I spend alot of time standing in driveways talking to weary parents as we work crime scenes. Talk about the neighborhood, places from back in the day, anything to momentarily numb the pain of not just that moment but of so many moments that led to us standing in their driveway.
I always have the same reaction no matter the level of violence: I wish it had been different for everyone. I never get mad. Or hate. Or look down on suspects, even in incredible senseless violence. Never. I get weary sometimes. But I try to break that cycle at least in my part
My colleagues do the same. And there’s no shortage of work. Cuz the issues are massive on a scale we as a society somehow manage to overhype in one way while ignoring in many others. We focus on the violent acts. But, man, there’s entire operas before that solo. We can do better
So I use the Hippocratic Oath for Cops: First, Do No Harm. To me, that means I must not act faster than my judgment and the law and the entire point of it all, which is our neighbors and our community. Nothing can justify doing harm. Nothing. Be patient. Be right. Be persistent.

• • •

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12 Nov
Home...TO THE BIGGEST CRIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY!! The media and globalists & coastal elites & Hollywood & the Deep State & the pharmacy deep state & the climate scammers & Anthem Kneelers have stolen SweetDog’s new bed again. Extra Orangey needs to go to jail. LOCK HIM UP.
And the invading agitator Orangeys and undocumented Big Eyes are literally stealing food from hard working real American pups. BUILD THE WALL!! (I admit moving plates around and shoving aside orangeys as the dogs patiently wait for dinner was funny but still we need borders!!)
And undocumented Big Eyes has big eyes. And voted twenty times for the fraud election thingy. LAW AND ORDER.
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8 Nov
You always were pathetic and you always were an embarrassment. But now you are only both.
Shame those who thought working for this guy would punch their ticket. It did punch your ticket. Just not how you thought. You don’t get a pass. Your alpha-male supplement cigar-selling virus-ignoring ‘f your feeling’ ads are all you have now and forever. You’re done.
My criteria for decency is ‘we all matter or none of us do’. And that you work for that every single day. Not ‘my tattooed tribe’ matters or ‘the guy who hates who I hate matters’. We all matter. Act accordingly. And I mean act accordingly. Or wither.
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8 Nov
Because he won’t stop being, well, himself, here’s my Newt Gingrich story. 1994 I lucked into sailor of the year for my coast guard ship. It’s Fleet Week. A big deal. So I wear my fanciest uniform I’ve never worn & I go to some fancy hotel in midtown NYC...lots of famous people
It was sponsored by the Fisher House and there’s lots of famous people there. I sit at a table with Walter Cronkite, whose sailboat we had actually towed that last summer. He was so nice and cool. And then there was Newt Gingrich...
I’m from Georgia. He’s from Georgia. He’s at the peak of his alleged power. We have to shake hands. As we do, he’s looking away towards more important people or people who can give him money and I understand that. And he has a limp handshake & I get that. Lots of shaking hands...
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4 Nov
Home. Busy day at work. Come home to see there had been a breakthrough with MeanCat and the Orangeys plus Big Eyes. MeanCat still hates them and hisses and runs away but this is the first time he had a meal with them. He didn’t kill them so that’s a plus. He’s up to something...
And with the slightly less hot nights and rapid sunset, the Orangeys plus Big Eyes takeover is accelerating. Fort Boney had officially been renamed Fort Orangeys and SweetDog and the Potatoes are granted full access. I’ll be sleeping in the car or tub.
And here’s footage of election orangeys explaining their work of the last four years of endlessly analyzing polls daily to a microscopic degree yet still missing the point.
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4 Nov
My phone reminded me I took this pic a few blocks away back in 2014. I’m gonna think of this tree and go to bed. Wonder what I’ll wake up to. Be like this tree. Image
This eagle was in our yard five years ago. Had dropped a fish and was waiting above it for hours...as a smaller MeanCat sniffed it and then took a nap next to it. With the eagle right above him. Now that was a good time. Be like that eagle. Or MeanCat. Image
I took this pic seven years ago at nearby Grayson Stadium where Theresa & I would ride our bikes to watch the minor league Savannah Sand Gnats and drink lots of baseball beer. Be like this calm quiet stadium. Don’t be a sand gnat. Image
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3 Nov
Come home to see Lady Orangey and Extra Orangey and Big Eyes solidifying their conquest of the once formidable Fort Boney. Lil anarchists and agitators. Still, try to have a meaningful Election Day. And no votes for these agitators will be counted past my bed time. LAW AND ORDER ImageImage
Also, last night, MeanCat slept on my pillow all night. Literally all night. He’s never done that before. And when I woke, felt like I was missing something. Realized it was my wallet. And my soul. He had stolen them.
But there was this: Sweet Potato Pie Pup actually tolerated Extra Orangey as they both savored the joys of a stolen dog bed. Image
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