They are toying with the world: Tucker is but a small Example.

Never assume malice when mere incompetence will do is a pretty solid way to evaluate situations. More often than not it works out that way. But there are malign actors, some brilliantly so. They prey on the good.
The GOP has many just terminally incompetent officials. The leadership likes it that way. For a some members it's all they can do to string the words together that don't violate the imposed speech codes forced on us by the Marxist left.
Others are smart enough to know what's happening, could intervene, but they like their place in the pantheon so the stay quiet. There are other groups, some fall into multiple categories, but the end result is they really don't believe things will ever get "that bad".
For instance, the Tea Party. They saw it, grew concerned, until they figured out how to co-opt the movement to their benefit while mitigating the threat to their established order. Once that path was charted, they moved on, didn't even give lip service to it anymore.
Obama comes & they morph around him. Obamacare passes (nobody but very small number of citizens felt like we even needed it) but somehow that becomes THE issue. It passes, they run on repeal, then don't repeal it. Nothing to see here move on. (Frank Luntz focus groups did that)
The left doesn't hide it. They are open & bold about what they intend. They are Commie's. Anyone who says "No they are Socialist" is a complete fucking moron. It's one in the same. Marx nor Lenin saw any distinction, neither should we.
The GOP (notice I didn't refer to them as right) is far worse. They just don't care. They would ALL embrace post-birth abortion & euthanasia tomorrow if that was politically expedient. If one person mentions some list or pro-life bullshit to me regarding some of them I'll puke.
No, they are about as amoral as can be. Those that aren't smart enough to lead are duped to go along with whatever the leadership decides. See that is how smart the leadership is. They make sure they get very incompetent or ideologically aligned people in positions.
The smart ones, make sure the dumb ones are around to take the heat. They sacrifice them to your anger while they all clink their glasses together at parties. They are fucking evil beyond measure. McConnell is one of the worst. Graham is one of the dumb ones. Easy to work it out
Which brings me back to my point. Never assume malice. Accept when it has to do with your Government. They have built a rather comfortable system that want to see endure. They don't really care about Constitution or freedoms or any of the esoteric philosophy stuff.
That's just opiates for the masses. Kind of like Socialism is for the people, not the Socialist. They played us all, including the President. For this, Trump needs to accept some responsibility. If after 4 years he couldn't figured out they weren't on the Team, he has to own that
For the rest of us in the cheap seats, we need to own it too. How many times does your spouse need to beat your ass or sleep with your friends before you cut them away? How many? We are living in a collective battered citizen shelter being ran by the abusive partner.
We called the cops (Trump) for a domestic dispute. He showed up, put the bad guy in the squad car, got us to the hospital, said it was gonna be ok. Then walked us right back to the house with jackass sitting on front porch warming up for another ass kicking.
I know that wasn't his intention, but FFS how many times does the same shit need to keep happening? These people are seriously putting the entire planet in danger. Not kidding. Things are far worse today than they were during the height of the cold war. Then we knew the enemy.
There can be no going back from where we are now. The GOP are not just self-serving elites. They're irredeemable. We don't have much time. This election notwithstanding, we don't have much time left. The Global Power structure has finally set it's eyes on the prize. US.
They've been chipping away at the foundation of our System since it began, but really focused after WWII. Not to be doom & gloom, but I seriously don't think we survive a Biden/Harris admin. WE can't make it thru a 4th term of Obama.
If they start to lose power they'll just start a war or release another virus. Please, you don't think they have several in bag? Folks need to embrace the horror, this is our new reality. American as we've known it probably never really existed. We just bought into the lie.
We had it so good that no one cared to question the slow slide. Then the internet showed up & now they can't hide that shit anymore, so the kicked it up to 11. Things will change so fast you want even know what hit you. You think it can't?
Australia-UK-Europe each place woke up one-day & shit was changed. Literally within weeks it was so far the other direction folks didn't know what to do, so they did nothing. This is no joke people. The GOP would rather usher in the 4th Term of Obama than give us 1 term of Trump.
They are so mad @ us for voting for Trump, they intend to punish us with Biden/Harris. That'll teach those ignorant peasants to question their betters. They don't care. There is no will of the people? Big club, we ain't in it. No matter what happens, they've shown their hand.
They are allowing a Marxist takeover of our Country while we "Trust the Plan". There is no fucking plan, Trump has been in a damn running gun fight his entire Presidency w/ the GOP stealing his ammo & sabotaging his supply lines. "trust the plan" give me a break.
The only power we have is our non-compliance. That's it. We can't fight them with our "guns" they destroy us in days. Non-starter always has been. The only weapon of any value is non-compliance. Get that in our heads now. We can & should demonstrate make the Pols uncomfortable.
But in the end I don't think they really give a shit. The real power we have is in our non-compliance.

