You are an idiot. This is an idiotic post. Delete it.
No one quoted in this piece sees the issue as a matter of right or left. It is infuriating that you would cast it as such. Yesterday, I wrote a long thread where I called out the NDP for inaction. There are no two sides here.
If you had a brain instead of just a mouth that connects to your typing hand, you will see that the Minister has made things worse for those who suffer police brutality. He and people like you cannot answer the criticism intelligently or otherwise.
So you resort to stupid and baseless accusations about political leanings. It helps your ignorance and gaslighting that you are not affected by the problem. You live a life of ease that allows you to see the dehumanization of others as politics.
You disgust me. Delete the post. If you want to tweet something, tweet a response to the criticism. Are street checks different from carding under the new rules? How so? What are "crime prevention activities." Why is the police no longer collecting race data when doing it?
One day I hope your conscience wakes up and gives you a hard slap.
And let me be very clear @danicamclellan. A conservative or any government CANNOT give "us" rights or dignity. These are things we possess innately as humans. But they can affirm and respect them. You can join in asking them to. It will give your life more purpose.

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20 Nov
Tweet from 2017. I attended an event about street checks aka carding where @DesmondCole spoke. Stories shared by racialized community members about how difficult it is to walk down the street without fear of police. You are victimized long before you are approached /1
A Black mother spoke about having to coach her only son about what to say if he's stopped by police. She worries about him ending up in a police database or worse whenever he leaves the house. /2
Street checks, by whatever name, profiles and victimizes racialized minorities. It's ostensible purposes are to harass, profile, and help police build a database of people to keep harassing. /3
Read 11 tweets
19 Nov
Two unfortunate things about what @KayceeMaduYEG did today:
1. He has incorrectly framed carding/street checks as solely/primarily a privacy issue rather than a systemic racism/human rights issue.
2. He has now made it more difficult for municipalities to end street checks.
He has also failed to grapple with the class dimensions of street checks. Street checks never occur in posh neighborhoods.
One of the arguments for letting politicians decide public policy issues is that they can call on expertise to fill gaps in their knowledge. People like Madu refuse to seek that knowledge, going instead with blind adherence to ideology, or "both-siding" issues that have one side.
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17 Nov
If I give a public webinar on the powers of a chief medical officer of health during a pandemic, would you attend?
I am considering just posting a zoom link here and doing it.
Thanks for the interest. I am going to make it a podcast with @TheBreakdownAB and post here later.
Read 4 tweets
18 Oct
Waking up this morning to a lot of really bad takes on two-tier healthcare systems and I want to take back my summer. This is not about polarization or hyperbole. All the best inquiry by the best experts indicate it will do more harm than good. Won't lead to savings either.
But what annoys me the most is that some people would have 19 or so votes from a political party rally over Zoom decide the future of healthcare in Alberta. And that some don't care that if the government acts on it, that's a total bait and switch.
For those calling for a conversation, please show me examples of when this government ever wanted to talk. Some of us have been writing about this issue for months. We have presented to those willing to listen. Govt's response has been to unleash attacks through issues managers.
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20 Aug
I really hate to say it, but this article is last straw for me. I can no longer trust information coming from the CMOH. It is contrary to evidence and common sense. It has been politicized.…
She must know Alberta numbers show significant variability across cities and towns. She must know community transmission is trending up in places. She must have seen data on school reopening that contradicts what she says here. She must know our plan does not compare favourably.
And before the issues managing trolls come at me with "NDP surrogate attacking doctors", let me point out this is not an attack. I'm fully qualified to assess different sources of information and decide which ones lack credibility.
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10 Aug
HUGE SCOOP by @charlesrusnell
& @jennierussell_. Pre-Bill 30 wheeling and dealing to privatize non-emergency orthopedic care in Edmonton. Details bad. Lock-in contracts, non-unionized staff, monopoly, putative pre-approval by govt., etc. More later.…
What is most outrageous about this is that the Ministry of Health is involved. This basically soils any RFP process. Massively inappropriate for government to fetter its own discretion. Ridiculous and corrupt.
"lobbyists told the surgeons about several discussions with senior government officials, including Shandro, who were described as being strongly supportive of the initial proposal because it meshes with the government's agenda to increase privately delivered health care" WOW
Read 7 tweets

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