Lessons from tweeting for 2 years

Here is an improvised thread on some lessons & situations you will only understand once you put yourself out there

Note: of you don't have a certain # of followers, you may not understand some

Lesson #1: people are goddamn fucking weird

You will have people love you & praise you no matter what you say

And you will have people hate you & attack you no matter what you say

Block both kinds of people. Allow no sycophants & no haters onto your TL
Lesson #2: you will eventually go through all the ideas in your space & realize most are stuck in a development phase where they can't move past

The main reason for this? Twitter

Twitter incentivizes you to join the bandwagon & circlejerk over coming off

Lesson #3: most can't write anything original for shit, but it is true that the algorithms are ever-changing & throttle

The rules of the game change faster than you're able to keep up, & many times it's not worth keeping up

On a long enough timeline, all accounts are banned
Lesson #4: building an audience & seeking online fame are two separate things

The former done without the latter is the ideal situation

Well-balanced people cannot deal with online fame

Remember I told you to block sycophants?
Lesson #5: everything is fake, a joke & done as performance

The only reason Twitter upsets you is because you can't fully see how silly the whole platform & us people in it are
Lesson #6.9: you most likely have a social media addictio

That's it, nothing more to add
Lesson #7: twitter guides work

You just notice dorks who are too obvious

I recommend & affiliate LMM's one: gumroad.com/a/601257075

As always, it only works if used as inspiration to try new things, not to treat as law & never step out of the model
Lesson #8: a lot of people make money on Twitter, a small few make *a lot* of money on Twitter

Powerlaws exist

Some freelancers make huge bank, most fight for scraps

Also, arbitrage. Being a personal brand in 2018 meant to have less competition & a less mature market
Lesson #9: platitudes work because they are low common denominator

You only hate on platitudes because you *read* Twitter more than you *write*

I warned you you had a social media addiction
Lesson #10: writing on Twitter can be great for self-development & networking purposes

It's a great place to push yourself over your comfort zone & to make great friends

No point in coming here to hate when you could gain the positive aspect

• • •

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19 Nov
I dunno what "International Men's Day" even is

But today is a good day to remember that men have their own struggles

And that to understand a group of people you don't cherry pick those at the top of the hierarchy & assume they represent the rest
It's also a good moment to remember the 99% of men who are invisible to everyone

Those keeping society functioning

Those who died in wars

Those doing the dirty work nobody will ever even give them a pat on the back
It's also a good day to remember that guys have to become men

And that in this day & age, it is as hostile as ever, in a different way

The enemy is lack of purpose, lack of understanding the world they live in
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18 Nov
Transparency time: Audience Audit.

I've traditionally used Twitter Audit, which just measures how many bots follow you. I always found the high results of "human" followers, 94%, unreal.


Because of the "real" accounts, not all are the same.

1/ Image
I found a new tool, sparktoro.com. This one says 17.4% of my followers are "fake".

Disregarding what they mean by "fake", this number is closer to the truth.

My account is +2 years old. I assume most people who started following in 2018 do not use Twitter anymore.

2/ Image
Here is what they count as "fake", & also the distribution of my audience.

3/ ImageImage
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21 Oct
"I can't read books over 100 pages so I read Meditations & became a Stoic" aesthetics thread.

The only books I have ever read:
These are the struggles & pain that lead me to become a Stoic:
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21 Oct
Influencer culture is the catalyst for Simp culture.

Asymmetric relationships, interactions & influence which lead to idolization & fandom.

Simping doesn't have to be sexual, plenty of straight guys simping over dudes.
"If you want to interact with me pay me" is at the fault for all of this.

Even the promise of interaction pays big bucks.
At the core of all of this is hyper connected individuals with not many interactions offline.

Poor social skills & lack of understanding how human relationships & socializing works.

More used to a hierarchy where they're at the bottom over equal playing field.
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20 Oct
Kinda glad all the alpha bullshit slowly died out from this space.

This is not to ignore the usefulness of some of those ideas. Many are useful & many men need them.

But the people presenting them weren't the best ideals or aspirational. And it also lead to simping.
For the same way you can be Machiavellian without identifying as one, you can be a good man, an alpha male & all of that...

Without having to tell everyone about it all the time.

You can teach the same ideas without having people qualifying themselves to weird Internet dudes.
The irony in that the same dudes claiming to help men where, knowingly or unknowingly, furthering the simping.

Just instead of pedestalizing girls they'd pedestalize Internet guys.
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20 Oct
You don'tneed to improve your social skills

You need bigger pecs & lats
You don't need to lead others

You need to not be fat
You don't need black coffees

You need a job
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