(Thread) Everyone should read this. It's an account of Klaus Schwab and 40 years of Davos influence starting in 1971 - now

1/ "Schwab spent the 1966- 1967 academic year at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, where he earned an (MPA). During his stay, he had forged a close friendship with the legendary Dean Baker and had met other prominent Harvard academics including Henry
2/ The WEF was originally know as the "The inaugural European Management Symposium, which was held in Davos from 24 January to 7 February, was intended to allow top managers of corporations to interact with all their
3/ "It was also conceived as an opportunity for senior European managers to learn about the latest management techniques and concepts from the most engaging thought leaders in business, including prominent professors from the top US business schools."
4/ there was strong participation from the Commission of the European Communities:
* Vice-President, Raymond Barre (more on him later)
5/ In 1972 Pierre Werner, President of Luxemburg attended who presented the Werner Plan

* created the foundation for the European Monetary Union (unified currency).
6/ Other people in attendance were:

* Wernher von Braun (Deputy Associate Administrator at (NASA)
* Charles Levinson (trade unionist & labour intellectual & General Secretary of the International Federation of Chemical & General Workers’ Federation
7/ Two developments distinguished this Davos meeting

1. Aurelio Peccei & The Limits to Growth (Club of Rome) where the sustainability of global economic growth was questioned.

Remember everything goes back to this:


2. The development of Schwab's code of ethics....which is now known as the Davos Manifesto.

In my life a manifesto is never the mark of balanced thinking lol
9/ and here it is bc I don't have time to write it out

You may need your reading glasses.

In 1974 you can see the beginning of the involvement of the Catholic Church.

"Dom Hélder Câmara, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, Brazil, made a notable appearance, bolstering the Forum’s role as a platform for provocative yet vital voices."
"Câmara had been invited to Davos despite the fact
that he was considered persona non grata by many governments and business leaders. He had dubbed himself “the spokesperson of those two-thirds of humanity who suffer from the unfair distribution of nature’s resources.”
12/ All of this BS is cloaked in social justice. The thing is nothing about these people shows any real interest outside of global control IMO
13/ "In his address, Dom Hélder predicted that developing countries could some day challenge and clash with the leading economic powers. “Let’s hope by the Almighty God that this confrontation will not force them into using arms.”
14/ "He criticized multinationals for keeping so much of mankind in appalling conditions. He called for a higher social responsibility, fairer wealth distribution and
a reassessment of “the false values of a ‘waste society’” to achieve prosperity for all people"
15/ They also invited Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau "He blamed the inaction of governments in promoting
environmental protection on “political immaturity” and urged leading industrial nations to take
action." OR
16/ “Or else they should create a supranational authority –
precedents already exist – to whom they would transfer the respective rights of sovereignty.”

Hmmm ok
17/ The same Cousteau who is grandfather to Alexandra Cousteau - an associate of Epstein.

All of these people connected back.

Something to note

18/ by 1975 Klaus Schwab’s stakeholder theory was beginning to evolve into a broader concept of corporate global citizenship. In an editorial published in the
Zurich newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Schwab reflected on the role of the CEO as politician"

19/ in 76 they rolled out a cooperative exchange programme with UNIDO (UN industrial development org) 26 developing countries
* Bolivia
* Iran
* Ivory Coast
* Nigeria
* Philippines
* Thailand

You see how it works They use the same template again & again
20/ 1977 they created the Davos Club (they like their clubs and "you ain't in it" - George Carlin) "the hallmark of the club. It is characterized by the sportsmanlike work climate that develops particularly well thanks to the beautiful scenery" lol
21/ "After Dom Hélder Câmara’s participation in 1974, Schwab regularly invited religious leaders to Davos. In 1977, Franz Cardinal König, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Vienna, joined the meeting"
21/ "and voiced his concerns about humankind’s egotistical drive for material wealth and comforts, calling for a renewal of society to put the two pillars of faith and love at its core."

Hmm yet look at attendance at Davos....
22/ These people use religion and compassion as a weapon.

They themselves don't play the game by the rules they want you to follow.


