Islam resolves both the agricultural failures of communism, and the housing failures of capitalism. How?

Communism suppresses the market as a distribution mechanism, because communists mistakenly believe that the excesses of capitalism stem from market dynamics...

/1 the accumulation of capital. To address this problem, they tried to abolish private property and collectivize ownership of everything. The result is that people have much less incentive to care for the land if they don't really own it. The real source of the crisis...

...of accumulation is the presence of riba and the absence of zakat. Zakat encourages spending and investing, because hoarding money means having to give money to the poor, bringing the money back into circulation. Riba rewards the rich for hoarding money, while zakat...

...discourages it. At the same time, it preserves private property, and leaves individuals in control of the distribution of goods and the management of land.

The task of land management is complex, so if it is put in the hands of a few people, as in a centrally...

...planned economy, they are bound to make mistakes. A classic example is the draining of Aral sea, in which the Soviet Union destroyed a freshwater sea with bad irrigation practices. This also results when the planners of the economy are disconnected from the land...

...and don't really understand the ecosystem. Farmers usually do understand this, so they tend to be more careful to care for the land, especially if they own it.

But the Soviet Union had no problem providing affordable and stable housing to everyone, while in the West...

Housing prices are completely out of control in many areas, meaning owning a home is impossible for many people, even those who are willing to take riba loans. This is because the presence of riba encourages the development of fractional reserve banking, which...

...distorts the market in multiple ways. One is that easy access to credit encourages wealthy speculators to buy up real estate, which drives up prices. In the short term, this leads to more employment as it stimulates the construction sector, but in the long term it...

...leads to credit and housing bubbles, which cause depressions when they are inevitably corrected. Additionally, the nature of capitalism/liberal democracy is that it allows the wealthy to manipulate regulation. Politicians influence legislation to force people...

/9 purchase materials from their factories - for example, to build houses using cement instead of mud. In return, the politicians get kickbacks they can use to get reelected.

In Islam, riba is prohibited, and additionally, it is not allowed to make haram what Allah...

...made halal. This means it is prohibited to do things like require people by law to have electricity or running water in their houses. Taxation is also much lower in authentic Islamic government, so there is no capacity to build agencies that control every aspect...

...of people's lives such that they can't just build a simple house using locally available materials like mud, sticks, and stones, and live in it.

This also prevents the massive concentration of wealth in the hands of owners of giant factories, which led to the rise...

...of communism in the first place. Communism would never exist in Islam, because communism is a response to capitalism/liberal democracy, and capitalism/liberal democracy would never arise in the context of sharia and the prohibition of riba.


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21 Nov
I once heard Sheikh Ahmad Jibril define dawah, simply, as commanding the good and forbidding the evil. This is also the purpose of jihad. Jihad is a more effective form of dawah than verbal invitation.

I don't really believe that anyone does the Muslims in the West...

...any favors by trying to expose the deviance of the Muslim community in the West or refute their arguments. The Prophet (ﷺ) made bara of Muslims who settle among the mushrikin, and this is the most beneficial thing anyone can do for Muslims in the West.

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Orientalist scholarship should not be treated as scholarship, but rather as raw anti-Islam propaganda.

I really am beginning to believe that it is not possible to be a Muslim orientalist- this is like saying "I'm a Muslim anti-Islam propagandist."

In our time, this applies to university departments or institutes of Islamic studies and Middle Eastern studies.

I don't see how someone working at these institutes or contributing to their scholarship in any way can be considered anything other than an enemy of Islam.

If any Muslim speaker even references works from this tradition in any discussion or syllabus on Islam, it should be a HUGE red flag.

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I see many parallels between Bitcoin and ISIS.

One is the sheer power of the narratives - all of the arguments against them come across as weak.

They are also both radically truth-oriented movements, both possessed by an almost fanatical hatred of deception.

They are both reflections of the times we live in, responses to a state of extreme corruption.

As such, as movements they are both characterized by intense rejection of existing institutions of power.

Their growth patterns are also stunningly similar. ISIS emerged from...

/2, which began as a group of less than a few hundred individuals. In spite of the full force of the most powerful military on earth trying to destroy them, they grew in a short time span to number in the thousands, and now in the tens of thousands.

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Academia today fills almost exactly the same purpose that the clergy did in medieval Europe. Many academics know very well that they don't know the truth, but they mask their ignorance in complex discourses and technical terms, positioning themselves as "experts."

They then use their status as experts to back policies which are entirely politically motivated, but that need an appearance of scientific legitimacy to be widely accepted. In return, they receive salaries, titles, and positions in universities.

Just as with medieval priests, there are some who are sincerely well intentioned. But the majority understand that they live in a web of lies, and are just focused on navigating their way to as high a position as possible by supporting the agenda of some faction or another.

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For Christians, monasticism was the highest form of worship. It meant to renounce the world and dedicate one's life entirely to worship. They did this by isolating themselves from society in remote places where they could be safer from the temptation of the world.

It also usually involved asceticism, meaning physical deprivation by wearing rough clothing, going long periods without eating any food with fat, sweets, or meat, without any luxurious furniture, etc.

This was understood by many both as an atonement or kafara for sins...

/2 well as a way to avoid unnecessary things that could distract from the remembrance of Allah.

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"No senior scholars support you" is not a strong proof against a group when the institutional structures able to produce senior scholars have been under direct or indirect control of kuffar for generations.

This doesn't mean that scholars coming from this background...

...cannot bring benefit to the Muslims, but they should not be followed blindly, particularly on issues which could be directly threatenening to the configuration of power relations governing the settings in which knowledge transmission takes place.

It is VERY easy to be barred from teaching or preaching publicly anywhere where the authority of the United Nations is acknowledged as supreme (i.e. all UN member states/dar al kufr).

And all scholars in areas outside this worldwide zone of control are subject to...

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