The problem is “The Great Scientists” are always banned / shunned by the corrupt centralist establishment. Example: I made over 4,030 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Technologies went to 60 media they all said PAY!! The govts said “Establishment Only!” The VC said “Silicon ONLY!”
-WEF Sponsored us then when found out we were Breakthrough Energy not just solar they got security & threw us out in our bowties.
-Universities demanded free donations & free teaching without ever paying anything nor helping anything
-Factory bosses demanded donations or steal
-Crunchbase deleted us saying “You need to buy advertisements in the MSM first” so did “WeDontHaveTime”
-Stripe attacked us lying its all fake but never looked
-Paypal bans non G20 nations
-None of the crowdfunding platforms allows a Poor-180 of 240 nations
-No grants for
-Everyone on the left just Lied “nothing is possible in energy”
-Everyone on the right Lied “cleanenergy doesnt work”
-Over 400 So called Climate orgs said “We only take Tax money to do politics we dont help startups”
-All the foundations ignored us
-All the Impact Investors said “Only once its built to profitable company without us.”
-Pastors said “We dont help business we only preach”
-All the Climate ACTORS said “PAY!!, you think we do this for Free?!”
-All the political parties ignored us but one we volunteer for
-All the governments & energy ministers said OH YES we will buy your energy but OH NO we dont know anyone who invests in anything you have to bribe us with free shares or money. Go talk to VC.
-VC said “We dont want to be first
-Small funds said “you dont know rich people?”
-The good investors are too busy to reach & their people dont care they are just there for the job
-Club of Rome ignored us
-All the Devorgs do nothing but Embezzlement for 55% of the $ & no one ever made a startup fund nor invested to one they said “not our mandate”
-Nuclear companies & Establishment consultants said PAY FIRST! Or “you need to prove it to the world first”
-Amateurs said “You dont have 130 million for patents & global defense first? I dont understand the concept of “build to profit first & fast”
-Corporations? “We dont invest to startups!
-BillGates said “Well steal your technology dont send it to us, besides Im busy finishing the family genocide against blacks legacy, go away.”
-Darpa said “send in your tech for free & maybe we’lll get back to you, maybe we seize it”
-SocialMedia companies all banned us Linkedin-Fakebook-Insta-Medium & Twit shadowbans us more than any company on earth they dont even provide any evidence against that.
-Bloomberg New Energy head Bans Breakthrough Despite C-Suite reps outside america loves it.
-WeMeanBusiness said: “Only Megacorporations”
-UN #SE4all said “We dont Support Breakthrough Innovators”
-CleanTech100 said “You have to PAY $30,000 for the awards”
-Asia Business Association said “Pay $20,000 for a membership”
-Elites just ignored as did their people
-Amateurs & Robots dropped comments like “Put it on Kickstarter” with no knowledge of anything nor even that they dont allow business raises, startup deals, industrial hardware, nor anything outside G20 & nothing but consumer crap for 29.95. None willing to invest $50,000
-Lawyers ignored
-Governments & businesspeople in them said “Please build a power plant here!” But vanish instantly when we say “Okay help us find the investor”
-Hollywood ppl couldnt care less even when state on fire & widespread blackouts
-UN wants to eradicate the blacks
-The Corrupt Establishment doesn’t want you hearing about us & none of them will ever support nor invest but the odds they eventually murder us are actually reasonably high. #2 was murdered 2 years ago.
-All the UFO & Tesla TALKers dont care we made better they sell clicks
-People with legacy money & political connections lied to us they have none then go jet setting & introduce no one
-Royal family holds “contests” for ppl to send ideas for free but only funds to UK on a lottery basis & just 20k despite own 360 Trillion in property
-Faceless Troll People online attack us LIE our technology is fake, & Trolls make scam pages & never even spoke to us once in their lives, didnt invest $5 didnt help didn’t contribute a thing to anyone in their lives & we dont even have a donation cart to scam someone with
-If we can find 100 people who will invest $500 we can get to the next step running the #1 Technology in history to a Mini data center. Then its easy to find an angel investor for a 120K build. Consumer crap is the wrong direction for a business nor this issue but consumers??

