#Breaking #BreakingNews
"Dominion" Found of Longstanding Evil Origin traced to The 'Queen's Privy Council' of International Slavers, Conquering of Nations, The Dark Evil Ages of Imperialism, Insurrectionists, Mi6, Slavery, Plantations, Denial of #WomensRights & #DominionResources
#Dominion IS NOT just a "Voting machines company from #Canada." A Dominion was the name given to the Conquered, Murdered, Raped, Pillaged, Stolen & Overthrown & now Controlled, SLAVE Colonies of the Queen's British White Supremacy Imperialism. #BLM? Not to Rulers of "Dominion"
#Dominions" refers to all territories belonging to the Crown.
How were these territories taken to become such? War, Subversion, Murder, Economic Warfare, Political Manipulation, Insurrection, Infiltration & Imposition of Central Banks, Threats, Honey Pots, & Assassinations.
The #British Crown for HUNDREDS of years has been one of Elitism, Control, Slavery, Immense Greed, with "the Queen" owning a reported as much as 1/6th of all land on earth with estimates to an excess of over 360 TRILLION Dollars, as just 30 Billion would solve the food crisis
"The OLD Flag, the OLD POLICY, the OLD LEADER."
Slavery, LIMITED Representation. ELITISM as opposed to Populism. RULE & Taxation by leaders from afar, NOT Collective republics of democratic local representation of independent persons, & states. #America had to WAR to stop it.
The #British #Dominion Ran #America. From the Slavery Plantation Era of Ralph Northam's #Virginia to the Energy Exploration & Sales of the #Rockefeller's & #DominionResources They've been the Controllers of the Western World for the last 200 YEARS & in an endless War vs Rights
The Elite houses of the #British Crown Neo-Imperialism Slavers have fought tooth & nail AGAINST independence, Voting rights, Local representation, Small Business, Against #America independent & have been the Robber-Barons of the Ages. Mi6 their intelligence agency was pivotal.
Many #British "Elites" live in the USA including #Billgates, who is related to the Queen of #England, has been knighted, also related to King of France & Greece, Heads of Founders of JP Morgan, Standard Oil of the Rockefellers, who built the NSA-CIA-Intel agency infrastructure
The "Queens Privy Council" Includes 2 of the world's most Famous International Criminal Insurrectionists, #GeorgeSoros, & "Lord of LIES" Mark #Malloch (#SGO #Smartmatic-#Dominion) Who've stolen the #Elections thus Societies & Democracies of near 80 Nations around the world.
#GeorgeSoros has overthrown MANY nations, & created division-excuse for enslavement & intrusion via use of the same NAZI playbook when he worked DIRECTLY FOR ADOLPH HITLER, using Race-Wars & Funding Violent Leftist Policy to overthrow, Fueling Racist-Exterminism Eugenics.
The "Queen's Privy Council" & Racist #Democrats Funding & Supporting #Soros, have led to excuses for & the silent support of the racist depopulation campaigns& sterilization vax campaigns vs "Blacks First"& against the rise of Non-Elite support, while highjacking their issues
The #Dominion SLAVERY Legacy, spanning HUNDREDS of years, & their Corrupt Voting system, is DESIGNED to Disinfranchise voters. It's done in ANGST by the Elite against the idea that they get a say, & to create this ILLUSION of Freedom & Democracy where in REALITY Deception&Tax
#America had to go to WAR against the #UK to free themselves from their Demonic Slavery #Dominion System. The UK immediately sought tactics of espionage, Subversion, & #VoterFraud RIGGING which has continued until today, just now "Better & 'More Secure' than ever before.
These CORRUPT Oligarchs, Criminal Greedy Selfish SLAVER Elites, the same ones who've robbed nations of people, enslaved them,& Rig all policies against the poor, have endlessly done all they can to steal your voice, Rights, Future, & Opportunity, From Central Bank, to Voting.