"To broaden its relationship with the media, the Forum shifted its perspective from regarding the press as mainly working journalists covering its events to considering them to be important stakeholders in global society."
24/ Which basically means Schwab sees the medias the propagandist tools they have become
25/ In cooperation with EUROPA (at that time the monthly
supplement of Italy’s La Stampa newspaper, Le Monde of France, The Times of London & Germany’s Die Welt) and the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, the Forum introduced a special series of meetings & publications.
26/ "The first event was held in Geneva in November
under the theme “Should business leaders serve in politics?”.

And we are back to corporations becoming out overlords.
27/ Check this out. Love the Control Data Corporation lol

They really do spell it out for you.
28/ "In 1977, the Red Army Faction, an extreme left-wing terrorist group, kidnapped Hanns-Martin Schleyer, the President of both the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) and one of the most powerful men in Germany."
29/ this is something that connects to present day issues.

Check out Bettina Rohl (her mother was Ulrike Meinhof) and her take on left wing extremism.

30/ I wrote a bit about it here but this is a whole other thread
31/ I am so sick and tired of people trying to rewrite history and the people who lap it up bc they are too lazy to look under the hood.

....frustration aside let's continue.
32/ 1978 th Forum convened 9 roundtables:

* Washington DC for European investors
* Brussels in collaboration withEU
* London
* Amsterdam
* Athens
* Bonn
* Rome
* Paris with the (OECD) and a 2nd with the ArabEuropean Business Cooperation Symposium
33/...and in 1979 here comes China. Schwab was invitation by the Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences = followed by a "delegation of 20 European CEOs,
who had a rich programme that allowed significant interaction with Chinese authorities".

lol of course.
34/ "China’s Ministry of Economic Relations with Foreign Countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Management Forum that allowed for the establishment of regular exchange and the holding of an annual meeting in Beijing"
35/ "in cooperation with the newly created China Enterprise Management Association (CEMA). The agreement also committed the Forum to hosting in Geneva Chinese ministerial delegations to meet representatives of relevant
companies and enterprises."
36/ ....and here comes the 80's and a pic of the people who define true "privilege". It's amazing how they are allowed to maintain this posture while throwing lighter fluid of over the masses.
37/ Address by Kissinger
"We are living in a world which has seen a major redistribution of power. Several times, first at the end of World War II when Europe lost its traditional pre-eminence"
"Then in the decades afterwards, there developed new standards of power including Europe, so that the world became transformed first into a bipolar system and then into a somewhat multipolar system."

"for the first time in history, foreign policy is truly global."
39/ "And there is a dilution of confidence in classic economic models, a challenge to the capitalist system, but also a demoralization of the socialist systems which nowhere have produced the satisfaction of the human personality." Kissinger
"All of these changes are global and would make ours a period of turmoil – even apart from any specific challenge that we face" Kissinger
41/ "The ChinaEurope Business Leaders Symposium took place in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on 23-29 June 1981, sponsored by the Chinese State Economic Commission and co-organized with the China Enterprise Management Association." Photo 1988
42/ "Klaus Schwab had already the vision of what would be called social entrepreneurship: combining entrepreneurial activity with social engagement. At that time social
innovation was regarded to be completely in the hands of governments"

This is what we see today

The truth is social entrepreneurialism (philanthropy etc) is where we are seeing the most criminality.

44/ tides.org
45/ Anyway I digress.

46/ mofos are breaking my threads again.

@threadreaderapp compile so far ;)
47/ 1982: The European Management Symposium held their first Informal Gathering of World Economic Leaders (IGWEL).

It was an off-the-record meeting....that avoided press intrusion (admittedly).

In other words the general public was kept in the dark purposefully.
48/ IGWEL worked on consensus-building re:

* an international monetary system
* trade relations
* East-West ties
* North-South relations
* food security
* water conservation/management
* poverty eradication

The thing is who the hell are these people?
49/ think this is a partisan thing? think again
50/ But he stayed more true to freedom an individuality than most:
As we strive for economic recovery, we are strengthening our defences so America can work with your countries as a trustee of freedom & peace. We will work with our allies in a spirit of equality and consultation

So Schwab admits to a conspiracy. What does conspiracy mean? the act of conspiring together

Let's read his words:
52/ 1983
"the European Management Symposium had become the foremost annual gathering of decision-makers of the world economy.”