• • •

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23 Nov
#Breaking #BreakingNews
#DominionVotingSystems #DOMINION
CAUGHT RED HANDED giving blocks of votes to #Biden in different precincts the SAME NUMBER, SAME proportion at EXACT SAME TIME in ratios of 104 to 3, MANY TIMES!! :D HAHA!! They were playing Super Mario Votes!
I just told an Ex-Cop & SecretService Leader that "If super Mario Votes can't get your friends to raid #Dominion I'm not sure you guys get the jist of the job."
On the left you see the TOTALLY DIFFERENT counties.
On right you see they BOTH got the SAME numbers of votes in the SAME proportion at THE SAME TIME. These were just filler blocks dropped in for #biden at ratios nearly 100 to 1. Like a Magical Mushroom for 30330.
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23 Nov
#Breaking #BreakingNews
ANOTHER MAJOR REVEAL about #VoterFraud are the QR codes made when printing the ballots, OR, when people scan them in, is that the QR code can be FRAUDED, made to cheat IN ADVANCE, OR, an IMAGE is placed over them by software which changes the votes
-QR codes have become one of the main payment methods in the cities of China already
-QR code FRAUD has become WIDESPREAD with over 100 different types of scams including covering them with another one or software exploits that result in scanners getting SOMEONE ELSES code!
People think a QR code is safe! :D HAHA! Nothing could be further from the truth! Stickers, lazers, mini-printers, every SCAMMER in the country has at least a dozen ways to do it. Printing a QR code on paper& you vote, well, a scanner ignores the vote & takes it from the code!
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22 Nov
#SidneyPowell. #Trump issued a basic statement & fools on internet have lost their minds.
"Sidneypowell is acting on her own & not officially on the Trump Legal team"
-Wow she is volunteering! INCREDIBLE HERO! She isn't even paid for this. Some fools think it means smtg bad
🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Image
#Trump a Lucky guy to have such people FEDERAL PROSECUTOR's rallying to fight for #Justice, SO ARE WE ALL!! She is HELPING, VOLUNTEERING! That speaks volumes! Doing it on her own. I'm helping too, aren't you? Are you paid or official? I'm not! SO WHAT! #StopTheSteal TOGETHER!
Ppl are messaging me in a panic like it means something. Yeah it means SHE IS FIGHTING for our WORLD for FREE!!
THANK YOU GOD for #SidneyPowell!!! Give the woman a Medal! Send her some money!! She had a contribution message for her Legal Costs!! CONTRIBUTE!! #StopTheSteal!!
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22 Nov
HUNDREDS of Videos, Documentaries are EVERYWHERE showing & TEACHING every Leftist "Non-Violent CRIMINAL" how to hack these machines as #Dominion LIES through their faces that it's "Impossible" & they aren't partisan. Order FULL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
-"A matter of SECONDS" to hack the machine"
-Remote chips can be installed
-They also run on mobile as added chips for that as well (we also know who from)
-Full root access with NO PASSWORD
-"Trump-Hate filled Antifa Psychotics" (his friends said it) like #EricCoomer? EASY
#Dominion is LYING that their machines can't be hacked, yet even an 11 year old hacked it in just a few minutes. They were hacked over a cellphone in 3 states in under 3 minutes from OUTSIDE the polling station. They were hacked at Defcons & on TV
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22 Nov
A #Portugal Court just ruled it ILLEGAL to do Quarantine or #Lockdowns on a #COVID19 PCR test bec' the results are INVALID.
-can NOT Detect a Live Virus
-can NOT Detect an infection
-a Positive DOES NOT mean you are infected nor were, nor will be.
-#COVID19 PCR test amplification cycles to boost up the amount of detectable molecules of "the virus" are supposed to be set to 25. Even #Fauci has been on TV saying "anything over 25 is INVALID as it will pick up practically anything after that" #CDC set them to 40!! CRIMINAL
-A PCR test also is ONLY picking up FRAGMENTS, MOLECULES. Do you know what a molecule is? NOT A VIRUS. It's only part of one, OR something else
-This can be Neucleotides, as Fauci said as well & not the virus, setting off false positives. No one talks about Nucleotides tho 🤦‍♂️
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22 Nov
#Breaking #BreakingNews
#DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM PATENTS GIVEN TO CHINA BANK (HSBC) AS COLLATERAL IN 2019 one day after #Trump speech "We will NEVER serve Globalism"

HSBC received ownership of IP of #elections, ballots, systems, cyber & internet capacities. ImageImage
#Trump gave his famous speech to the #UN
On September 24th 2019 on how "The future does not belong to globalists, the future belongs to Patriots" & stuck a Massive #MAGA finger in their FACE. The very next day the #Dominion IP was transferred to CCP China & HSBC Crown assets
Trumps speech was EPIC. But it INFURIATED the Enslavers, the controllers of the world, The British Privy Council, & CCP China & the #EU & their combined CORRUPT Criminal Globalist Interests. They hate Patriotism, REAL Representation for the local people
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