The ENTIRE Voting machines system, while Blamed on Venezuelans, who ALSO fought against the Imperialist scourge & in Oil competition against #Dominion Resources, was designed by International CRIMINAL "Lord of LIES" Mark Malloch of the Queen's Privy Council & #SGO #Smartmatic
Malloch has long been involved in CRISIS Events commonly referred to as "False Flags" or "Live Exersizes" or "Active Events" in "Crisis Training" for Governments, to Propaganda & actively involved in UK intel from Serco to EPC to Qinetic, all over the world "Active Drills"
The Mi6 has long sought to subvert & pervade the intelligence communities of the USA, & many have written about the assistance provided them by Gates & others in the #Democrat plantation camps particularly of #Virginia #Georgia #NorthCarolina & others & of it's great success.
Malloch is ALSO THE Premier organizer on behalf of the #UK Crown to build the #NWO Elite "Sustainable Servitude & Control structure" Ran #UNDP to effect this program of Pay4Play Bribery to #Democrat type Mafia who will do bidding of the British-NAZI Interests around the world
Subverting #Elections for Bribes, Mafia Pay4Play Financial Crime & Money Laundering Kickbacks around the world in #CrimesAgainstHumanity at scale seldom seen in history, Malloch's Spider web of CRIMINAL influence & Financial Perversion at Crisis Group, to WEF & UNDP, MASSIVE
Subversion in 'Hijacking Propaganda' is their Speciality. They teach conferences in Mass manipulation & indoctrination & control of the masses & "Crisis Preparation Events" to achieve the same goal or as "Management Strategy" to achieve order. #COVID19
Of course very close allies to Malloch are #BillGates & GatesFoundation, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Oxford w' Neil Ferguson's 20Million dead Crisis models, Witty& Hancock & Cambridge's Democrat Oligarchy Elitism Culture. Together they profit Hundreds Billions in Tax Transfers
Under these SAME ppl the last 150 years of Energy lack, pollution, pro-Nuclear policies, anti-Nikola Tesla direction, completely eliminating his physics & legacy in the education system, for pervasive World Control & Eugenics, has been wrought upon humanity as RIG #Elections
Their propaganda sales scheme is a veritable masterpiece. FRAUDING the whole world w' "Crisis Acts & Actors" RIGGED #Elections, Bribes under NGOs, HUGE Kickbacks, eliminating energy tech support & covertly pushing to exterminate the Blacks, all under banner of "cozy #SDGs"
Malloch-Soros-KlausScwab & their #Democrat Mafia partners like a Gore, are the brainchilds of massive public manipulation campaigns to Bilk BILLIONS from the taxpayers even further, & more control, putting Greeda ToonBurg (Greed, Fake Cartoon, Iceberg)(Actor name?) to exploit
Control, Subversion, Redirection, Fake "Crisis Management" #Malloch, & #BillGates Subversion of Human Technology as well has a legacy before them of #SERCO the #UK's Prison system not just for #Covid19 & people, but for the Technology that the world has always needed.
#America barely had 70 yrs out from the #Dominion #Slavery System& There is only one way Humanity can save itself from TOTAL RE-enslavement in the Serco open-air prison system & mass Genocide that is on track, is to bring these people to justice, & #ReleaseTheEnergyKraken ⚡️

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23 Nov
#Breaking #BreakingNews
#DominionVotingSystems #DOMINION
CAUGHT RED HANDED giving blocks of votes to #Biden in different precincts the SAME NUMBER, SAME proportion at EXACT SAME TIME in ratios of 104 to 3, MANY TIMES!! :D HAHA!! They were playing Super Mario Votes!
I just told an Ex-Cop & SecretService Leader that "If super Mario Votes can't get your friends to raid #Dominion I'm not sure you guys get the jist of the job."
On the left you see the TOTALLY DIFFERENT counties.
On right you see they BOTH got the SAME numbers of votes in the SAME proportion at THE SAME TIME. These were just filler blocks dropped in for #biden at ratios nearly 100 to 1. Like a Magical Mushroom for 30330.
