For the uninitiated, the motte & bailey is a rhetorical tactic, perhaps not always intentional, for winning an argument by deception and misdirection rather than because you really have a good argument.

1/n ending in END.
The term stems from a form of medieval defense.
Motte (mouintain) was a fortified castle on a high peak, very hard to attack.
Bailey was a much larger area, hard to defend, that might include serfs, villagers, craftspeople, merchants and witches.
For a conference in Hungary last year, we were near and actually visited an old castle (Visegrad) that was actually a real Motte & Bailey:

Left, ruins today of Motte. Right, re-creation of what it probably looked like.
Tangentially, while there, they crowned me King of Visegrad.
Ok, on to (some of the many) Motte & Bailey's of Academia
@fourbeerspod? I suspect you will many of these disturbingly, dystopianly familiar.

Stereotype inaccuracy motte and bailey
Self-fulfilling prophecy motte and bailey.
Implicit bias motte and bailey.
Academic Denunciation/Cancel Culture/Outrage Mob Motte and Bailey.
Eugenics Motte & Bailey
Diversity, equity and inclusion motte and bailey:
Himpathy motte and bailey.
Not all motte and baileys come from the left. This is one of my favorite, most commonly, though not exclusively, seen on the right.

The intelligence motte and bailey.

Note: After repeated dogpiles from the right on this? I am going to mute/block anyone who replies ONLY to this.
A recent development in academia is "retraction by outrage mob."
In the past, papers would undergo peer review. If published, they'd stay there absent evidence of fraud or pervasive data errors.
Now, they are routinely retracted by mobs.

The Academic Outrage Mob Motte&Bailey.
Here is one of the most general of all.

The Scientific Arrogance Motte & Bailey.
I note that just because one contests a scientific conclusion that does not make one right, either. If faced w/a choice between your libertarian uncle the real estate broker's view on Covid or an an immunologist, absent a deep dive I am def going w/the immunologist.
BUT, if I DID the deep dive, I am pretty sure I could find out exactly why the immunologist's view are actually more thoughtfully informed than those of your libertarian uncle. About the disease. NOT about the politics of handling the disease. Then they are equal.
And it is just possible, that, once in a while, your libertarian uncle might actually have a more valid view than the immunologist, and not just on the politics. Science is peppered w/stories of outsiders who turned out right. Not often, but often enough.
Which means ideas have to be evaluated on their merits, at least when doing so is important.
It is easy to whip up those Motte & Bailey memes using powerpoint and screenshots.

If you would like to post others you know about here, go for it!

Damn, I left this out.

M&B is deployed as follows:
Extremist stakes out Bailiey.
Critic says "not so fast."
Extremist retreats to Motte.
Critic is befuddled. "Oh, good point. Great nuance!"
After critic leaves, extremist returns to making Bailey extreme claims.

• • •

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More from @PsychRabble

19 Nov
hey, @fourbeerspod, I just listened to:
Against Academia

Which was excellent. This thread (purposely public, I enjoy replies from the non-denunciatory public) first comments, adds an interesting link or two, then has a request.
At first, I was disappointed. You have a bit of an unintentional labeling problem. I expected an episode titled Against Academia
to present arguments against academia.

It didn't. It presented arguments against *being or becoming an academic. (and arguments for it).
I felt like I was sold a bottle of coconut milk but ended up with coconut water, but this worked out fine, because the coconut water was excellent, as was your episode.
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17 Nov
@Kane_1200 Will, w/all due respect, "what the criticism is" is (mostly) the wrong question, tho its what you asked, so I will ans it first.

Thread. 1/n ending in END.
@Kane_1200 "The criticism" of the 2nd study is easy, but should be plural. Here is the study.…
Tiny Study, N=60. Never trust results of tiny studies.
Not pre-registered. Never trust results of non-pre-reg studies till replicated.
@Kane_1200 It is not even peer reviewed. Low bar, but fails this low bar.
There are literally no statistical tests regarding likelihood of observed diffs under the null of no bias.
Neither the term "randomly assigned to conditions" nor anything that means the same, appears in the report.
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17 Nov
Why Did It Cross the Road?
A Wildlife Thread, ending in END

Why did the fox cross the road?
Why did the turkeys cross the road?
Why didn't the vultures cross the road? Why did they just hang around on the lawn? There wasn't even anything did there?
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17 Nov
As promised, the slides and video for my talk, given to the inaugural Merton Series in Physics (yup, the physicists wanted to hear about it):
Implicit Bias: Racial Gaps and Scientific Gaps
is now available online.

Thread, 1/n ending in END with links.
I LOVE that this series was named after Merton. I am working on this paper RIGHT NOW. What is the connection?

Merton argued that skepticism was one of the core norms of science that EARNED science its credibility.

This is definitely a Mertonian Science Talk!
Slides available here.
This is my repository of @ 30 articles critical of, skeptical about, or pushing back on some of the wilder claims re: IAT/implicit bias.

My talk is the one titled:
Jussim, Critique of Implicit Bias....
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1 Nov
Another day in academia, another Intersectional-Marxism-infused "theory" masquerading as science.

Evolution, being hijacked by ideology.

Ht's to @Evolving_Moloch for posting
and @LTF_01 for inspiring me to actually read it.

In Apex journal Science:
The main ideas are summarized in the abstract. I mean, there is a single piece of "meat" (actual science) here, and it is highlighted. Segregation has produced different environments.

This is surely true, but did anyone need Science to tell us that?

Let's revisit the abstract, shall we?

The entire second half is nothing but political advocacy.
Unidentified flying "systems of racial oppression"
"environmental justice"
"deconstruct urbanization"
"inform equitable and anti-racist initiatives promoting justice"
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22 Oct
@sherwoodsuppers @CraigHarper19 @karo_urb @ImHardcory @JohnJost1 @PsychToday @DeanBalti @mocraig4 @GordonHodsonPhD This is more evidence of "asymmetry" but its the OPPOSITE asymmetry Jost has been pushing for years (of course, both are possible in different contexts, but it is amusing that JOST FOUND LIBERAL BIAS (or at least asymmetry).
1/n ending in END.
@sherwoodsuppers @CraigHarper19 @karo_urb @ImHardcory @JohnJost1 @PsychToday @DeanBalti @mocraig4 @GordonHodsonPhD It is obvious that ALL of the action is w/low SJ. There really is little-to-nothing else worth seeing here.
@sherwoodsuppers @CraigHarper19 @karo_urb @ImHardcory @JohnJost1 @PsychToday @DeanBalti @mocraig4 @GordonHodsonPhD As @natehoneycutt & I pointed out in our reply-that-was-a-theory-in-its-own-right reply to a paper by @ImHardcory
& @EPoe187, everything about this story is so ... classic. And delicious too!
Read 17 tweets

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