“500 business leaders, 100 politicians responsible for economic affairs and 100 business journalists
from 52 countries.”

Lots of control
53/ By 1983 we see green & red debates - socialism & green political movements debating and merging.

Petra Kelly and Arthur Scargill lock horns in Davos.

The thing is these ideologues are usually mired in hypocrisy
55/ As always we see people without integrity looking to forward their own personal agenda.

56/.....or if you're a true believer often something else befalls you

Neo-Nazis.....a government agent...a murder suicide?

57/ 1984 an invitation to India “If one day history of India’s globalization and liberalization will be written, you (Klaus Schwab) will figure in the most prominent way in this history book.” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India, November 2009

58/ So let me give you some perspective on this. I am a Jersey girl and was 14 at this point.

"Beginning in the late 1970s, China reversed the Maoist economic development strategy and, by the early 1980s, had committed itself to a policy of being more open to the outside world"
59/ Schwab's gang was aware and involved in this

* 1979 Chinese trade: US$27.7 billion - 6% of China's GNP but only 0.7 % of total world trade.

* 1985 Chinese trade: US$70.8 billion - 20% of China's GNP and 2% of total world trade
60/ This was the mindset

“Just imagine,” breathed an American executive, “if everyone in China bought just one
motor bike each – that means a sale of one billion motor bikes. Wow.”
61/ By 1987 (IGWEL) had grown to include more than 50 heads of government, ministers and chiefs of international

* Paul A. Samuelson, Institute Professor Emeritus (MIT) & Nobel Prize laureate in Economics, prepared the economic agenda for the session.
62/ "The Forum also launched the magazine World Link to be distributed among the 33,333 top decision-makers in the world who had been identified through extensive research."

Check out this number for those of you who are interested
63/ "In its first two years, World Link was published monthly. Later, it became a bimonthly. In 2003, the Forum
replaced the magazine with the annual Global Agenda publication, which was discontinued three years later."
64/ In 1988 the Davos Declaration was signed and historians regarded it as the beginning of a new era in Greek-Turkish relations.
65/ 65/ 1989 was marked by:

* Director-General of CERN, Carlo Rubbia said we may be forced to give up fossil fuels before their natural end due to high overall costs
* Dean Lester (MIT) said we are moving towards three trading blocs: North America, Europe & Asia Pacific
66/ "1989 the Berlin Wall was pulled down. "The first encounters between Helmut Kohl & the newly elected East German Prime Minister Hans Modrow in Davos were decisive in determining the course of the reunification process of Germany."
67/ 1991 it seems US presidents like the WEF.
Bush “I am pleased to send greetings to all those participating in the 1991 WEF. Bringing together distinguished representatives from government, business and the media, this international gathering is both timely and appropriate."
68/ and so do a lot of famous people
69/....in 1992 the WEF put its weight behind President Andres Perez in Venezuela

....looks like the president of the Federal Bank of Germany joined in.
70/ "In an exceptional gesture following the failed coup, the World Economic Forum issued a press release condemning the attempt and fully supporting President Perez."

Schwab was close to pretty much everyone. Her he is with Prince Charles and President Vaclav Havel of Czechoslovakia.
"That is why the message I want to leave you with
today is that business is uniquely well placed to take a lead and to get things done, but in partnership with local communities, governments, non-governmental organizations and other representatives of the voluntary sector."
73/ Prince Charles has always been involved in this stuff.

It's nothing new and in fact goes back to the Committee of 300

74/ They also shared the global leaders of tomorrow in 1992.

Guess they had a crystal ball.

