Thoughts on establishing a Dharmic State/Hindu Rashtra, from the lower level all the way up : a thread 👇

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I think it's fair to start this thread with my own story so far. This is because some people seem to refer to me as someone who have baseless and controversial opinions about individuals and groups who really pose no thread to the Dharma and the Dharmic.
So, let me tell you about myself. First, I'm a Buddhist male, born and living in Sri Lanka.

There were a few things I noticed ever since I was a small kid, about Muslims and Christians of Sri Lanka.

First, let me tell about what I observed about Muslims.
When I was a kid, I didn't have any kind of opposition to "interfaith" marriages. So, I didn't view a marriage between a muslim and a Buddhist, even when the muslim is the male, the same way I view it today.
I viewed it as something normal, just like a marriage between a Buddhist male and a muslim female.

However, at the same time, I couldn't help but notice a weird pattern here.

In almost all Buddhist - Muslim marriages, the male was the muslim.
Out of the few cases I came across where the female was Muslim, she was either hiding from the society fearing for her own life, or receiving very negative responses from her family and community.
There were some cases where she didn't receive this kin of response at all, but in those cases, most of the time, her kids were Muslim too.
There were few cases in which her kids were Buddhist and she didn't receive negativity, but those cases were from very liberal backgrounds, where people generally don't practice any religion strictly.

This leads to another result I observed.
When a Buddhist and a muslim decide to marry each other, either of the following happened almost all the time.

1. The Buddhist converts.
2. The Buddhist doesn't convert but allows the kids to be Muslims.
There were instances where the muslim converted, or the muslim allowed his kids to be Buddhists, but these instances were far less frequent.

Also, Buddhist - Muslim unions that produce Muslim kids seemed to produce far more kids than similar unions that produced Buddhist kids.
Another thing I observed was the fact that Buddhist males who had affairs with Mus. females received pretty violent responses from some Mus. male parties, mostly of her brothers, while Mus. males who had affairs with Buddhist females received no such a response from Buddhists.
Also, when a Mus. woman marries a Buddhist man, she's usually allowed to retain her faith. She's allowed to dress, pray, and talk like one.

But this doesn't happen when a Buddhist woman marries a Mus. man. She's converted most of the time.
I observed a few more things about Mus., even though they're not related to marriage.

Mus. seek to buy property from Buddhists, but sell property only to other Mus.
They seek to build their religious institutions near Buddhist temples, but object to Buddhist temples being built next to their religious institutions, and sometimes do that even violently.
Mus. percentage rice within Buddhist localities, but Buddhist percentage fall within Mus. ones.

Mus. are safe living among a Buddhist majority, while Buddhists are very unsafe living among a Mus. majority, and, at the same time, Mus. majority areas are increasing.
However, I first thought that their population explosion and their violence is because of their religion being heavily destructive and their food habits being unhealthy, and I thought, how can an ideology be bad if it's followed by this many people?
Also, I thought about the good Mus. I've interacted with in my life. How can they be good if their religion is bad? I thought.

But I still couldn't ignore two facts.

Almost everywhere Mus. have the upper hand, they don't shy away from harming the Buddhists.
So I finally started thinking, "If their religion is actually good, why are they acting this way? Am I missing something here?"

I had to wait for a while longer, because my life was busy with exams and all.
As soon as I got the relief I was badly seeking, I started studying their religion, from the most authentic sources, in the least time consuming way.

I decided to listen to criticism first, and see if the criticism checks out later.
This method is far less time consuming than reading volumes of texts word by word.

At first, I couldn't believe what I was reading. Yes, their texts indeed contained some very violent and otherwise hateful material.

First, I tried to reinterpret them in a peaceful manner.
But, the longer I spent reading them, the more I realized that it's simply not possible to interpret these teachings in a peaceful way.

I already had accepted that Nazism and Marxism are violent and destructive ideologies without even reading Mein Kampf or Das Kapital.
My conclusions were solely based on the death, destruction and pain caused by the adherents of those ideologies.

So, why should I give Mus. ideology a pass? Because it's accepted as a religion by over a billion people?
As you might already see from my story, I wasn't the kind of person who grew hatred for Mus. religion because of someone telling me to do so. I used to even argue with my own mother in defense of Mus.

Ironically, today, I don't find her as against them as I find myself.
She does stay away from them, boycott them, and encourage others to do so as well, but she doesn't agree with violently responding to them, except in defense. In that sense, she's not as staunchly against them as I am.

Now I knew what I should have known earlier.
I felt bad for what I used to be.

I used to be exactly what I observe in many seculars and liberals today. The difference is that I always wanted to, and still want to, know the absolute truth, about everything, while most liberals and seculars I come across, don't.
What I find in them, are arrogant fools who want to stick with opinions even when all the evidence stand against them.

I believed something ignorantly, and I changed my mind when evidence presented itself against it, and I'll do that again, if necessary.
Now, let me talk briefly about what I observed about the Christians.
I honestly didn't find violent religious people to identify themselves as Chris. as frequently as I found them to identify as Mus. However, there were the same issues as with Mus. even though the violence factor was generally not as severe.
Another thing I observed with both said groups, was the fact that how unlikely they were, in general, to be liberals or seculars.

Disproportionately more often, they were Buddhists who were liberal and busily promoting liberal values.
What I observed, was that Buddhists were busy making themselves more and more liberal, while the Mus. and Chris. were busy sticking to what they are, being as conservative as they can be.

