If you didn’t see the tweet from comma-la begging the left for more $, you’ll want to read the replies. Panic is fully setting in. My fav👇

“This doesn’t look good on you. It makes it look like you’re not the official winners, and now you’re just privately funding your own coup”
My 2nd fav. reply to comma-la, when she asked Dems for more $👇

“im sorry but why does this require money?

have you tried dining out less?

making coffee at home?

moving back in with your parents or getting some roommates?

maybe cut back on some unnecessary luxury items”
Suffice to say, Dems aren’t real happy that they’re being asked to kick in more $. Palpable anger building 👇

“Asking is for more money now is honestly one of the grossest things I have seen in politics and that is REALLY saying something.”
And this final one. The left is waking up to the reality of who they just voted for👇

“We’re hurting. Broke & spent. Couldn’t you ask your brother-in-law who works at Uber that spent tens of millions of dollars on Prop 22 to chip in instead? Help you? Help us!”

• • •

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19 Nov
Breaking from press conference; Rudy Giuliani is bringing it.

Equal protection statutes require close to 700k votes to be tossed in Pennsylvania.

Same fraud occurred in multiple Dem run states. All illegal votes must be tossed.

Them’s the rules.

Trump is WINNING re-election.
Rudy is on FIRE; Slamming reporters at the press conf:

“If you were doing your damn jobs you would have found the fraud that we’ve found.

But no, you have an irrational & pathological hatred for our president. This should be front page news, if you’d only do your job”

In Wisconsin & Michigan we have over-votes of 200% to 300%. Far more people supposedly voted than even exist. These votes CANNOT be certified. This is MASSIVE voter fraud.

Finding same fraud in GA, AZ & NM. Thousands of citizens have come forward.

We caught em all. Crooks!
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24 Oct

So you "really" think Biden would have handled coronavirus better?

Let’s examine:

-Biden/Obama had their own pandemic called the Swine Flu. More than 60 million Americans got SF & had it been as deadly as CV, >2 million Americans would have died. TWO MILLION.

Top execs in the Biden/Obama admin. even came clean, admitting "we got lucky, we couldn't have screwed up more if we tried".

-Biden/Obama also had an economic meltdown, "The Financial Crisis", which destroyed the housing US mkt & economy. And who did Biden/Obama bail out??

Biden/Obama bailed out the same people that caused the collapse! The Wall Street banking crowd received $4.7 trillion in QE & taxpayer funded bailouts.

But we the people?? We got NOTHING (unless bankruptcies & the loss of everything is now considered a financial asset).

Read 8 tweets
1 Oct
The markets will do much better w a Trump 2nd term but our analysis now is that regardless who wins, markets are going higher.

R’s are highly favored to hold the senate. SCOTUS is firmly conservative. The damage that Biden could do is minimal as he’d be an executive order 1)
...President only w radical decisions quickly over-ruled by fast tracked courts. That means no $4 trillion tax increase, no radical environmental, job killing policies. The senate will be his brick wall.

But Biden would curry favor from the FED. That means much more QE 2)
...more liquidity, including fiscal stimulus, that McConnell would almost certainly approve. The markets move higher based on 2 primary ingredients; liquidity & corporate earnings. Whether Trump or Biden they are going higher.

Final point on Biden; as we saw in the 3)
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8 Aug
If, as expected, President Trump signs an executive order to suspend payroll taxes to year end, a full 12.4% (6.2% employee, 6.2% employer) of income per employee will flow directly into the economy.

Massive stimulus program!

EO’s also expected on stimulus, rent, etc,

If you were silent when Obama bailed out Big Banks & Wall Street during the financial crisis (to the tune of $4.8 trillion) you are the worlds biggest hypocrite & sadomasochistic loser if you’re now arguing that the American people shouldn’t be bailed out just as aggressively.
If you thought those $1200 stimulus payments super-charged the stock market, with Robinhood opening hundreds of thousands new accounts, just wait til you see the liquidity flying into stocks if payroll taxes are suspended.

Melt-up bull market.

Do it @realDonaldTrump
Read 6 tweets

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