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23 Nov
#Breaking #BreakingNews
ANOTHER MAJOR REVEAL about #VoterFraud are the QR codes made when printing the ballots, OR, when people scan them in, is that the QR code can be FRAUDED, made to cheat IN ADVANCE, OR, an IMAGE is placed over them by software which changes the votes
-QR codes have become one of the main payment methods in the cities of China already
-QR code FRAUD has become WIDESPREAD with over 100 different types of scams including covering them with another one or software exploits that result in scanners getting SOMEONE ELSES code!
People think a QR code is safe! :D HAHA! Nothing could be further from the truth! Stickers, lazers, mini-printers, every SCAMMER in the country has at least a dozen ways to do it. Printing a QR code on paper& you vote, well, a scanner ignores the vote & takes it from the code!
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22 Nov
#SidneyPowell. #Trump issued a basic statement & fools on internet have lost their minds.
"Sidneypowell is acting on her own & not officially on the Trump Legal team"
-Wow she is volunteering! INCREDIBLE HERO! She isn't even paid for this. Some fools think it means smtg bad
🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Image
#Trump a Lucky guy to have such people FEDERAL PROSECUTOR's rallying to fight for #Justice, SO ARE WE ALL!! She is HELPING, VOLUNTEERING! That speaks volumes! Doing it on her own. I'm helping too, aren't you? Are you paid or official? I'm not! SO WHAT! #StopTheSteal TOGETHER!
Ppl are messaging me in a panic like it means something. Yeah it means SHE IS FIGHTING for our WORLD for FREE!!
THANK YOU GOD for #SidneyPowell!!! Give the woman a Medal! Send her some money!! She had a contribution message for her Legal Costs!! CONTRIBUTE!! #StopTheSteal!!
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22 Nov
HUNDREDS of Videos, Documentaries are EVERYWHERE showing & TEACHING every Leftist "Non-Violent CRIMINAL" how to hack these machines as #Dominion LIES through their faces that it's "Impossible" & they aren't partisan. Order FULL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
-"A matter of SECONDS" to hack the machine"
-Remote chips can be installed
-They also run on mobile as added chips for that as well (we also know who from)
-Full root access with NO PASSWORD
-"Trump-Hate filled Antifa Psychotics" (his friends said it) like #EricCoomer? EASY
#Dominion is LYING that their machines can't be hacked, yet even an 11 year old hacked it in just a few minutes. They were hacked over a cellphone in 3 states in under 3 minutes from OUTSIDE the polling station. They were hacked at Defcons & on TV
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22 Nov
A #Portugal Court just ruled it ILLEGAL to do Quarantine or #Lockdowns on a #COVID19 PCR test bec' the results are INVALID.
-can NOT Detect a Live Virus
-can NOT Detect an infection
-a Positive DOES NOT mean you are infected nor were, nor will be.
-#COVID19 PCR test amplification cycles to boost up the amount of detectable molecules of "the virus" are supposed to be set to 25. Even #Fauci has been on TV saying "anything over 25 is INVALID as it will pick up practically anything after that" #CDC set them to 40!! CRIMINAL
-A PCR test also is ONLY picking up FRAGMENTS, MOLECULES. Do you know what a molecule is? NOT A VIRUS. It's only part of one, OR something else
-This can be Neucleotides, as Fauci said as well & not the virus, setting off false positives. No one talks about Nucleotides tho 🤦‍♂️
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22 Nov
#Breaking #BreakingNews
#DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM PATENTS GIVEN TO CHINA BANK (HSBC) AS COLLATERAL IN 2019 one day after #Trump speech "We will NEVER serve Globalism"

HSBC received ownership of IP of #elections, ballots, systems, cyber & internet capacities. ImageImage
#Trump gave his famous speech to the #UN
On September 24th 2019 on how "The future does not belong to globalists, the future belongs to Patriots" & stuck a Massive #MAGA finger in their FACE. The very next day the #Dominion IP was transferred to CCP China & HSBC Crown assets
Trumps speech was EPIC. But it INFURIATED the Enslavers, the controllers of the world, The British Privy Council, & CCP China & the #EU & their combined CORRUPT Criminal Globalist Interests. They hate Patriotism, REAL Representation for the local people
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