Story of African Man From Mozambique. Yasuke, The First Japan’s Black Samurai In History.

Japan was allegedly blessed by the transatlantic slave trade conducted by 16th century Europeans with its first black man who rose through the elite ranks to make history as the first black Samurai in the country.
It is believed that Yasuke, as he was called, was born about 1555 in Mozambique. He worked under Alessandro Valignano, an Italian Jesuit, as a slave.
Valignano, who was in charge of the Jesuit missions (a scholarly religious congregation of the Catholic Church which originated in sixteenth-century Spain) in East Africa, South and East Asia, travelled to Japan with Yasuke in 1579.

Statue of Yasuke
The presence of the black man who was taller than the regular Japanese and believed to have the strength of ten men caused a stir and gave Yasuke an audience with the Japanese hegemon and warlord Oda Nobunaga.
According to a 1581 letter written by Jesuit Luís Fróis to Lourenço Mexia, Yasuke was presented to Nobunaga who suspected his skin was coloured with black ink.
He had him strip and scrub his skin to prove his claim. This was also recorded in the 1582 Annual Report of the Jesuit Mission in Japan.
Nobunaga took a keen interest in Yasuke when he was convinced his skin was in fact black. He added him to his servants and enjoyed talking to him, according to many Japanese books.
The archives of the Japanese Maeda Samurai clan noted that “the black man was given his own residence and a short, ceremonial katana [Samurai sword] by Nobunaga. Nobunaga also assigned him the duty of weapon bearer.”
In 1582, Yasuke fought alongside the Nobunaga-led forces in the tribal battle called Battle of Tenmokuzan. Nobunaga was attacked and he was forced to commit seppuku [Japanese ritual suicide].
Yasuke was eventually captured by the rival clan after Nobunaga ‘s death, who described him as an animal and not Japanese. His life was saved and the Jesuits were returned to him.
No account is given of the rest of Yasuke ‘s life and of how he died. He has, however, been depicted by 16th-century Japanese artists in many artworks who painted him in service and also in sumo wrestling matches.
Yasuke was also included in Yoshio Kurusu ‘s 1968 Japanese children’s historical fiction book, movies, novels, and publications.

In March 2017, a film written by Gregory Widen about Yasuke was announced to be made by Lionsgate Films and Michael De Luca.
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