Biggest undoing of @RSSorg & @BJP4India under @narendramodi ji will be their meddling & legislating Dharma. Constant attempts to tone down uniqueness of Hinduism & make it more amenable to accept Islam & X'nity as part and parcel will have serious consequences../1
I don't see any coincidence in utterances of Modiji and Bhagwatji calling everyone in India a Cultural Hindu, it's a deliberate well thought out attempt to smoothen the edges of traditional hinduism which prides itself for its Philosophical moorings , seeded through rituals../2
Attacking , diluting, legislating against the rituals is the British , X'tian way of killing the civilisational memory. Traditionalists will be left to slaughter in 20 odd years. Few overt symbolism of worship and all are allowed to continue../3
Whether it has been Sabrimala issue, Shani temple in Maharashtra, Diwali crackers, Chhat Puja .. slowly they are busy creating confusion amongst populace by creating their own version of truth. Only a selected versions of Akashdeepam, UlkaDaanam or other words are peddled../4
Hindu Boys can't bear firearms or any arms - overwhelming majority, getting a license is very difficult ( even though 99.9% of crimes are committed with illegal weapons), Animal sacrifice banned, firecrackers (make kids used to loud noises and smoke) banned../5
As sitaramji used to say, " this is biggest bunch of duffers in history of Sanatan..". I will only say this in the end, We have elected them to administer and build infra, not deform Dharma, for that we have Shankracharya and Gurus. @RSSorg shd stop meddling in Dharma../6
As for Sangh, it washed it's hands off Pujay Guruji's views recently saying, " no longer relevant..". They seem to have abandoned Bharat as Punyabhoomi (Savarkar) & push it as matrabhoomi & Karmabhoomi..2 of global abrahamic memes reject concept of Matrabhoomi../7
Sangh will fail with these Abrahamic memes as did Gandhi and will lead Hindus/Sikhs to Disaster. Any meddling in Dharmic rituals must be resisted legally and physically. Sanatan haters are new intellectuals in books/ideas peddled by @narendramodi ji by the way../8
Kambala races, jallikattu somehow saved, Firecrackers (with barely 0.1% contribution to pollution, Diesel engines - 50%+), Animal sacrifice all banned or under under attack. Young Hindu boys faint at sight of blood as rarely get to see anything, cry at loud noises../9

• • •

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More from @Brahamvakya

28 Nov
Kissaan as 'Annadata' is Bull manure only. I spent 3 days in the village around Diwali. Almost 80% of the families has a drunkard drinking no less than for Rs300/400/day.
The money is taken on loan from cooperative banks in name of seed/fertiliser, spent on drinking & Motorcycles
Then the farmer doesn't pay the banks, waits for the MLA/MP elections, loan gets wiped off and cycle starts again.
My neighbour was selling the free Rice he got under PDS at Rs10/kg to collector who sells it back at Rs28. imagine 15kg/every 15 days + Daal 2kg/15 days.
I called Vilage Pradhan and asked him is this a unique case? He clarified that almost 70% of the households are selling the PDS Rice/ Daal to shopkeepers.
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30 Oct
This constitution has been the biggest calamity on Hindus, lulling most into sleep and giving up the responsibility of safety, security to state.
Art 25-30 were proposed by Congress to Muslims so that they don't demand Pak but they were put into constitution despite partition.
Othering started right from 15th Aug 1947, Keeping Art 25-30 as part of constitution (which Dr Ambedkar opposed) as they were offered as draft to muslim league for not asking pakistan, defacto accepted 'Two nation theory' by CONGress as well
constitution places my ancestral beliefs at par & at the mercy of predators protected by Art 25-30, virtually divides the nation into 'minorities' & 'Non-Minorities'.. Later have no rights at all. Partition was the best thing that could have happened to Hindus in 1000 years
Read 4 tweets
30 Oct
@zainabsikander There is a difference.
a. Holocaust happened & 6 mln of Jews were murdered
b. LGBTQ community has suffered discrimination, most in Islamic lands:sanctioned by Sunnah
c. Mohd if he existed,was a warlord by his own admission:raiding looting caravans -Gazu, murdering enslaving
@zainabsikander Sense of justice & parity, what did that old woman do to be beheaded? Zilch, Nada.
Truth is Basal animal instincts of Islam comes from fragility of it's spiritual & philosophical moorings- actually there are none. The whole edifice stands on words of one man..he is under siege
@zainabsikander Truth is as stark as the sky is blue that Islam from its very founding has sought to physically eliminate it's critics and ridicule of Mohd.
This is empty narrated in Hadith itself. Asma bint Marwan from yathrib ( rename Medina) was killed for critiquing Mohd.
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18 Sep
Dear @narendramodi ji, one more bull you must tame in this year is PSUs. 25% of them are not even functional and produce ZERO.
Please shut them down. Sell the banks and not merge them with SBI, We don't need @airindiain with 60000 cr debt and operating loss of 8000Cr.
This service to save the precious resources can only be done by you. Merely 40 employees (family size of 4.9) of these PSU are holding 25% of our budgetary allocation of 27lac crores, contributing ZERO & leaving other 135 cr citizens to ransom.
Selling the land holdings of these PSU to pay for the VRS of these lazy Pythons is a better way. DOn't use budgetary allocations anymore.
India needs more metro rail, rural/national roads,Ports, Cold supply chains, Universities to grow. Shut these PSUs down.
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18 Sep
I want to thank PM @narendramodi ji for amending this APMC act and taking the bull by the horns. I am sure most of us with rural farming background will have their own stories but even for people like us ,large farmers with more than 20 acres lands, have been at receiving end../1
I remember my summer holidays and tense times my father/Grand father would spend to meet the deadline of fee deposit by Mid may. 3 of us brothers brothers in boarding school and then expenses.
This is despite the crops being sold to 'Aarhtiya' (Commission agent) in April../2
Often the 5-10% of wheat by weight was reduced citing, "geela" (wet)... imagine in middle of 45 degree summer, only 50% of the money will be given on purchase, rest 50% will be given n 45-60 days.
Add to it, the line to sell will be many KM long and it took 3-4 days in line../3
Read 7 tweets
14 Aug
King Jarasandha of Magadha was killed by Bhima the Pandava hero before Mahabharata war. His son Sahadeva was killed during the war. After the war while Yudhishtira was crowned emperor of Bharat, Sahadeva's son Marjari alias Somadhi was crowned King of Maghadha../1
& he was the first of Barhadradha dynasty of Magadha. All puranas unanimously declare tht 22 kings of this dynasty ruled over Magadha for a period of 1006 years. Thereafter 5 kings of Pradyota dynasty reigned for 138 years.Then 10 kings of Sisunaga dynasty reigned for 360 yrs../2
After that 9 kings of Nanda dynasty reigned for 100 years. In all (1006+138+360+100) = 1604 years passed since the end of Mahabharata war. The end of Nanda dynasty and the coronation of Chandragupta of Maurya dynasty took place in the year 1534 BC (3138-1604=1534)../3
Read 13 tweets

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