Time to learn about Perkins Coie.

The law firm with "intimate ties" to George Soros. They also represented the DNC and is now representing the company who just attempted to rig our election.
Lin Wood has filed a lawsuit against the GA sec of state for a consent settlement made when they entered into litigation with the Dem Party who were then represented by Perkins Coie. It made substantive changes to absentee voting rules.


"The Hillary Clinton law firm"
Sauce on the connections between Perkins Coie and the DNC, George Soros, Fusion GPS, Russia hoax and more.

I decided to check out Perkins Coie a bit and found some interesting information...

First of all, check out where their offices are located.

A bunch of blue U.S cities, 3 offices in China and 1 in Taiwan.
A little convenient to have 3 offices in China dont you think?

Here's a look at the overview for their China IP Agency (intellectual property agency)
Lets dig even further on these people and who else they represent.

Oh look! They happen to be employed by Strategic Hotels & Resorts, whose assets include...
Is it just coincidence that the law firm who represented the CF and has ties to Soros also has ties to a bunch of mega hotels?

Find it odd that the locations are 3 in California, 1 in Chicago and 1 in Grand Teton National Park?
Why the one in Jackson Hole, which is just 5 miles outside of Teton?

Coincidence that its a hotspot for missing people?

Check out this story of a girl who disappeared and was found two days later with new clothes, new hiking boots and a new haircut.

I may dig further on this, but I'm busy and don't have time at the moment.

Feel free to see what else is in this rabbit hole.

It seems to me that Perkins Coie could be at the very center of human trafficking across the United States.

Now they represent Dominion.


• • •

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21 Nov
Interesting series of events...

- Tucker flips and calls out Sidney
- same day many deep state players go B&W
- Next day Sidney (who knows ALL about pizzagate) comes back at Tucker
- Article surfaces connecting Tucker to Comet Ping Pong and specifically mentions B&W photos.

Then last night we have Sidney tweeting this...

OBAMAGATE coming back into the mix soon?

You didn't think it was going to just go away did you?

Also don't forget Flynn was calling out Podesta and others for spirit cooking just before he was set up.

Don't make the mistake of thinking its a coincidence that Sidney and Flynn have had such a close relationship all this time.

They BOTH know where the bodies are buried.
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7 Nov
May I present to you my hand picked list of anchors/personalities for the upcoming TRUMPTV network.

Tucker Carlson
Candace Owens
Jesse Watters
Dan Bongino
Laura Ingraham
Charlie Kirm
Kevin Corke
Greg Gutfield
Mark Levin
Lisa Boothe
Raymond Arroyo
Idk who Charlie Kirm is, but replace him with Charlie Kirk.
Also add @ChanelRion @MariaBartiromo and @CBS_Herridge to this team!!!
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28 Oct
🚨🚨Bobulinkski Interview🚨🚨

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19 Oct

Lets dig.

Joe Biden's brother James bought an acre of property on the island in 2005.

A year later a lobbyist with close ties to Joe (Scott Green) purchased one of the 3 parcels of land. (The price of what was paid for the whole lot...or TOO MUCH)
Yet another example of the Biden family engaging in shady financial dealings.

Nobody knows why the lot has remained vacant and undeveloped.

We are also left to wonder why Green purchased the parcel of land from James Biden in the first place...
A little digging reveals that Scott Green used to be a staffer for Biden before leaving and becoming a lobbyist that Joe could use throughout his career. Scratch my back and...

But was this just a back door money making deal to sweeten the pot...or something more sinister?
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4 Oct

My honest opinion?

- Trump doesn't have Covid
- Trump isn't at Walter Reed
- Trump isn't on AF1 (both are currently decoys)

You may then ask...where is he?

I have an idea...

Watch. The. Water.

I believe our President is currently "watching the water" from within the confines of a submarine.

Credit to @SilentAsThunder for putting this together last night showing the slow bobbing and weaving of the video.

Watch the far right flag.

Hes either in the air or underwater.
Here is another sped up version that makes it easier to see the movement.

Credit to @Luke4Tech
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18 Sep


Q was pretty obvious in wanting us to dig on this modern warfare technology.

So I dug. The theories floating around range from disturbing to fascinating, but I want to dissect what exactly DEWs are and the specifics of each type.

I found a DEW related discussion paper published in 2017 by the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) that goes into great detail on this subject.
DEW can broadly be defined as systems that produce "a beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy or atomic or subatomic particles," which is used as a direct means to incapacitate, injure or kill people, or to incapacitate, degrade, damage or destroy objects.
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