect union … a true multicultural democracy for the land of the free … becomes measurably closer to inevitable than it is to unfathomable.
I need this … I mean I f$&king NEED this … my home state … the state that made me … the state of Georgia … needs this … our entire country needs this … the whole… f$&king… world needs this … so let’s get to work … let’s make it happen.
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18 Nov
Dropping a poll to help me adjust how frequently (the target frequency being never) Twitter tags me for “hateful conduct.” Some context … the 1st offense (recommending someone consume excrement and stop with the living) … while intended as the funny kind of sh$t one might hear
upon revisiting the ‘80’s … I can totally construe as a violation of the Twitter rules. The 2nd offense (comparing 45 to a delicate flower) … I really feel like you have to stretch to force that into a “hateful conduct” violation but … whatever … time served … I was over it.
Now the 3rd offense was literally me snarkily warning with regard to name calling that I was sent to Twitmo for 7 days for comparing 45 to a delicate flower … Jack was all
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