I think the point is, because of the GA consent decree, there was no check on multiple or mail-in balloting. So recounting counterfeit money will get you the same count but doesn’t address the counterfeit. Also, the disqualified ballot rate is (purportedly) low.

Most of the...
...instances I’ve seen wrt statistical anomalies among vote tallies — and we do know vote swapping happened at least once in Oakland County MI — are in swing states where election law protected against late voting, signature fraud, etc.

We really need the full data sets to...
...really audit votes. Ironically, the NYT has provided enough to show algorithms being strategically employed in PA.

And the MIT prof, @va_shiva, has shown similar concerns in MI.

He seems open to being interviewed and scrutinized, so maybe reach out to him? He shows...
...how votes can be weighted. He has personal experience, too: he was a candidate in MA who has filed an election fraud lawsuit.

To sum up: where ballot harvesting and no signature verification could do the trick, it’s unlikely the votes needed to be otherwise manipulated...
... But we’ll see. The legal strategy now, as you know, is to cite state election law violations to stop certification as a kind of stop gap until other evidence can be verified.

• • •

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23 Nov
“Cultural grievance” = no, we won’t be silenced by phony “fact checkers” or accusations of our fidelity to Nazism; no, we don’t accept the premises of critical race theory or “white fragility”; no, we don’t think amnesty for illegals sends the right message; no, we don’t...
...believe a corrupt, highly partisan media; no, we don’t accept a two-tiered justice system; no, we don’t want to fight pointless wars; no, we don’t have to respect your credentialism after you prove wrong time and time again; no, we don’t want our jobs outsourced; no, we...
...don’t to surrender our energy independence; no, we don’t want to fete Iran, China, and the Palestinian authority; no, we don’t want government telling us how to act in our homes, or who we can have over; no, we don’t want open borders; no, we don’t want our tax money going...
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23 Nov
TruCons have joined with the corrupt legacy media to lump together “Trumpists” with QAnon (most of us still have no clear idea what that even is) in an effort to call for their ouster from the R tent.

These people still think they deserve to speak for all of us, and drive...
...the GOP agenda — which presumably is to return to anodyne critiques of D policies, while being content to affect a moral high ground, even as vicious, unscrupulous leftists continue to eat their lunch.

But here’s the truth: normalizing twerking trannies at kids’ library...
...events isn’t a “blessing of liberty”; it’s another giant leap in the left’s Long March. And we need to begin bracketing the counsel of white paper GOPe types who are more embarrassed by conservative fighters than they are disgusted by the left’s iron-fisted control over...
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22 Nov
This is untrue on its face: a repeal of the Trump tax cuts means that 82% of Americans will pay more in taxes. Not “a penny more,” either, but thousands. They’ll also pay offset taxes on goods and services and energy based on policies you hope to implement.

Jobs will be...
Off-shored again; amnesty will create cheap labor and bring with it unemployment and lower wages.

The people who voted for you will learn this lesson good and hard — and can go back to being dependent on the state. Which is of course the *goal* of such policies — along w...
...killing off more and more of the middle class and small businesses. State control needs dependent underclasses.

But it’s not all your fault. After all, you’re just doing what many people do: fortify your power and position by weakening those who’d oppose you.

Free market..
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16 Nov
Incompetent? Let’s see:
- real bottom-up wage growth
- more money in the pockets of 82% of Americans thru tax cuts
- historically low unemployment, including every minority demographic
- manufacturing returns
- vaccine and therapeutics fast-tracked
- 3 Nobel Peace Prizr noms ...
- no hot wars. Troop drawdowns
- isolated Iran and the Palestinian Authority, leading Gulf states to seek normalization w Israel
- unmasked a corrupt Deep State
- unmasked a media so biased, it is largely considered part of the Democratic Party
- broadened GOP support with...
...blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ, Muslims, Jews, etc
- on his coattails, picked up between 10-16 House seats; flipped several state houses; held the Senate
- spearheaded a remarkable economic recovery after Covid shutdowns
- created opportunity zones
- enacted criminal justice...
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12 Nov
As a matter of principle, I’m resoundingly against compiling enemies lists, bc that’s the kind of thing school shooters & mass-murdering Marxists do.

But another principle I hold dear is ensuring the safety of myself and my family — & that includes economic safety.

So. If...
...today’s “progressives” are advertising their intent to put conservatives and their families on lists for future torment & “retribution” for wrongthink, I think it’s shortsighted not to be ready to counter that strategy.

We need to give no fucks.

You can retain your...
...principles while recognizing that protecting those principles sometimes requires actions that don’t comport with them — but are nevertheless actions that will ultimately protect them in the long term.

The left understands the long game. The left also understands that...
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7 Nov
A lot of Very Serious Conservatives are doing their level best to shoot down or explain away statistical anomalies and dead voters.

It’s rigorous work.

But here’s what they can’t explain: Joe Biden getting 74 million votes on a platform of ending US energy independence...
...across the board tax increases; higher corporate tax rates incentivizing off-shoring of jobs; potential shut downs and federal mask mandates; green energy plans that cost trillions and have left CA with rolling power outages; bans on fracking and drilling that will drive up...
...gas prices and home heating / cooling; a social hierarchy lorded over by woke tribunals and racialist — even racist — ideas; no school choice; and an “equity” initiative that is straight out of communist ideological principles, the goal being to enforce conformity and ...
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