This video is the English class obsession in a nutshell. I keep telling you all but you still think being British is about scones and Monty Python. It's really mostly about being condescending, verbally gladiatorial to strangers, status-obsessed and hostile
I will exclude much of the North, which is much more democratic by and large. But still.
Everyone everywhere: This situation has no need for anyone to be rude right now.

England: Oh really? Challenge accepted

• • •

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22 Nov
I've never heard of this guy and having just read his opinions ... he is a neanderthal. Imagine someone locked into opinions so devoted to erasing half of humanity.
Honestly you just have to feel bad for the men who feel so lost, so desperate for guidance and emotionally cut off, who would believe this kind of thing in order to feel a measure of control. This isn't male dignity. This is male shame.
If any men are reading this who have come across this guy: This is the wrong way to find your power. This man is preaching fear and weakness. Finding your power is in honoring your emotions and learning how to love another person, not how to imprison them.
Read 9 tweets
22 Nov
Man, Macron really is just going full fascist like he's got a deadline
Wanna feel old? It's only been about two weeks since Macron called up Ben Smith. Since then, he has issued surveillance numbers to keep Muslim kids from being homeschooled, passed a law protecting racist cartoons as free speech, and said criticizing police is NOT free speech
Bro I hope Mar*ne Le P*n sees this, bro
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22 Nov
Men really are like "I like girls who are unusual, not conventional at know, rail-thin waifish brunettes who have no inner lives and laugh at all my jokes. I feel like other men have never thought of this."
Watching each man reinvent the manic pixie dream girl like an endless assembly line of "nice guy" toxic masculinity
This is how we got Emily in Paris
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22 Nov
"Get that novel written, or that screenplay, and, if you don’t, you should at least refocus your life and find your purpose. If not, you’ve failed the take-home epidemic exam."…
I appreciate that a lot of people don't feel this way but I did see the epidemic as a time to focus on safety -- not just physical but psychological and emotional -- and shore up those foundations. Calling it an exam is the wrong term, but it is and was time to think.
Of course it is also a time of extreme trauma and grief, and that does not benefit thinking. But what it does, is give you time to sit with, and respect, your trauma, and that lightens it over time.
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21 Nov
Excellent turtleneck work in the new Princess Switch Image
This is important because all the women's fashion in the film is incredibly dowdy and depressing
This coat -- the terrible fit, the potato-like shape, the middle-aged Harrods shopper of it all -- is unspeakable. ImageImage
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21 Nov
What gives me life on this platform is white racists and misogynists complaining that I hide their replies. They truly believe they are entitled to spread their toxic ideas.

Take it to your own 50 followers, bros. I will not be letting you amplify your racist BS under my name.
They think that hiding replies is something to be ashamed about when IN FACT it is the kind of curation more people should be doing when they host a conversation. The loudest and wrongest people try to hijack threads constantly. They don't deserve that power.
Bummer that your replies are so pointless and harmful that they get hidden from good conversations. Have you tried ... being ... not racist?
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