Interfaith marriage is okay, but inter cultural or inter legal ones are not : a thread 👇

Before feeling disappointed about me saying "interfaith marriage is okay," let me explain what that means.

Faith is something people have in their hearts.
People may or may not express their faith with their external actions.

People may or may not dress in a particular way, do a particular set of things and refrain from a particular set of things to express their faith, or they may not do that.
Let's talk a rigid example to see how interfaith marriage is okay.

Suppose a muslim guy seeking a marriage with a Hindu girl.

I'd say, it's safe to continue with the marriage, but only under a few conditions. These conditions are in place to make sure the marriage stays fine.
The guy has to,

1. Take a Hindu name.
2. Go through ghar wapsi.
3. Make it known to the locality where the girl lives that he's become a Hindu.
4. Agree to live in the house of the girl's parents or anywhere else where the girl's party has the clear upper hand.
5. Spend his wealth and efforts only in the well being of the Hindu party, of the marriage and otherwise.
6. Do every religious and non religious thing the way a Hindu does.
7. Agree to allow his children to become Hindus.
8. Agree to not promote his own non Hindu religion, even by a word, among Hindus.
9. Refrain from doing anything in favor of his family's side, any longer.

Now you might wonder "How's this an interfaith marriage, if it requires the guy to do everything like a Hindu man does?"
Well, here's the interfaith part.

Even though he's not allowed to act like a non Hindu, or talk like a non Hindu, or look like a non Hindu, he's still allowed to think like a non Hindu.

The faith is one thing. The culture that's promoted by a faith is another.
That's why I said that interfaith marriage is okay, but inter cultural marriage is not.

He's still allowed to think that there's no God but his God, and that his prophet is the messenger of God. However, he's not allowed to promote that idea, with his actions or his words.
So, dear staunch Dharmic people, next time someone accuses you of being against interfaith love, tell them that you're not against them, as long as such relationships fulfill a few conditions.

You see, this scenario is still of interfaith love, but not inter cultural.
This scenario is also valid regarding marriages between any other Dharmic party and any Adharmic party.

Ex : Buddhist - Muslim, sikh - Muslim, jain - Muslim, Hindu - Christian, Buddhist - Christian, sikh - Christian, jain - Christian Hindu - atheist, Buddhist - atheist etc
The only rule is : the outward actions of the Adharmic person (ex : Muslim, Christian, atheist etc) should be in agreement with and in favor of the Dharmic tradition of his or her spouse.

That's the only condition.

The Adharmic spouse can still have an Adharmic faith, inwardly.
RT the above thread and let our liberal, leftist, Muslim, Christian, and atheists friends know that we're very secular 😊

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