Gordon Brown: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Labour Party from 2007 - 2010. He served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1997 - 2007
75/ Angela Dorothea Merkel: Chancellor of Germany since 2005. Leader of the Opposition from 2002 - 2005 and as Leader of the Christian Democratic Union from 2000 - 2018.
76/ Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy: President of France and ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra 2007 - 2012.
77/ Lawrence Henry Summers: US Economist, former Vice President of Development Economics & Chief Economist of the World Bank, senior U.S. Treasury Department President Clinton's administration, and former director of the National Economic Council for President Obama
78/ Anthony (Tony) Charles Lynton Blair: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1997 - 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 - 2007. After his resignation, he was appointed Special Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East, an office which he held until 2015.
José Manuel Durão Barroso: Portuguese politician & university teacher, currently serving as non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International. He previously served as the 11th President of the European Commission and the 115th Prime Minister of Portugal.
80/ José María Alfredo Aznar López: Spanish politician who was the Prime Minister of Spain from 1996 - 2004.
81/ Anyway you get the point. Decisions have been made in Davos by Schwab's elite for a very long time.
82/ Kissinger keeps a close eye on everything clearly

By 1993 things continue to grow
"Under the timely theme “Rallying All the Forces for Global Recovery”, the Annual Meeting brought together 800 company chief executives, 150 political leaders including 25 heads of state or government"
84/ "(among them, Russian Prime Minister Victor Chernomyrdin who was making his first trip to Western Europe since taking office) and 200 of the world’s leading experts and academic thinkers"

the collection continues
85/ "The Forum also held its annual USA Meeting in Washington DC, which was conducted for 20 consecutive years, providing participants with privileged insight into what could be expected from the current White House administration and Congress."
86/ "The meeting was traditionally based on the strong presence of senators/members of the House of Representatives. Thanks to this mechanism & the regularity of the gathering, the Forum established & maintained a cordial & productive relationship with US political leadership."
87/ "The annual US meeting was later discontinued when the Forum decided that there were many opportunities to interact with the US government during its other events and activities...."

in other words they were worried we would cotton on
88/ One might even question why their leadership concepts include physical force.
89/ 1994

"The negotiations conducted in Davos by Foreign Minister Peres & Arafat encouraged the Forum to organize the first Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Economic Summit in
90/ "The event, which took place at the end of October, was organized in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, under the patronage of His Majesty King Hassan II of Morocco and with the support and endorsement of President Bill Clinton Boris Yeltsin"
91/ In 1995 there was a backlash against globalization and Schwab wasn't happy
sorry 1996
92/ but we can see the blooming of some beautiful relationships Michael Bloomberg & Bill Gates
93/ "In 1998 Hillary Rodham Clinton, "the First Lady
of the United States, made a forceful call to the business community to meet its social responsibilities. In her speech, she eloquently and succinctly expressed the multistakeholder philosophy of the Forum."
94/ “There are many large problems that confront us as a world, It is impossible to think of any corporation, no matter how large, or any government, no matter how powerful, addressing these alone."
95/ "Whether we like it or not, we are more interdependent today than we have ever been. I believe that interdependence is a good development. And it should be respected by governments and businesses alike."
96/ "Because through it we can meet mutual challenges of environmental degradation or security threats, and we can
also work together to help build up strong, functioning markets, governments and civil societies.”
97/ Friends of course
98/ One might wonder what the heck Micheal Jackson was there talking about children's rights - but it is the twilight zone and in fact stars and musicians instruments of Davos.
99/ in 1999 we have the UN Global Compact "This was the genesis of the UN Global Compact, “a leadership initiative endorsed by chief executives” that serves as “a policy platform and a practical framework for companies that are committed to sustainability and responsible business
100/ "Also at the Annual Meeting, South African President Nelson Mandela returned to Davos to bid farewell before leaving office. Frédéric Sicre, then a managing director of the World Economic Forum"

Schwab is in the background everywhere
101/.....literally with everyone
102/ in 2000 "For the first time, a sitting American president, Bill Clinton, came to Davos, where he was joined by British Prime Minister Tony Blair."

.....the same Tony Blair they called a rising star. Seems they are all buddies.
103/ from Tony Blair: “We have the chance in this century to achieve an open world, an open economy, and an
open global society with unprecedented opportunities for people and business."
104/ "But we will succeed only if that open society and economy is underpinned by a strong ethos of mutual
responsibility – by social inclusion within nations, and by a common commitment internationally to help those affected by genocide, debt, environment."
105/ "I call it a Third Way. It provides a new alternative in politics – on the centre/centre-left, but on new terms. Supporting wealth creation. Tackling vested interests. Using market mechanisms. But always staying true to clear values – social justice, democracy, cooperation.
106/ "Pope John Paul II, who just weeks later would make a historic pilgrimage to Jerusalem followed by a
visit to Egypt, sent a special message to Davos"
107/ "Trusting that the WEF will effectively promote the globalization of solidarity and will therefore be a bright beacon of hope as we move into the future, I invoke upon everyone assembled at Davos the divine gifts of wisdom and strength...."
108/ "......as you seek those genuinely new beginnings which will truly make a positive difference.”
109/ They also have an ode to Bill Gates and his global generosity lol...
110/ Now I find this very disturbing...on September 10, 2002 Schwab was presented with a candlelight award by the WEF & Kofi Annan

