November 20, 2020

Med Beds - Quantum Healing Technologies - A transcription

A Message from the Intergalactic Alliance of Light Beings

This message has been channeled for you by Canadian psychic medium Tracey Milne.
2. We wish to tell you about one of the first technologies that will be released to the world’s population with the announcement of NESARA and GESARA.

Along with new, free energy systems supplied by the Tesla coils, and new anti-gravity and replicator devices, you will also...
3. ... be receiving brand new Holographic Medical Beds, or Med Beds. These new Med Beds will come with some very unique features including diagnostic support, surgical repair, and cellular and DNA reconstruction and rejuvenation. In short, they will become an integral part of...
4. ... your health care and health maintenance, changing everything within your health care industry as you know it.

These med beds, when used in conjunction with trained medical supervision and automated medical stations will provide you with a variety of options and methods...
5. ... to return your physical vessel to optimal health.

These beds represent a quantum leap in the business of health care all over your beautiful world...because there are currently enough of these beds to begin roll-out in every country that wants them. Just imagine, a...
6. ... health care package with no chemotherapy, no toxic chemicals, organ removal, or having to live long-term with scars, disease, and disfunction.

If you are thinking this all sounds too good to be true, or like something out of a sci-fi movie, we understand your...
7. ... reservations. However, we would ask you to remember that “hiding in plain sight” is one of the Deep State and Secret Space Program’s favorite tactics. For a very long time, the Deep State has been showing you technology beyond your wildest dreams, like in the Avengers...
8. ... and the Kings Men movies. Just because you think you are watching fantasy is on you, as far as the dark ones are concerned. As far as they know, they have been showing you the truth, you just haven’t been asking the right questions, or demanding the right answers.
9. It’s a nasty trick that’s been perpetrated on you, and it’s one of the dynamics that is about to change in a dramatic way with the announcement of NESARA and GESARA...as these new technologies will be released as part of that exciting and life-enhancing package.
10. Now, on to the details of these Quantum Therapy Med Beds, which come in three different varieties, holding three different functions and varieties that are currently available for roll-out.

Number one, the Holographic Med Bed, is a diagnostic and treatment Bed. Number...
11. ... two, the Regeneration Bed, works in concert with your DNA and stem cells to regenerate old tissue or missing organs. Bed number three is a Regression and Rejuvenation Bed. These help to rejuvenate your cells offering age-regression therapy as well as therapy that helps...
12. ... you to suppress unwanted memory.

As you may have already guessed, these technologies did not originate on Earth, having been given to your Secret Space agencies, for the benefit of humanity. It was an unfortunate choice that those in charge of making moral decisions,...
13. ... decided to keep this technology to themselves. We are pleased to confirm that this error is now being rectified and the right people are now working behind the scenes to ensure the roll-out of these technologies to the public at large.

All three beds work on a quantum...
14. ... level using vibration and frequencies, 3-D scanners and refracting lenses, as well as surgically precise lasers for both opening and closing wounds.

They also have a multitude of diagnostic and monitoring technologies that keep the practitioner fully informed...
15. ... throughout both diagnostic, and repair sessions.

Utilizing tachyon particle and plasma energy this machine works with the human vessel for maximum repair with minimal invasion. All three Med Beds work with similar technologies, they have just been adapted for three...
16. ... different uses and treatments.

Bed number one...the Holographic Med Bed. These Beds can perform live scans of the body for diagnosis as well as treat any illnesses with much greater accuracy in far less time and with far less invasion to the human vessel.
17. These Med Beds will scan every part of your body for diagnosis and interpretation, including your skin, muscles, bones, organs, glands, neurological and hormonal efficiency. It can also perform a blood analysis and a DNA analysis, which looks for and is able to correct,...
18. ... any hereditary markers for certain illnesses providing a quick and painless analysis of the entire physical system. Any surgery needed will be done immediately, including appendix, heart surgery, and C-sections.

Holographic Med Beds come equipped with such features as:
19. air-tight see through operating shield to reduce germs and claustrophobia; comfortable limb rests, liquid spray anesthetic, laser scalpels, laser mirrors; vital signs sensory and display; diagnostic and analysis identification; and computer-controlled surgical arms.
20. These Med Beds are built with a very advanced, but strictly limited, artificial intelligence that needs human connection to work, as a precautionary measure that ensures cooperative coexistence.

The computer used to operate is very similar to an MRI machine, however,...
21. ... instead of magnetics and radiation, these Med Beds use plasmatic energy

to work with you on a subatomic and vibrational level. Since this is a vibrational universe and you are a vibrational being, this is a very homeopathic approach to healing which offers multiple...
22. ... benefits with little to no side effects...other than shock, amazement and delight!

No more long waiting times, no more endless testing, or trying medicines that don’t work. Say goodbye to chemotherapy and say goodbye to people dying from stroke and heart disease.
23. Med Bed number two...the Regeneration Bed...these Beds will prove especially useful for anyone in need of an organ transplant, organ replacement, missing or severed limbs, and skin graft for third degree burns.
24. Using similar technology to the first Beds we mentioned, these Beds focus on working directly with your DNA templates using a harmonic resonance field, that is still present within your body’s cellular memory. As many of you know, your body holds a cellular memory as is...
25. ... evidenced by your “phantom limb” syndrome.

These beds will be able to change the lives of many, many people and the applications are endless...and this is just to get you started off with...your entire health care system is about to change and...continued in next thread.

• • •

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...change and rejuvenation system. Are you excited, dear one?

The final Med Bed is for age and memory regression. This Bed will help people who suffer from traumatic memories, PTSD and help them to release their mind from the...
2. ... horrific montage of images and their heart from the depths of despair. This Bed will also help to return you to a more youthful appearance and feel tightening skin and muscle tone and improving all of your senses, especially in the area of sight, sound and taste. Working..
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Also keep in mind that the Alliance has UNHACKABLE Quantum...
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