Everyone seems to be an expert. Especially non Jewish supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. The impression I have gleaned from hundreds of interactions is that it is sufficient to declare oneself pro Corbyn/socialist to gain immunity from antisemitism (1)
Further, if one spouts the mantra "lifelong antiracist campaigner" or "not a racist bone in his body" it is an adequate rebuttal of any allegation to the contrary. Once one has self certified as antiracist and declared one's leader/comrades exempt, it is time to opine freely (2)
As a result of (1) and (2) it appears that ANYTHING said on the subject is acceptable. After all how could it possibly be racist if it comes from Corbyn or one of his loyal followers? For the purposes of this thread I only need to go back over the last few weeks to illustrate (3)
The EHRC is controlled by Zionists/Israel. @BoardofDeputies controls @UKLabour and @Keir_Starmer. All of the above are in the pay of Israel.
Starmer receives his orders directly from his Mossad handler etc ad nauseam. (4)
There exists a widespread inability or unwillingness to accept these statements are antisemitic. A firm belief seems to have taken hold that anything couched in terms 'Zionist' or 'Israel' is automatically exempt even from consideration as antisemitic. (5)
However, I observed at the time of the Enough is Enough rally, a new phase began. No longer did the left feel constrained by the code word 'Zionist'. The shackles and indeed gloves were off and full frontal attacks on Jews, their institutions and leaders became commonplace.
The justification seemed to be that those opposing Corbyn were not true jews unlike say JVL whose significance was deliberately and dishonestly overstated in a wicked attempt to undermine the jewish community. Indeed the very phrase was denied to us with the same intention. (7)
Jews opposing Corbyn could be dismissed as right wing, rich, Tory, pro Trump, pro Bibi etc regardless of the reality. Sorting jews in this fashion is itself antisemitic. Likewise relying on a handful of 'friendly' jews, falsely inflating their numbers and significance. (8)
Next the IHRA defintion of antisemitism which they had fought so hard to oppose is now being deliberately and dishonestly misconstrued and brandished against jews by antisemites. The tactic of branding jews complaining of antisemitism as antisemites is now commonplace. (9)
Any jew who is dubbed 'Zionist' can have his/her point immediately dismissed as a result.
Then come the absurd justifications: eg.there are more Christian evangelicals who are 'Zionist' thus whatever one says about Zionism can not be antisemitic!The chutzpah is staggering(10)
I am of the firm view that none of the foregoing would arise in the case of any group but jews. The sheer arrogance involved in telling Jews that they are wrong about these issues and seeking to put them right is itself inherently antisemitic. (11)
I am now 55. I have been learning about antisemitism, Zionism and Israel for 50 of those years. I have been a Labour member and supporter for 30 years.
I moved to Israel 5 years ago. Despite all that I am dealing with people who are not even prepared to listen let alone learn(12)
I said that Corbyn's legacy would be the mainstreaming of antisemitism, making it acceptable again in 'polite' society. No longer is it confined to the fringes of the far right. Instead many of their ideas and mantras are now left wing staples and the comrades can't even see it.

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16 Nov
The story begins with a tweet from a jew about antisemitism. (2)
The tweet enrages the Corbyn cult.
A coordinated campaign of peurile harassment is whipped up or "good natured harmless satire" as a number of Corbyn fans later claimed! Countless tweets all saying the same thing: 'BALD' ad nauseam. Actual photo on left becomes that on right. (3)
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16 Nov
The snivelling hypocrisy of this tweet beggars belief but somehow typifies the rancid cult around Corbyn. Days of trolling. Hundreds of comments ranging from the risibly puerile to the deeply vicious and personal. This account was one of the main offenders. Now he wants 'peace'.
'Comrade' you simply do not get to claim the moral high ground; not on this, not on anything. Your politics and the methods you deploy in pursuit are revolting to the overwhelming majority of the public.
You are ALL spineless cowards (2)
Hundreds of accounts involved in a pile on of one man. Not one of you tweeting in your real name. When challenged the main offenders (you excepted thus far) have either
1. Deleted accounts
2. Deleted tweets
3. Locked accounts
4. Blocked me
A familiarly pathetic pattern. (3)
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15 Nov
A personal political thread.
As the dust settles on this week's pile on it set me thinking. One of the insults thrown to which I have not made mention is "Tory". It merits addressing from a personal and wider political perspective. (1)
The first point to note is that I have observed previously that my main purpose on Twitter (and the reason I joined in the first place) is to combat online antisemitism. This phenomenon arose largely out of Corbyn's election as leader of the party and was thereby emboldened
As a result I rarely, if ever, refer to other political issues still less my own beliefs. Notwithstanding I often am met by the gibe 'Tory'. The only basis therefore for that can be my stated opposition to Corbyn and the antisemitism at the core of his project. (3)
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15 Nov
144! Wow. Count them!
This tiny groupuscule was set up with the sole purpose of defending Corbyn from accusations of antisemitism. They are relied on by antisemites everywhere as concrete evidence of a real dispute in the Jewish community about Corbyn (1)
Yet on their own admission and the evidence of this document many of these "alternative Jewish voices" to whom we should listen turn out to be alternative for the simple reason that they are not Jewish at all! It would be funny were it not so serious. (2)
Funny had they not done so much damage to jews in the UK by their facilitating and enabling of antisemitism, helping to turn Corbyn's Labour into the largest antisemitic movement since Mosley. Every such movement requires such an organisation and Corbyn was no exception. (3)
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13 Nov
This is the guy who has been part of the pro Corbyn pile on of the last few days I described in an earlier thread. (1)
Here is a selection of his choicest tweets (2) ImageImageImageImage
Following the tweet by @_samisaviv above the coward who hides behind the account @socialistbangrs responded thus (3) Image
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12 Nov
Below is the tweet which kicked things off. Two days of constant abuse from a myriad of accounts, almost all of which have certain things in common: Corbyn supporting, all abuse and insults with not one iota of argument or rebuttal. (1)
Instead a pile on of an entirely personal nature began. Ironic that it is done in the name of a man who purports not to "do personal".
Phase 1: the infantile abuse better suited to the playground...'jokes' about being BALD! Not one or two but hundreds. About the WIG in my pic (2)
Hour after hour they came. None of them seeming to tire of the same pathetic comments. Whether this was deliberately coordinated or merely an example of pack mentality in action is moot but ultimately matters little. (3)
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