Allow me to more articulately state my positions, now that the good old-fashioned mobbing through the comfort of social anonymity has reared its head at me unnecessarily.

1. I want what's best for kids, and I challenge you to cite examples in my work that are contrary to that.
2. Schools are not for childcare, and whether you yourself have articulated that position or not, it is a position we have heard and do hear consistently. Opening schools BECAUSE of the need to warehouse children is preposterous and inappropriate. It is childist and ignorant.
I advocated fiercely for my own district, and others, to adopt policies and seek exemptions to provide for safe, healthy, loving environments in which kids can continue online learning in a childcare capacity, and I was roundly rejected, but I did try. I am ferociously empathetic
to this society's constant unwillingness to address the real needs of underserved families, not only in our community, but nationally and globally, and my work is focused on transforming the public school into a community center that serves many ends and addresses such dire
needs. I invite those concerned about these issues to join me in that work.

3. Online learning is no substitute for in-person, and I've been an educational technology administrator for fifteen years and it's never been clearer, and I've never wavered on that position, so I'll
thank several of you to point your cannons at more appropriate targets on this front. That said, the work my teachers are doing is remarkable and heroic under terrible circumstances and deserves credit and praise, not derision. Take care not to lump all educators together when
taking policy positions. The people here on the ground are busting tail for kids, and if you don't believe that, you'd best block me.

4. I am perfectly cognizant of the literature and need no layperson primer on my field, or the current state of COVID regarding schools and kids.
It is profoundly ignorant to conflate phenomena like childcare and reopening schools, and my point made earlier this evening calls out that SPECIFIC phenomenon. Yes, it is apparent that the infection rate for children tends to be low in SARS-type virii, and that the rate of
infection for children as well as those to whom they return is not creating a massive spike as was feared, for which I'm grateful. That is NOT THE SAME THING as zero risk. That is NOT THE SAME THING as "it's perfectly safe." That isn't true.…
5. What we are obliged to do is to consider the totality of evidence, and while I do not on my personal account - and mind where we are, Twitter aficionadi - speak for my school or division, I certainly do speak broadly about education and my work here. And based on the evidence,
I do not believe that opening schools right now, as numbers soar, to substitute online learning with what will inevitably and observably be a return to brutally isolating and jarringly atypical 1930s-style rank-and-file where the majority of instruction will STILL have to be
delivered in what is basically still online learning, to be worth it. I am DEEPLY, DEEPLY concerned about the psychosocial, neurobiological, developmental, and comfort-related needs of children and how the pandemic is hurting them. It is. No one can deny it. I fear for the
longitudinal data that I believe will show a generational gap that breaks my heart, and the heart of anyone who loves children. I am also DEEPLY, DEEPLY concerned about the strains this situation puts on children in an invisible way: kids who are, as one commenter said, isolated,
children who do not have safe homes, who are at much higher risk of abuse and neglect. I will quite literally cry if I think about it or type about it too much. I am terrified for those children. I am, too, DEEPLY concerned about at-risk families, especially those who our
society continues to underserve and fails to protect, families who are in tremendously compromised and challenging positions.

I advocated, in March, for the creation of a regional task force, comprised of psychologists, social workers, medical professionals, caregivers, and
developmental experts to create teams that can provide services to children in homes and community locations, including schools. I advocated, when it was apparent to me at the outset of the pandemic, for the transformation of our social services in our area to proactively work
to address what was even then an obvious gap in what we did under normal circumstances and what was required. I HAVE advocated, for YEARS, for doing that ALL THE TIME.

I am not one to turn a blind eye to the plight of kids, of the underprivileged, or of families, and my work
and my life center around that: helping kids who need help, doing right, and not just demanding or Tweeting about but ACTIVELY WORKING, ON THE GROUND, to transform the educational element of our society for the better to TRULY serve the needs of children.

Because of that...
I have read the plans. I have seen the open schools. I have seen what it will look like, and seen what it will do, and I am not convinced in the slightest, by any meaningful literature or appropriate analysis, that "THE SOLUTION," that the one thing that will just make it all
better, that will fix these systemic, deep-seated, ongoing problems of society failing children and underprivileged families, is to try to go back to normal when it's still a dangerous, changed world that's getting more dangerous by ANY. HONEST. METRIC. I would prefer and
I believe it is better to find innovative solutions to address these problems specifically and appropriately.

I do not accept "let's just go back to class" as safe or appropriate until the vaccine is in place, because all "open schools" does this moment is move an iPad from
one room to another, with a massive increased risk of exposure and transmission - asymptomatic and predisease or otherwise - and a colossal additional strain on most children.

YES, I want to fix the problems that exist in remaining in distance learning, and I HAVE TRIED to get
the powers to be to act on this, to no avail whatsoever, and I STILL DO. I have empathy, concern, and a professional duty to serve those children, and I will continue to try my best. I am but one man in one role.

But I remain of the evidence-based, experience-illustrated
position that "open schools" is a convenient shorthand that skips over the work that TRULY serves those children and their needs, that TRULY addresses the crisis of inequity and poverty and abuse and neglect and isolation that faces our children.

I want to ACTUALLY fix it.
I absolutely understand that not everyone agrees with me, and I'm happy to debate and discuss, but I beseech you to remember that if you love kids, and want them healthy and well, I am your ally, not your enemy. Speak to me, not over me. Let us discuss the way forward.
If you want to speak about our schools, specifically, please reach out to me by email, and I'll discuss that with you professionally in my professional capacity.

Here, on my personal account, we can discuss broad issues, and I'm happy to do that. Be civil. The pandemic is
bad enough without people of mutual interest and intent shouting at each other nastily. Haven't we had enough of that?

Bring evidence, bring thoughtfulness, and let's discuss it together.

Otherwise, just block me, and move on. Stay healthy, love your kiddos, get some rest.

• • •

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