I've been toying about whether or not to tweet what I'm going to tweet but I think it's worth it for public health and I'm not going to go into personal detail.

Someone in my broader social circle planned on going home for thanksgiving.
They socially isolated (did not quarantine), but always wore a mask and did not do anything obviously stupid (indoor dining etc). As part of their plan they took a covid test the same day they went for a multi-mile run and we're going home.

Surprise! they are positive.
Zero symptoms. And the thing that haunts me is if they had chosen to test a day earlier that test might have been negative, cause viral load!

(I'm not shaming this person truly)

They would have gone home and infected their family.
And the thing is this person was in a place where you could get a test. So many people are like whatever I hardly go out, I wear a mask it's fine!

Most people are not going to get a test (however limited) before turkey day.
This is , really and truly, why we just need to stay the fuck at home.

Covid is just too rampant and this person was not in a place with like 80% covid positivity. They were at like 4% positivity.

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21 Nov
Because celebrating with people outside of your household unless everyone agreed to two weeks of strict quarantining + testing is a transmission vector. This is not rocket science.
That is what is so fucking infuriating about covid. How the disease spreads and how to stop it is INCREDIBLY straightforward. The reason why we haven't contained it in the US is completely based on bullshit ideas around freedom and the economy.
In 2020 America "freedom" is not wearing a mask, not closing restaurants, not closing bars, not paying people to stay at home. Freedom is forcing people to choose between their lives and a paycheck.
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21 Nov
NYPD isn't even a sheriff's department and officers are on tape saying they wouldn't enforce mask rules.

When I filed a complaint about a business violating masking rules they closed it a minute after I filed it saying no action was necessary.
It was the week after that I decided to leave NYC. Not because I thought rules would be better enforced elsewhere, but because I wanted to be where I could avoid people and it wouldn't matter.
Something I have thought about a lot and my experience of Covid in NYC reaffirmed : society is governed by social contracts. What makes NYC work is the ppl agree more or less to make it work.
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21 Nov
I hear this take a lot but it ignores

1. A lot of national reporters aren't from NYC or DC even though they live there now.

2. They don't actually know their adopted cities well either. They know a handful of neighborhoods heavily populated by people like them.
I tweet about world systems theory a lot because this problem isn't solved by having more reporters in Denver or Kansas City or even in rural areas because they're always going to inhabit their relatively privileged sphere even in those communities.
Seriously, at my last job out of ~12 people only 3 were from NYC area or DC including me. We had three canadians. My current boss grew up in Ohio
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20 Nov
Just going to point out that going into isolation for a week before socializing means you're choosing to socialize right when you're potentially becoming infectious, assuming you were infected the day before you locked down.
There's a reason the guidelines basically encourage you to get a covid test around day 5 or 6 of quarantine. That's because that's right when people often begin becoming infectious.

I really get wanting to hack safety protocols because like American. But like you can't really.
It sounds really logical like, well, at least I'm reducing the chances of getting infected for a week. But that ignores incubation periods. Weirdly if you quarantined for two weeks, went HAM on Day 1 out of quarantine hit up all the restaurants and bars
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20 Nov
This is a state that happily has like fireworks and liquor stores with the words "just over the border" on the border to entice people in surrounding states to avoid taxes and break the law.
One time when I was living in Canada I was going to a wedding in Massachusetts and a friend realized that I was going to be passing through New Hampshire on the way and asked if I could pick up some fireworks for her wedding.
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16 Nov
The reason why this take is shitty is because while yes, the Chinese government was bad at informing the world, there was no way the virus was ever going to be contained within its borders. The world is just too global now. /1
It also ignores the fact that China's response harmed it's *own citizens* and at best better information earlier could have enabled the world to prepare sooner.

And yet, it was not lack of information or time to prepare that stymied US or European response. /2
You only have to look at Taiwan which swallowed a WHOLE SHIT TON OF PRIDE to arrange a visit to China or South Korea or New Zealand to see this.

And laying the blame on the Chinese govt as opposed to broader patterns related to tearing down ecosystems is just ignorance. /3
Read 5 tweets

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