It’s almost like the French government is using Islamaphobia to gain support for the security State so they can pass the laws that they’re really interesting in. This is why you don’t allow the state to target a single ethnic or religious group because it will come back onto you.
It’s almost like the patriot act and the fallout from the loss of civil liberties and the mass surveillance that took place taught us nothing. There is no them and us when it comes to civil liberties. There is only us.
Who in their right mind thinks giving the government the right to DEPORT you for being *offended* is within their rights? Who in their right mind doesn’t understand the implications of this sweeping law?
“Oh but this is to stop an Islamist terrorist from being so offended that they kill innocent people.”

How on earth does the law do that? Did the don’t murder law stop them? And for that certain ineffectiveness you’re going to let the government deport people for an opinion?

• • •

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20 Nov
“No islamophobia! We have freedom of religion! No discriminating against any faith! Also hijab is banned at work, school or the beach.”

“But you just said no discrimina-“

“Hee hee har har! We mean hijab is banned no matter which religion requires it. See? Equality.”
I will never forget this image from France of police forcing a Muslim woman to undress. For freedom.
If that doesn’t put it into perspective for you nothing well.
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28 Jul
“the challenge, which in many ways mirrors the recent effort to take down New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, speaks to the ongoing resolve of big Democratic donors and other establishment interests to neutralize the growing insurgency within their ranks.”
The best part of the efforts to expunge the Democratic Party of “radical” (aka opinionated and uncowed) brown women is that the worst thing they are saying about them in the campaign strategy is that they “care more about their own celebrity”. Yawnnnn
Anyway vote for whomever you want but if you don’t see that establishment democrats are also responsible for the state of affairs and the rise of trump and that we need (relatively speaking) radically different kinds of leaders, I don’t know what to tell you. Round & round we go.
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2 Jun
For too long, Americans turned a blind eye to the death and destruction caused by U.S. militarism abroad, sure they were immune from facing the same violence from the same forces. Today, many have, for the first time, realized how false that assumption is.
The pain of families separated by deployment, the waving of flags & yellow ribbons to bring home loved ones, the sizzle of barbecue on national holidays - that's how most Americans experience the military might of US forces. Trump said - wait, there's more.
And I keep reading tweets proclaiming Constitutional protections from military assault on their freedoms. Those protections didn't stop Trump from hurting Americans. And the military answers to Trump. I don't know what else anyone needs to know to see the reality of the threat.
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12 Apr
i've just made, what might possibly be, the world's most failed banana bread. if i had feral goats living in my backyard, i would hesitate to feed it to them.

i will not be taking any questions at this time. thank you for respecting my privacy.
This is what it looks like. And it looks, and I can’t stress this enough, better than it tastes.
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30 Mar
i never miss a chance to bring up the fact i went to middle school with BSB's Brian Littrell and that he was the reason for my being sent to the principal's office, the only time that has ever happened to me in my goody two shoes school life. but that's a story for another time.
you heard me @brian_littrell.
ok look i'll tell the story but you have to promise me you'll make a donation to a local charity or other coronavirus-related fundraiser. I won't make you prove it, this is on an honor system.
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3 Oct 19
can’t deny the allegations so the strategy is to normalize the crime, numb the support base to any sense of wrongdoing, so they in turn pressure their GOP representatives to stand by him through any impeachment vote. my non-expert guess.
That’s how you know he’s guilty. The first strategy is to deny the crime.
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