.....take what you will from this.
111/ He took the first concord available to NYC after the 911.....and met with Giuliani, Bloomberg & Pataki....about relocating the Annual meeting
112/ in 2003 I found the first picture of Biden at the Global Tensions forum
113/......along the way Schwab brings up social entrepreneurship and also how he's keeping tabs on social media.
114/ 2004 "The Forum’s major institutional initiative this year was the creation of the Industry Partnership
Programme to strengthen further the bonds with members, enhance the value of services, and foster closer engagement with industry."
115/ Her are the sectors....looks pretty comprehensive
116/.....and you can see the interest in indoctrinating youth

"The Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGLs) was therefore
established to provide a more structured framework to integrate its members into the Forum and its activities beyond Davos"
117/ 2005 Davos was all about star power...and of course Time Magazine covered the who's who
118/ "Since 2005, the Forum has published reports on scenarios to 2025 for India, Russia, China, the
United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, and the Kingdom of Bahrain."
119/ in 2005 "the Forum formally expanded into North America with the creation of its first overseas affiliate. The WEF USA was crafted to act as the global headquarters for the Centre for Global Industries...."
120/ "the unit responsible for the design and implementation of the new Industry Partnership Programme."
121/...and of course "the World Economic Forum USA was incorporated as a non-profit corporation and was soon granted exemption from US income tax as a business league under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code."

Cause this is how they do it.
122/ in 2005 they also created the "Global Leadership Fellows (GLF) programme to build up a strong knowledge base and culture inside the Forum by attracting the best young global talents."

Another tactic.
123/ "The Forum complemented the practical approach to leadership with academic modules delivered by professors from the Columbia University, INSEAD, London Business School and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. About 30 new Fellows are now chosen ever year."
124/ and of course they have 0 tolerance for corruption 🙏😂🤡
125/ and most amazing is how integrated Bill Gates is - it's almost as if he has a stake in the great reset lol along with the Clintons and Bono ;)
126/ the WEF is also worried about your religious life and wants to encourage interfaith dialogue
127/ Did I mention the WEF has a great relationship with China. Oh yeah I did

"Wen remarked, reflected “both the international
community’s focus on the fast-growing companies and regions and its strong desire to establish a new international economic order.”

I bet.
128/ Looks like Schwab would like to see Putin replaced:

"Earlier in the year, at the Annual Meeting in Davos, the Russian Federation’s First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev received special attention."
129/ "Many observers of Russian politics now
identify that event as an early indication of Medvedev’s rise to become his nation’s top leader. He would take over as president from Vladimir Putin in May 2008."

Looks like this was a Schwab fail.
130/ Looks like his crystal was bust again in 2007

"To be sure, as 2007 progressed, worries mounted about the global financial system, particularly the US economy and real estate market."
131/ The Forum’s Global Risk Report had warned as early as spring 2007 that a blow-up in asset prices was one of the major risks confronting the world in 2007 and 2008. The issues and challenges identified in the report shaped the core of the agenda for the Annual Meeting.
131/ So it seems that Schwab

1. Knows everyone of importance in politics, business, media and Hollywood
2. Is able to predict the success of future politicians
3. Warned of financial crisis in 2007/2008

So let's keep going.
132/ The World Economic Forum created the Network of the Global Agenda Councils (GACs). The initial 68 GACs convened in November for the first Summit on the Global Agenda in Dubai.

