There was a lot of reporting on this issue in the 2-3 weeks prior to the election when it started to become apparent how many people would use mail-in ballots in PA. I have read most of that reporting, and you need to do so in order to understand the numbers.
Prior to 2018, the day ballots had to be in the hands of election officials in PA was 96 hours prior to election -- the Friday BEFORE the election. Rejection rates in some counties was 8-10%, but it was almost all due to ballots being received late.
There was an expectation that the number would drops substantially by making the due date Election Day by 8:00, which the LEGISLATURE adopted in 2018. But, there was also some reporting about a higher rejection rate for 1st time users of absentee ballots because of tech. errors.
That was the big fear for Dems when they learned they could not pre-canvass ballots prior to election day, and that most ballots rejected for tech. errors -- no signature, not date, no security sleeve -- would be "lost" votes since it would be too late for voter to cure.
Because there were so many mail-in ballots that would be coming from first time users of such ballots, they expected the rejection rate just for tech. errors to be higher than in past elections. So, as you note, in some counties where it was .3 or .5% for tech. errors in 2018
It was expected to be higher in 2020 due to so many people voting by mail who had never done so before and might not understand the important of completely each step exactly as explained in the written instructions provided.
This remains a subject that the Trump Campaign is trying to get information about from the 7 counties, but so far I do not think they have given it up.

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22 Nov
We added tens of millions of mail-in votes without validated processes in place to verify who the voters were. The Dems engaged in lawfare to weaken those validation processes. Historically, votes have been able to be tallied and announced on election night.
But the millions of mail=in ballots introduced another layer of time consuming processes to tally those votes. Large cities with huge volumes of such votes either were or were diligent in processing and counting them as quickly as they could.
But it cannot be contested that large cities critical to the statewide outcome in swing states all reported their vote totals later than the rest of their states, and these late vote totals put Biden over the top not just 1 or 2 times - but 4 times.
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21 Nov
I have looked at and used some of this same information. But there is a counter-argument from the State on both these claims. When mail-in ballots are received and scanned, sometimes there is an issue with scanning.
The ballot may be torn, or creased in a way that the optical scanner won't take the ballot--just like what happens with all kinds of scanners that have misfeed problems documents. Georgia election officials, by law, set those ballots aside.
Two other workers then mark a new ballot, with one worker reading out loud the candidate's name to be marked, and the second worker marking the ballot. A supervisor then reviews the completed ballot. This is done with representatives from each party present.
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18 Nov
Keep an eye out for information from the Lin Wood filed case in Georgia. There are some astonishing affidavits being filed under penalty of perjury. I'm going to CAUTIONSLY give SOS Raffensperger a bit of credit here. I think he knew he needed to keep the recount neutral.
It could not be seen as a partisan effort by the Georgia GOP on behalf of the Trump campaign. But he also knew that if there were vote irregularities in some of the counties, a hand recount of the ballots would reveal some of that. Now you have affidavits being filed ...
referencing stacks of "pristine" mail-in ballots -- no signs of having been creased by being in an envelope, or having been previously handled -- being pulled out of boxes and being counted. You have "overlooked" electronic memory devices that were not previously tallied.
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14 Nov
I think there remains a plausible scenario but the "evidence" is not within the possession of the campaign. In the PA case they campaign did ask for expedited discovery today on 4 interrogatory questions about the number of rejected ballots, the number of "cures"...
how the voters found out their ballots were rejected, and how many "secrecy" envelopes the counties have. Until we know the "rate of rejection" in those counties, and what happened to the voters who had their ballots rejected, we don't know if illegal activity produced votes.
The hand recount in Atlanta will either confirm or not confirm the electronic tally. The votes reported in Georgia are all based on bar-code information, not paper ballots. Are there more/less paper ballots than the electronic tally of votes. If so, why?
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13 Nov
Its both. LOL. It is an "audit" in that the purpose is to determine the accuracy of the electonic tablulation by doing a statistical analysis of a meaningful sample size. But a statistically significant sample would be over 1.5 million ballots.
Those would need to be selected randomly. Doing so for 1.5 million ballots would take longer than simply counting 5 million so the SOS opted to do a full hand recount. The GA election results are based on optically scanned electronic information that is stored in the scanners.
That info was then transferred via flash memory device to the central tabulating system. So the vote total announced to date is 100% electonic, not based on paper ballots.
Hand counting paper ballots will validate the electronic numbers -- or it will not.
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10 Nov
Riddle me this:
County 5 is surrouned by Counties 1-4.
All have a mix of D and R voters. The D voters hare highly motivated. County 5 is heavily D over R, where as Counties 1-4 are modestly R over D.
They all vote consistent with their alignment in terms of gross outcome.
But, when compared to a comparable election 4 years earlier, Ds in County 5 vote at a rate 25% higher in terms of gross numbers that Ds did in 2016.
But the Ds in Counties 1-4 -- only a few miles apart -- vote at a rate only 5% higher in terms of gross numbers than in 2016.
Now marry that circumstantial anomaly that something has happened in County 5 that did not happen in Counties 1-4, with specific instances of documented and attested to fraudulent conduct in County 5, and where does that take you?
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