Three months of Twitter - a 🧵

I've had this account for a while, but only started engaging with Twitter more frequently (read: maniacally) at the end of August.

Here are some observations about what's changed, how it affected me, and what came of it - the good and the bad.
1. Twitter is, indeed, highly addictive. I've been a smoker, and I got about the same caliber of jitters from abstinence.

There's also a big self-soothing component for me, a function cigarettes used to perform. Life stress happens -> trigger -> Twitter helps.
2. Despite the claims of echo chambers and radicalization, my thinking has gotten remarkably broader.

I'm reading more interesting stuff and good faith comments and disagreements do really help to collectively refine and debug ideas.
3. Twitter is more interesting than real life, by far.

Engaging with some of the smartest people in the world about some of the (I think) most consequential questions of our age in this 24/7 digital agora makes it tough for reality to compete.

It's hyperreal brain candy.
4. Twitter lingers.

I find myself thinking about conversations and people on Twitter a lot, even when I'm offline and doing something else. Negativity bias is strong as well, disagreements tend to lead to more rumination.

The time I spend on Twitter = T+T*r

r=rumination coef
5. Sleep.

I have an Oura ring that tracks my sleep, and it's taken a hit since I've been on Twitter, though it's now starting to normalize. For about the first 2 months, I saw a marked decline in sleep time and quality there, nothing else really changed in my groundhog day life
6. Being "far away".

This is the social side of rumination. My husband notices I drift off and act like a space cadet much more in the last few months. Cooking dinner takes about 30% more time when I have my phone, and things are twice as likely to burn (still not very likely).
7. Focus and productivity.

Though many variables, including wfh as standard and semi-perma-lockdown groundhog day need to be accounted for, Twitter has definitely added to the fracturing of my focus.

It's ironic, because I've never been more flooded with interesting work ->
8. Opportunity.

After my brief stint in paid journalism, I used to just post my essays into the social media void hoping people would read them, and some did, but the vast majority did not.
Since I started using Twitter, though, I got more writing gigs than I can reasonably handle for some excellent publications that I wouldn't have dreamed of writing for, even this August.

In terms of writing opportunities, Twitter has been the best "investment" I've ever made.
9. Catering to an audience.

It's clear to me that my audience likes my takes on feminism & dating, and are so-so/meh on my political philosophy musings. I part voluntarily, part involuntarily take this into account, especially if it's a "slow week."

I've come to expect my fix.
10. Anxiety and irritability.

If I've spent too much time on Twitter, when I'm back irl, I feel a bit like I'm always teetering on the edge of an argument, with my guard up, overstimulated.

I'm also a bit more irritable, with the irritation of someone who is interrupted.
Up to this point, my impression of Twitter is that it is so good it can derail your life if you're not careful.

It's strong medicine in both its positives and negatives, and I'm still figuring out ways to make it work for me.

What's your take on Twitter sanity?

• • •

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6 Nov
1/ Female age is a taboo for a reason.

If we really contended with the raw, brutal reality of female age both in terms of mating market value and fertility, we'd have to restructure the entire relationship of women to the workforce.
2/ Of course, (Woke) Capital™️ doesn't want that. They have a lot of money riding on girlboss culture.

"You have time, honey, all the guys courting you when you're 25 will still be there at 35."

No, they really won't.
And this takes a very many by surprise.
3/ The fact that you may not get a chance to do *anything but work* isn't a bug, it's a feature.

The smoke & mirrors are part of the game. The system has absolutely no incentive to take the winds out of your *only 5 years until I make partner* sails.
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22 Oct
I see girls doing this wrong all the time, optimizing their profile for ‘hits’.

Completely wrong if you’re looking for a relationship.
You want to optimize your profile for compatibility.

Yes, sure, be pretty, but don’t plaster the thing with boobs.

You want a few good hits, not to be getting faux-shocked by dick pics all night.
Also, pro tip, it makes sense to paint a picture in his mind.

Like: “Seeking co-founder for life of adventure, may include a farm with chickens and goats, but negotiable.”

This is cute and is not: “I’m tired of playing games” which is the death knell for your profile.
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22 Oct
One of the most common types of relationship in big cities is:

Friends with benefits (where the woman pretends to be ok with it in the hopes it turns into a relationship 🤞🏻)
It’s perpetual heartache and doubly gut-wrenching because you agreed to it, because you’re so enlightened and worldly and independent.
It sometimes does turn into a relationship, but the power and respect difference dooms it from the start.
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21 Oct
One thing I see very few women understand:

The standards men have for short-term 'dates' are very different from the ones they have for long-term partners.

The fact that you went out just means he wouldn't mind sleeping with you once (or twice) - a very low bar mostly.
Too many girls measure their desirability by the most eligible guy they've been able to sleep with on a dating app.

It makes sense to subtract about 2-3 out of 10, ladies.
The fact that the default now is becoming app dating just means that a fraction of guys who will date a girl once build massive harems.
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3 Oct
1/ Signaling is a blackpill because once you have this filter installed, your understanding of human motivations, your own motivations even, is forever changed.
2/ An overwhelming amount of human action is primarily done for signaling purposes.

Most actions not tied directly to the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid are most likely signaling.
3/ Why? Humans are a highly social species and we need other people to survive.

People are constantly judging each other consciously & (mostly) unconsciously to see who makes for a good partner, friend, lover, etc.

We signal to manage our standing in these hierarchies.
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30 Sep
1/4 People think Eastern Europe is backward because we just don’t have enough money yet. If we were rich, we’d have no need for corruption.


EE is in a game theoretical equilibrium that makes a lot of sense. Play “Western Europe” here and get destroyed.
2/4 Corruption is what blossoms in a place where you expect other people to cheat, so you cheat first, harder.

Nepotism is what happens when you can only trust blood relatives.

Bureaucracy is needed if you can’t trust the other party to honor their end of the bargain.
3/4 There may be specific historical or nature/nurture constellations that brought us here, it doesn’t much matter - we are in a bind.

You can’t be the first collaborator in a world of defectors, or you’ll get smoked.
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