133/ "The Global Agenda Councils is the world’s largest volunteer network of global experts. Every two years the Network brings together leaders, pioneers & experts from business, government, international organizations, academia, and civil society"

Nothing in life is for free
134/ "The 700 participants in Dubai delivered a critical message: the world needed to examine the basic
operating systems that drive its economies, markets & societies and aim for a “fundamental reboot” to establish a fresh platform based on renewed trust, confidence"
135/ It is my opinion that they intended to use the financial crisis during the Obama years as the platform from which to launch a "reset" but they just didn't have the momentum.

I have documentation in my climate change thread that the people behind XR were suggesting the same
137/ "This call to action led to the launch at the WEF Annual Meeting 2009 of the Global Redesign Initiative (GRI), the
Forum’s wide-ranging effort to review the global economic and financial system and to look at current institutions and practices of global governance"
138/ and of course it was touted by the UN Sustainable Goals Knowledge Platform.

This actually makes me angry. Researching this group of self important jerks always triggers me.

139/ Here is an except from an article Schwab wrote for Newsweek:

“We need to realize that today’s world is far more Asian and more African than the one that gave birth to these institutions. It is also a young world, with a median age of 28 years....
140/ "....and new paradigms of virtual communication that reach across space and time. It is more complex, much more integrated, and bottom up rather than top down."
141/ "....And, above all, this new world is so interdependent that solutions for global problems require true global trusteeship."
142. "This means that the old ways of multilateral negotiation, which are based on defending national interests, are simply no longer adequate for addressing
the problems of this rapidly changing world"

....yes and of course you and your group of criminal cronies are the answer
143/ So this is where is gets really interesting (as if it hasn't been already)
144/ "In late 2007, Schwab received a call from Microsoft Founder Bill Gates who asked if he might be allowed 20-25 minutes to speak in a plenary session at the coming Annual Meeting"
145/ "At the Annual Meeting, Gates outlined for
participants his concept of “creative capitalism”, which attracted worldwide media coverage."

146/ Schwab was delighted to have conceded the extra time as the journal Foreign Affairs had published in its 2008 issue an in-depth article by Schwab on the concept of “global corporate citizenship." and "creative capitalism" was closely aligned.
147/ You can see Gates was a WEF participant throughout. If you think he just so happened to come up the idea of "creative capitalism" without Scwab's input I have swamp land in Florida.

This ties gates directly to the reset & makes his involvement in the virus even creepier.
148/ "Global corporate citizenship means engagement at
the macro level on issues of importance to the world: it contributes to enhancing the sustainability of the global marketplace.”
149/ This goes to show you - where there is a problem we have Gates trying to leverage his position.

He is not a problem solver he's a problem creator.

Even his software was buggy.
150/....Schwab's approach to the financial crisis was the same in 2008/2009 was the same as it is today.

"Crisis Aftermath: A Chance for Positive Change"

In other words - we want to take over after a manufactured crisis
151/ This group is a like a hydra. In 2008 the WEF has a Global Health Initiative (GHI) that partners with the:

* World Health Organization
* Gates Foundation
* 170 companies (at this point)
* 10 million workers in Africa/SE Asia
* Other NGOs
152/ The WEF also had a Global Education Initiative (GEI) to improve the development and delivery of education to citizens through public-private partnerships.

You will see a lot of the "public-private partnerships" IMO it's been a way to undermine sovereignty.
153/ By 2008 the GEI impacted:

* 1.8 million students/teachers
* US$ 100 million in resource support in Jordan, Rajasthan (India), Egypt, Palestine & Rwanda.
* Engaged over 40 private sector organizations
* 14 governments
* 7 international organizations and 20 NGOs
154/ "The GEI has partnered with UNESCO and
the Education for All Fast Track Initiative to scale these partnership models at the global level."

....and we know all about the United Nations

155/ and of course with have Bush Jr.

Words can't cover my feelings of disgust when I write about him.
156/ ....and a little Condy.

This has never been a partisan battle. The sooner we let go of that the better.

IMO this is a battle for freedom & humanity and both Republicans & Democrats are trying to trash that.
157/ 2009 was a banner year for the WEF

"Despite the global economic crisis – or perhaps because of it – the number and the quality of participants at the Annual Meeting was unprecedented."
158/ Typically, the World Economic Forum had looked beyond the unfolding turmoil in the global economy when it chose the theme: “Shaping the Post-Crisis World”.