Leave the GOP. Hang-up when they call. Ignore them entirely.

They want this shit, give it to them. Stop fixing the power, stop driving the trucks, stop planting the fields.
IF they elect a Corpse & a Commie, they deserve nothing but scorn. If I were active duty, I'd get the out. If I were a cop, I'd go to the shrink with PTSD & ask for my pension. Not kidding. Can work a private long, you can't work him hard. They are beneath our dignity.
Remove your consent. Cut the cable, ignore them. They lie. Be ready to rebuild when it falls. And it will. Covid is hoax, the election was stolen, the GOP is fraud. Change your voter registration to NPA. MAGA's strength is non-compliance. We need to destroy the GOP.

Just sayin

• • •

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22 Nov
Never forget, they cheated. Some pretty heavy claims have been made by Trump's legal team & allies. We luv Sidney, but remember, she might be getting played. If she is, the purpose was to discredit the "actual" cheating that took place. Everyone wants Trump to quit. He shouldn't
GOP being silent. Threats, GOP working against Audit (different than recount) Lawyers (Andrew McCarthy) laying out various reasons why they won't win are all designed to get US to quit. We shouldn't. Even if Sidney's claims turn out wrong/false, they still cheated. Massively
Audit the Paper Ballots. This is required for any semblance of acceptance. If they don't no way people will accept the outcome that goes against their guy. THAT is what the opposition wants. They really don't care who wins. They want the discord.
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20 Nov
Something everyone should really understand. "Narratives" in the Political Warfare/Color Revo sphere are Weapons. They aren't just rumors or accusations. They are designed specifically to achieve a outcomes. They use specific forms to "negate" you, a Dialectic Attack.
While that is complicated the end result is simple. If you "dialogue" w/ a Narrative attack, you loose. They will beat your argument w/ information you are unable to refute, characterize what you say (spin), or out right lie,just to name a few.
But even if you "win" the battle of wits, you ultimately loose. You are validating them. The only way to win a Narrative battle, is to not engage them on THEIR terms, with the "words that work". Much is being made of fake news. All day long nothing but outrage here about it.
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9 Nov
Negation-it's the whole game.

While we all watch our twitter feeds for "breaking news" that confirms our individual bias's, the Enemy giggles & laughs at the seeds of destruction they've sewn. Data scientists are demonstrating the Math. Lawyers are lawyering, etc etc
There is a brief nod from some that identifies something, their "gut" tells them there's more to it than just electing Biden, but they don't have the credentials or training to know what that might be. So they call it "legitimacy". Tammy Bruce brought it up on Fox.
Like most analysis she touches on the "thing" without actually calling it. Which is amazing to me, I mean they've been crystal clear for the last 100 years what they intend. Nothing we've seen since then has changed, to include the stated objectives.
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7 Nov
The massive irregularities we see in the voting results are more likely a result Open Planning than a unified effort. Open Planning has a big draw back, it lacks precision. It also has the added benefit of no central "villain". The troops knew what to do, so the did it.
Doubtful a "central figure" orchestrated the steal. Just good Marxist soldiers doing their part. This spreads the culpability across ALL the polling sites. Makes it much harder to investigate the acts. The problem that arose for them was Trump did much better than they realized
So all these good soldiers went a little overboard. Now, that the whole thing is completely unbelievable, they have to double down on the whole thing. I'm seeing references to Hammer/Scorecard. I don't know for sure, but I think it unlikely that those programs were the culprit.
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6 Nov
To all those Sunshine Patriots & Social Justice Dem's: I'm well aware none will give this much interest. Twitter right? But the truth is the truth & maybe this will help a few that will in turn help a few. There is no going back from what must be done. While many find cathartic
to rail against the system, or simply don't think it matters there are things one should consider. First, if this goes forward & Harris becomes Pres (Biden won't last year) your lives won't ever go back to normal. The calculation has been made that folks will just accept this
For those connected to the Political Class this seems more like a game. To many, it is not. So even if you really don't care one way or the other, you really should. Why? Afghanistan. Do you know, no invader has ever won there?
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5 Nov
Everyone's a Patriot til there's Patriot shit to do:

Warfare has changed. It's not who has the guns & tanks. It's fought now with words, perception, influencer's. Statements from prominent people aren't flights of fancy. They are tied directly to FUTURE events.
The Color Revolution was telegraphed prior to Impeachment. That the GOP went along with Impeachment was the signal to the Marxist left that they would remain neutral. So they have & so here we are. We spelled out what they were doing to those people.
Conservative Ldrs, Congressional Leaders, the Administration were all directly informed about the events we see happening here. The Enemy told them thru Open Communications what they were planning. It is beyond doubt that GOP knew. Yet the did nothing & are doing nothing
Read 15 tweets

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