📌WHY ISNT THIS STORY FRONT PAGE NEWS ACROSS THE COUNTRY? I believe 2 reasons and we will get to that... 📌What if while your away from home, a man PREYed upon your teenage daughter offering money for sex? What if the man bragged about in on social media with photos? 👇
📌What if there were over 600 plus girls just like your daughter? What if this man knowingly did it with HIV and his family tried to warn police! Are you as shocked and angry as I am? I bet you are! Does the skin color matter to you of anything I just described? It doesn't to me.
📌America's children being preyed upon by these monsters is what matters to me! So WHY don't we know this story? Is it skin color? The girls are black and this pedo is a 42 year old white man! OR
Could it be this story was ignored by our incompetent media because the story broke so close to Pizza- Gate? Could be...but the brave writers of Essence.com ,Atlantablackstar.com , Bet.com didn't care if it did! So I leave those questions to you...
📌Jason Robert Pope, 42 aka DJ KID I invite you to read this story and ask yourself those questions. And Thank you to a follower who brought this story to my attention and asked that I write a thread about it! Please retweet this story EVERY AMERICAN needs to know about this!!
Deblasio daughter... Don't you think he needs to go home and help his daughter... wonder what kind of trauma she experienced!

• • •

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