Sound familiar?
159/ “What we are experiencing is the birth of a new era, a wake-up call to overhaul our institutions, our systems
& above all, our thinking, and to adjust our attitudes and values to the needs of a world which rightly expects a much higher degree of responsibility..."
160/ It appears this guy has one setting. Which he repeats again and again
161/ Ties with Chins deepen:

"Practically every senior Chinese leader has participated in a Forum gathering, whether in China or in Switzerland. Today, through its office in Beijing, the Forum works closely with the Chinese National Development and Research Commission (NDRC)"
162/ "as well as with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is proud to count among its members a significant number of Chinese enterprises, including some that are among the Global Growth Companies celebrated at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions."
163/ So now maybe you can see why China's role has grown so fast and furiously when it comes to the new world order.

The control they exert over their citizens is the plan for the west if Schwab, Gates, Trudeau etc have anything to say about it.
164/ the WEF is very clear about their attempt to infiltrate every sector of our lives on an international level
165/ a list of their partners in 2009
166/ "With over one million followers on Twitter, 10,000 subscribers on its YouTube channels and
several thousand fans on Facebook, the Forum has attracted an ever-growing audience on the
global social networks"
166/ In 2010, the Forum will mobilize all its resources behind the Global Redesign Initiative (GRI).

....as if they have the authority to redesign the globe.

If people stopped to think what this really means they would go to Davos with pitchforks
167/ "Nation states and intergovernmental structures will continue to play a central role in global decision-making. However, those institutions must be adapted to today’s needs and conditions if they want to preserve their use and indeed their legitimacy."
168/ IMO These are the words of a madman/dictator. Never has the world seen such a threat since Hitler in WW2 and this is not an exaggeration.

The press should be investigating this instead of drawing comparisons to Trump.

The insanity of it all is hard to comprehend
169/ Here are some words from "leaders" we should keep an eye on:
170/ Yep the guy who thinks water isn't something we have a right to.

171/ ....and Tony Blair (if you've read my Climate Cult thread you know who he is). He was also selected by the WEF.
172/ ....Indra Nooyi (I worked for PepsiCo)

173/ Anyway I am done. You get the point. The WEF is dangerous and if we don't act now I truly believe we will see a future none of us can comprehend. Surveillance, no property and endless servitude to a technocratic state sounds like hell to me.

• • •

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From our educational institutions, our publishers, politicians and media - there runs a thread.

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1/ Marc Benioff: "Only organizations driven by purpose and values will be fully able to shape and benefit from the seismic technological, social and economic transformations underway."
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20 Nov
there is some very interesting information in here if you can get past the angry sarcasm lol

1/ This guys seems to have an issue with partisanship:

"Maybe. But remember that Sequoia Pacific/Dominion Voting Systems hanging chad put Republican George W. Bush in the White House. Waiting till your boy has lost before complaining about it smacks of rank hypocrisy.
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20 Nov
(THREAD) starting over again to avoid confusion with my antiquated sarcastic sayings.

So this man seriously cares. He has "integrity" 😏

But what is really going on in Georgia and who is Brad Raffensperger

1/ So does integrity really matter - whether it's personal, business related or political?

Not sure I've seen much of that lately, so why don't we look at a couple of articles written BEFORE this election fiasco to see what was unfolding.
3/ This article was written one year ago:

"Dominion, based in Denver, must rush to install 30,000 voting machines for 7 million Georgia voters before the March 24 presidential primary, the largest rollout of elections equipment in U.S. history."

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19 Nov
Also does anyone else think WEForum is an interesting name (WeCharity, WeDay, We're in this Together)
One Minnesota (same people Walz)
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17 Nov
1/ So this is how Twitter works to misrepresent what you say and to make you feel like people aren't connecting.

I posted this tweet about student debt and addd comments for clarity to the thread.

Those comments disappeared along with the links.... Image
2/ You can clearly see the comments are there. Image
3/ What I added is - before you assume who my friends are they are people from all over the world and our educational system is messed up.

I addd a link to the salary for the dean of Harvard Business school poetsandquants.com/2020/07/14/har…
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