Buddhists were taught to respect all religions.
At the same time, Chris. and Mus. were being taught to consider all other religions as false.

I wondered "Why? Why is it okay for them to consider our religions as false? Is it fair that a specific set of rituals cause a person to go to heaven or hell?
Is it fair a person stays in hell forever, for things he did without knowing any better?" I thought.

It's not okay that a person stays in hell forever for following the wrong ritual. I mean, going to hell for taking a life unnecessarily, or stealing, or rape, is one thing.
But going to hell, and staying there forever, for not believing that God exists, and that a certain person is related to God in a certain way? What sense does that make?

God is more okay with violent criminals who believe in him, than with peaceful people who don't?
These were the thoughts my personality was grown on. These are what made me what I am today and will make me what I'll be in the future, hopefully.

I hear this ridiculous excuse from Mus. and liberals alike. "'If all Mus. were violent, there'd be no world left."
Now, it's true that not all who identify as Mus. are violent. However, how can we, as common people of the world, can know which Mus. is exactly violent BEFORE the violent Mus. does something violent against us or a loved one of us?
It's also true that not all communal terrorist attacks are carried out by Mus. It's also true that not all those who carry out communal terrorist attacks are Mus.
However, think honestly. When was the last time someone carried out a terrorist attack screaming "Jai Sri Ram" or "Namo Buddhaya" or even "Waheguru ji Maher Karein"?

Even if you might remember that last time, how frequent are those attacks compared to the Mus. attacks?
These were questions raised in my mind, and when I did the right thing regarding them, my doubts were confirmed.

I don't follow this methodology regarding some ideologies only, though. I apply the same methodology to even Buddhism itself.
Later on, I came to read about the concept of Hindutva and the Hindu Rashtra.

I saw statements from various parties, mostly from liberals or secular ones, which said bad things about both. They said that these are ideas of Hindu supremacists.
They said that these ideas are violently discriminatory against non Hindus for no reason.

I read the book Hindutva, and I didn't find anything even remotely discriminatory against any non deserving party.
Hindutva is against those who live in the Dharmic land, but pledge their spiritual allegiance to elsewhere, and that's because such people are untrustworthy in a warfare scenario.
I've also read "Hindu Rashtra Darshan," where Veer Savarkar explains about the concept in six of his speeches in Hindu Mahasabha.

Again, Hindu Rashtra, according to Savarkar ji, is a place where everyone is treated absolutely equally regardless of their faith.
Honestly think. In today's india, or in today's sri Lanka, is everyone treated equally under law?

Especially in India, there are At least four marriage acts : Hindu, Mus., Chris., and special. Now, the existance of four marriage acts alone isn't the problem.
The problem is that these marriage acts grant different privileges for different groups of people.

For example, the Mus. marriage act allows a Mus. male to marry girls as young as 10, and also marry up to four females without divorcing even once.
These aren't privileges granted in any other marriage act in India.

How can someone not understand that this alone leads to men becoming Mus. just to have more than one wife?

I'm not against anyone converting to any religion after an honest evaluation.
But, encouraging conversions over legal privileges is absurd.

This isn't the only scenario in which Mus. are preferred over all others in the Indian legal system, though. There are subsidy schemes, scholarship schemes, UPSC schemes etc that favor Mus. over all others.
This isn't this bad in Sri Lanka, but Mus. have their own marriage act while no other religious group does. In a way, the situation in Sri Lanka is actually worse than in India, for this reason.

Both countries have constitutions that call these countries as "secular".
But both countries also have legal systems, which are parts of each country's constitutions, that are religion based.

I'm not saying a country should have a legal bias towards a particular religion. Lack of such a bias is a part of Hindu Rashtra Darshan as well.
However, there's one thing in which I disagree with Savarkar ji, regarding the matter.

According to Savarkar ji, religious groups in the Hindu Rashtra should receive govt sponsorship proportionate to their representation in the overall population. I disagree with this.
The reason I disagree with this is because this allows a religious community, that's disproportionately less likely to contribute to the economy, receive disproportionately more benefits compared to their contributions.

So, how can this be stopped, fully?
There's only one way.

The government, and the religion, should fully stay away from one another, and instead of taxing people and distributing them back in the name of religious activities, people should be allowed to keep more of their money with them.
This money, in turn, can be out for religious activities by the same people, at a private, govt unaffiliated level.

In today's india, Buddhists have the highest rate of contribution to the economy, and Jains have the highest literacy rate.
Mus. have the lowest of them both, with the highest growth rate.

What this translate to, is that Mus. have been breeding, using the money of the non Mus. taxpayers, & not working and not having education.

It's true that India is supposed to hit it's maximum population by 2043.
This estimation, however, varies. Some say that India will reach its maximum population by the end of 2060. However, either way, India realistically is never going to reach a Mus. majority.
This is because, in general, demographic trends drastically change in favor of the majority once a country hits its maximum population.

About Sri Lanka, the situation is even less concerning, because Sri Lanka is projected to reach its maximum population by the end of 2031.
However less concerning a situation might sound, they're still concerning and there's no doubt about that.

So, that's when I decided to do what needs to be done, so I can go back to my free state of mind I'm used to.

I can't do that with all the Dharma haters around me.
Now you know how my state of mind came along. From the part 2 of this article, I'll tell you the most important thing that you need to know i.e. how to establish Hindu Rashtra (Dharmic State), all over the world.

I'll be back. Have a great time, and stay away from Adharma!

• • •

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