What if DNA was more than just a hard drive of info?
What if it carried current within an EM field?
What if it was a capacitor?
What if it was a receiver / transmitter?
What could change if artificially altered?
What if it could Interface with AI via ELF?
Just pondering
Carry on
Birkeland current (twisted pair) in 'space' ... 1
Birkeland currents in 'space' ... 2
Birkeland currents in space ... 3
Resemble anything?
Birkeland currents and planet Earth (sometimes visible as the auroras)
Compare my profile pic
Birkeland current (teisted pair) within supercell thunderstorm (Thermopile). Tornado draws current from the ground - the energy originates at the bottom - not the top ie; Earth discharge through EM field (not shown).
Twisted pairs used in electrical engineering - less resistance transmission loss (heat) - creates single EM field.
You know where this is going ... right?
Twisted Pairs . . .
Is it the biological? .. the chemical? ... or .... ?

----->[the electrical]<-----
New question ...

Is it easier or harder to generate ELF waves in space?
Like from say .. a satellite?
This Q is even better ...

Human body is made up of countless EM fields on levels of scale from molecular to the largest (which is measurable) and centered around the heart.

EM fields and current are inseparable .. one can't exist w/o the other. So ....
Where does the required current flow (through the field [illustrated]) come from - and go to? It can't be the nervous system (that's a closed circuit).

Billions of twisted pairs present in every cell?

When I arrived here ... God re-entered the building.

The electrical connections and components in the universe are trillions of times more complex than all the Human brains that have ever existed. That can take a while to sink in.
After digesting that implication you may see Eph 4:6 in a new light .. not changed but brighter.

" .. one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all."
Also Acts 17: 27,28 ...

" ..that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us. For in him we live and move and have our being."

In him.

• • •

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11 Sep
Q, Q+, and 'The Plan'

II/ THE ARMOR OF GOD ~ Ephesians 6; 10-18

As already noted this passage appears in full 9 times.

This drop is the first - (this time in quote marks with ref.).
2/ Also below it is an inspiring passage, and an appropriate accompaniment to Eph 6 given the challenge before us. Worth pausing with.

Ephesians: " ..be strong in the Lord.." the clipped quote often repeated by Q.

Then follows the reason for arming up ..

"..that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes."

I believe Q has identified the top of the pyramid. We know the brainwashed public are being manipulated by [DS] players who are themselves just puppets below those "higher elites" in the shadows.
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10 Sep
@andrea_homegirl @redpillthrill @cadetserver @PetahJane @craicit @NormanZanne


What's "The Plan?" - and how is it going to be "Biblical?"
Is it analogous? Or is there a deeper connection between "The Plan" and what some call the 'Divine Plan of the Ages?' ..2
2/ I've long wrestled with this. There's so many paths to take when breaking this down, the only problems are - where to begin - and what to leave out.
I've resolved neither of them fully, but here goes anyway ...

This one is introductory, with five(?) more to follow...
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23 Aug

You know what really grinds my gears?

It's not the disproportionate overblown reactions with the daily verbals, jargon and cliches getting hurled around like grenades or even the constant flow of nauseous crap from crooked politicians all over the world... 2
2/ I haven't forgotten the rest of the lineup of megalomaniacs eager to stuff their finger up my nose, infuse me with an upgrade, pat me on the back and give my a cyber-certificate either. Nor have I forgotten the MSM, who have dropped any attempt at all to hide their bias...
3/ ...and retain neutrality, but unashamedly become fully weaponized. And lets not go near "the science says" - the lights have gone out in that theater. It's all just more of the same shit - different day.

So no, it's not that.

What really grinds my gears is two things;
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22 Aug
NZ's last 3 years to here ...
Let's break it down ...

Late 2017 a new 'socialist' PM arrives. Early 2019 came the 'event.'
The young fem quickly becomes the international Media 'poster child' of Marxist multicultural propaganda with her image projected onto buildings etc. ... 2
2/ Most Kiwi's fears were allayed and chests swelled with pride as they basked in the shared glory.

Others... disturbed by the impossibly well-planned-in-advance reaction to the 'event' and also the scramble to censor what the rest of the world was seeing, smelled a rat......
3/ Less than a year later we have 'event' No.2, the Covid 'pandemic.' Once again, pre-ordained responses, legislation etc., complete with an entire new set of jargon, bursts out of the Beehive.......
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