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21 Nov, 31 tweets, 8 min read
1) It dawned on me yesterday after listening to what attorney @AlanDersh had to say about the 2020 election.

Our President doesn’t have time to reach 270 electoral votes. He has to prevent Biden from reaching 270 electoral votes by December 14th.
2) In doing so, the 12th Amendment will be used to elect our President and Vice President.

From the article linked above:

[…] and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those
3) voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President.

But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote;

[…] and if no person have a majority, then from
4) the two highest numbers on the list, the Senate shall choose the Vice-President;
5) From the article linked above:

[…] President Trump has a very well-thought-out and clever plan, and all roads lead to the SCOTUS, where Desrh says he will likely win.

“The clock is a double-edged sword in this election because if they don’t have enough time but if they can
6) put forward a sufficiently strong case then they may be able to get some Republican Secretaries of States or legislatures to say, ‘Look, we just don’t have enough time to certify these electors’ and if they can bring down the number of electors, 35 [to] 37, from the 305 and
7) bring it down to 267 or 268 then the election goes to the House, where the Republicans win.”

Dershowitz explained that the Trump Team’s legal strategy is to pull enough electors away from Joe Biden that he doesn’t meet the 270 threshold by the time the election needs to be
8) certified. He also said there’s no possible way for President Trump to get to 270 electoral votes in time.

“The goal is to prevent Biden from getting 270, that’s why the clock is a double-edged sword,” he said.

According to the Harvard professor, Bush v. Gore will be
9) referenced if and when the Trump campaign’s case makes its way to the Supreme Court. The reason: Trump’s Team is focusing on the Equal Protection Clause. Their argument is that not all voters were treated equally because some had their ballots counted with an observer while
10) others didn’t. Some had rules set by other government officials and not the state legislatures, which the Supreme Court ruled against.

In order for these cases to make their way to the Supreme Court, Dershowitz said “the numbers have to be there,” meaning the Trump Team
11) successfully pulls electors away from Biden so the former vice president is no longer at the 270 threshold. The other option is for Trump’s lawyers to provide “hard evidence” of irregularities occurring with voting machines, which could call into question hundreds of
12) thousands of votes in various states.

“If that happens, then yes, it will go to the Supreme Court,” Dershowitz said. “I think at least under the Constitutional challenge, the Article 2 challenge in Pennsylvania, they have a pretty good chance of winning.”
14) That is why the Wisconsin recount that is currently taking place in Dane and Milwaukee county is so crucial.

Thankfully their was no last minute revision to the recounting rules. As you can see from the tweet below, this isn’t a Georgia recount. All the checks and balances
17) The number of ballots that will be rejected in Wisconsin will allow our President to win the state. That will drop Biden down to 296 electoral votes.

Our President will win at the Supreme Court the State of Pennsylvania once they toss all the ballots because of the last
18) minute changes allowed by the Governor and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and not the state legislature which is required by law. That will drop Biden down to 276 electoral votes.

The remaining 7 electoral votes needed will come from Michigan and/or Arizona. My money is on
19) Michigan because the cheating their was on steroids. It will be really easy to argue that 200,000+ votes should not count because of fraud by people and the Dominion voting system.
20) Arizona’s Governor will not certify the election until all court cases are resolved. I also think that once Wisconsin gets reversed based on the number of votes that shouldn’t have counted and the GLITCHES found from the audit, Arizona will have to conduct a full audit.
21) 61% of the votes came from Maricopa County. It used the Dominion voting system.

Public opinion is going to play a big factor as well! Thankfully a Americans are seeing what we are seeing about the 2020 election.
22) From the article linked above:

Rasmussen Polling found this week that 75% of Republicans believe it is likely the election was stolen from Trump.

And, even 30% of Democrats believe that it was stolen.

According to a Rasmussen poll conducted November 17-18, nearly half of
23) likely voters, 47 percent, believe the election was stolen from Trump. If Joe Biden is ultimately certified as the winner, there will undoubtedly be a big fat asterisk on his presidency.

This put a BIG smile on my face!
24) Trump campaign lawyer @SidneyPowell1 was interviewed by @glennbeck where she discussed the ongoing “election rigging” involving companies involved in ballot counting (software) as well as foreign actors engaged in data gathering.

Powell states she is hopeful to begin sharing
25) documents as early as this weekend, but the scope of the investigation is taking time to complete.

26) @SidneyPowell1 was also interviewed on Newsmax yesterday.

27) Our President also tweeted the following videos for us to watch:

• • •

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19 Nov
1) The process that is being played out is going as planned by our President and his legal team. It is really easy to get frustrated that things are not happening quickly. There are days that I feel that frustration. However, I have to tell myself to be patient because our
2) President and his legal team are not only going after his re-election, they are going to take down the entire cabal. The Democrats, MSM, Never Trumpers, RINOS, CIA, FBI, Military Usurpers, Foreign Countries, Big Tech, Deep State, Globalists, NWO, etc.

Every single cabal
3) member referenced above where part of the fix. The problem for them is that they NEVER expected the MONSTER VOTE to show up on Election Day. The Monster Vote completely overwhelmed them. They had hoped to be able to change votes in red counties (approximately 3% in each
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14 Nov
1) If you were going to have the Dominion voting system take votes from President Trump and give them to Biden, you would target the 36 counties out of 156 that had at a minimum 25,000 votes counted in this past election.

Of the 36 counties with over 25,000 votes, our
2) President’s total percentage went down in 32 of the 36 (* will be placed near the 4 counties that the President’s percentage went up in 2020 compared to 2016) when compared to 2016. Here is the list in alphabetical order. The percentage on the left is 2020 while the percentage
3) on the right is 2016:

Barrow - 70.7% / 73.2%
Bibb - 37.5% / 38.7%
*Bulloch - 61.1% / 59.9%
*Carroll - 68.8% / 68.5%
Catoosa - 77.2% / 78.7%
Chatham - 39.9% / 41.2%
Cherokee - 80.2% / 72.7%
Clarke - 28.1 / 28.7%
*Clayton - 14.1% / 13.2%
Cobb - 42% / 46.7%
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12 Nov
1) For the past week I have stated that a big chunk of the steal was done by the Dominion voting systems. Dominion voting systems are found in 30 states. In some states it is only in a few counties but in other states, it is in every county. As you can see from the map below, Image
2) Georgia went all in with the Dominion voting system.

I am ecstatic about the announcement made yesterday by the SoS in Georgia.
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11 Nov
2) key. @EmeraldRobinson We have a state that is going to hand count their ballots. This is how we will be able to expose that the GLITCH that happened in Antrim County and Oakland County, MI was not just an isolated event.

Antrim County took it upon themselves to do a manual
3) hand recount. At the end of their hand recount they realized that 5,500 votes that were given to Biden were actually PDJT votes.

In Oakland County, Michigan the Democrat candidate was elected by 104 votes only to be overturned in favor of the Republican candidate. The
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9 Nov
1) So far Republicans have flipped 5 seats with races still pending.

Republicans are looking good to flip NY-14 (Republican leading by 37,158 votes with 85% reported) and NY-22 (Republican leading by 28,422 votes with 80% reported).
2) The Republican is leading NY-3 by 4,185 votes with 72% reported.

In CA, there are races were the Republican can flip the seat. CA-21 the Republican is leading by 4,570 votes with 83% reported.
3) The Republican is leading CA-39 by 3,095 votes with 99% reported. The Republican is leading CA-48 by 6,973 votes with 99% reported.

**The Republican Incumbent is leading CA-25 by 494 votes with 94% reported.
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