Release the Kraken.

[K]avanaugh > MI
[R]oberts > VA
[A]lito > PA
[K]avanaugh > MN
[E]lena > AZ
[N]eil > CO
2. Coming to LIGHT!
▪️Lethal finding you say Sidney?
3. Title 50 War and National Defense
▪️@realDonaldTrump does have a lot of power, especially with the new acting Secretary of defense Chris Miller.
▪️I spy a keystone
4. Title 50 War and National Defense
5. One year Delta!
▪️Have you noticed conservative media turning on @realDonaldTrump? TickTockTucker, Laura sold out Ingraham
8. U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
Title 28 of the U.S. Code, Section 41.

First Circuit
Second Circuit
Third Circuit
Fourth Circuit
Fifth Circuit
Sixth Circuit
Seventh Circuit
Eighth Circuit
Ninth Circuit
Tenth Circuit
Eleventh Circuit
District of Columbia Circuit
Federal Circuit
9. New assignments for Supreme Court-diagrams help!
10. It’s official!…

• • •

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More from @believe_coach

19 Nov
💰 COINcidence is mentioned 106 times in cue!
▪️What does this mean?
▪️COINcidence=Focus on COIN!
▪️Ready for this? COunter INsurgency.
▪️Insurgency: organized movement 2 overthrow gov’t
through subversion/armed conflict. (Covid/Antifa)
2. Now knowing definition of insurgency, Think 🤔
▪️You are being given the gift of vision (Future proves past)
▪️Ability to see clearly what [they] have planned on full display
—>[They] are Anti-God & Anti-American
▪️Covid-no church/no holidays celebrating Jesus
3. Let’s see the video of Michelle Obama saying that.
▪️Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done but not us
▪️Governor Whitmer’s family can go to lake but not us
▪️The Cuomo bros can break quarantine but not us!
—>See how Communism works?
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19 Nov
▪️ Alphabet Agencies just got splintered into a thousand pieces & scattered into the winds? (JFK died for this)
▪️CONGRESS approved this decision-they don't trust the Alphabet Agencies either!
▪️[They] are now being kept in the dark!?
Pray for President Trump!
2. From 4 Chan
▪️I know the White Hats won’t announce things ahead of time unless it is for a purpose.
▪️Arrest or not, special forces (alphabet agencies) are now reporting directly to Acting Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller!
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19 Nov
His name was Seth Rich!
▪️ Seth Rich died handing over evidence of DNC Voter Fraud Algorithms in 2016
▪️ Seth was one of five people who died in a six-week period who were all connected to Hillary in some way.
2. Victor Thorn, a 54-year-old Clinton researcher who wrote several books on Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults/drug running through Mena, Arkansas
▪️Found dead from a gunshot wound on a mountaintop near his home. “If anyone tells you I committed suicide, don’t believe them.”
3. The next day Shawn Lucas-prominent lawyer/delivered a subpoena to Debbie Wasserman Shultz on the primaries being rigged against Sanders was found dead on his bathroom floor face down
▪️Medical examiners tried 2 say it was a ❤️ attack, but his GF said he was in perfect health
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17 Nov
🟥 Ready to think?
▪️I have my college students do this all the way down to middle school. Most refuse any help/love the challenge
▪️Cue is getting us to think also
▪️Answer later in thread
▪️Prov 15:14 The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly
2. Thinking outside ⬛️
▪️Ex-Comey’s tweet translation
▪️U can’t get a kindergarten class to vote 100% on ice cream, but the Dems do it every time? Most R owned/set up/signed away their soul
▪️But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”
3. Cue asked us to to take a close look at this picture!
▪️What are they sitting on?
▪️Think children/slaves/sheep
▪️Watch the Water
▪️Bible mentions Nephilim
▪️Are they back?
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17 Nov
🤡 What is a “clown” that Cue often refers to!
▪️There is a war between light & darkness
▪️”Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.”
2 Corinthians 2:11
#Clown #warzone #LightVsDark #Jesus
2. Rules of Engagement
▪️Armies of darkness have to disclose their intentions
▪️[They] trick us with symbols, coded language ie metaphysical use of Holy Wood (Hollywood)-billions on 🎥 🎵?—>WHY!
▪️Emeli Sandé song “Clowns”
3. 🤡 Clown definition to what 17 refers!
▪️A clown is a person who surrendered to the organization of hidden evil forces & signed a contract to further [their] agenda thru co-operation!
▪️Why did Prince tattoo “slave on his face?”
▪️Mark 8:36
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16 Nov
@GenFlynn said...
▪️The World is watching.
▪️The evidence
has been collected.
▪️The guilty will be exposed.
▪️The history lessons will be written & future generations saved
▪️Armor of God✔️
▪️King Jesus-the future proves past! Never forget Jesus died to save US!
2. @SidneyPowell1 release the kraken!
3. I have been following @mil_ops since he started showing military aircrafts in the air!
▪️I have NEVER seen this MANY in the air
▪️May God’s mighty angels protect them!
Read 8 tweets

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