The Pacific Youth Council needs to genuinely engage with young people/ movements in the region. Then the PYC needs to make sure young people sit at forums such as PIFS & SPC etc. Not proxies of young people who end up setting an agenda that is far from what Pacific youth want.
PYC has over the past years, always sent non-youths to regional Forums. Of course this is also a matter of strategy as funding is an issue. PYC can't fund flights and other related costs of having young reps. But this begs the question of how PYC exists in a framework where...
... there isn't young people in each country that they engage with and who can represent us at a regional level. Is the PYC truly Pacific? Has it recognized this shortcoming and is it doing something about it. PYC and the bodies and people that exist within seem to be very...
... comfortable with the status quo. Often certain members will repeatedly point out how it's so difficult for young people and/ or organizations in the Pacific to organize but really, I am left asking each time, what is the Board and the Advisory Group actually doing about it.
Where is the engagement with young people?

One of the reason why I have stopped affiliating with youth organizations is we use a victim mentality in our approach rather than an innovative, problem solving approach to how we do things. Everyone has problems. But some are...
... actually doing something about it while I have seen people who are not in the "youth category" go in regional and global forums talking about young people and their problems like they have actually asked young people and not just the few elites they hang out with.

I'm so disappointed @lagiseru. Everytime someone brings up the NYCF or PYC, I get worked up cos these movements have so much potential that you can see from the history like the stop nuclear movement in the 70s-80s and the leadership young people showed then.

• • •

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22 Nov
I have always wanted to dissect this with people. The fact is that indentured laborers were brought from India to Fiji, made to work on the farms for the Fijian economy and then given the choice of staying back and establishing their communities.
And then comes the discussion of how this has affected the indigenous Fijians in terms of their land ownership, culture and traditions and whether it is the Indo-Fijians their existence in Fiji that is leading to the erosion of everything indigenous Fijian.
Keep in mind that the dynamics of Fiji is very different to other former and current colonized states. Indigenous Fijians in the current context are the majority of population. They don't have the same societal make up as the First Nations in Australia or the Maoris in...
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20 Nov
@eoppp_fiji A word that is very fitting here. Infantilized. That's how our young people are treated. Like some precious fragile ornament that needs to be displayed in public view but mustn't be made use of in the proper manner in case it breaks. That's how youth engagement happens...
@eoppp_fiji ... sometimes in Fiji too. We love to bring young people at the table with pre-prepared communiques, plans etc and mine the youth for their knowledge and present it as an organizational program and strategy. We love to tick the boxes of young people in their diversities...
@eoppp_fiji ... without actually realizing that there is a lot more that young people can contribute to than just being present for a day of guided and facilitated workshop by an older person and their perception. I absolutely detest those who have been around in the development sector...
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19 Nov
I'm just finding out what is happening with a student organization at one of my former institutions and I'm appalled at the abuse of power. Maybe I should pen an email to key people at the organization and institution involved to point out a few things.
The trend in student unions and the young people heading these organizations is alarming really. There is no transparency and the bulldozing of certain interpretations of policies that could land them and the organization in trouble does not seem to faze them at all.
The utter lack of understanding of rules and regulations that were made for the Association by the constituents, students themselves, are being brushed aside as a matter of no consequences. The very group that funds the existence of such group are facing so much bureaucracy...
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4 Jul
As an Indo-Fijian, who tries to be vocal on a lot of issues, it is really difficult to speak out about representation on race and culture in Fiji. The minority-ness always makes you conscious of what you say and how you ask for representation lest you come off as demanding.
Been seeing the response on the use of Kioa Island and Tuvaluans in one of the articles by an Australian media. And how the whitewashed version of Fiji and its tourism sector is reduced to grass skirts. Anything that looks similar is "from the paradise that is Fiji".
Our own tourism industry has perpetuated this in an attempt to "get visitors with appealing marketing". Fijians have had to commercialize their culture for hotels and resorts to ensure that 35%+ of Fiji's economy thrives and over time we have become complacent on what this...
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31 May
I have seen FB, Twitter & Insta littered with post of Fijians asking why Fijians are so passionate about protests in the US about the BLM yet we ignore police brutality in Fiji. Somehow insinuating that we're complacent in our protests and only choose battles on SM & not at home.
Ironically, these are Fijians who don't live in Fiji, who migrated on their own, or for the fear of persecution by the regime. They migrated to countries where despite all the discrimination and injustices, the countries still have the rights to assembly, to protest and rally.
They are so used to people marching on the streets because of the freedoms they enjoy, that they don't realize the realities of Fijians living in Fiji under this Fiji First Government.

"People risk their lives everyday" they say. "Get off SM and do something" they say.
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24 Apr
Thinking of doing frequent threads on Ramadan and Islam once or twice a week for this month for anyone who is interested.

Since today is the first day of Ramadan in this part of the world, here is a background on why it is celebrated and what happens.
Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. It is important because it is in this month that the Prophet Mohammed received the first revelation of the Holy Quran as he meditated in the Cave of Hira outside Mecca, widely believed to be the 27th day of Ramadan.
Ramadan is a time for Muslims all over the world to renew their focus on spiritual life and its practical application in daily life. The first day of the month varies each year as the Islamic calendar follows the sightings of the moons.
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