I am racking my brain on why gender ideology has become so powerful in such a short time, given the immense damage it does to women, children, homosexuals. I think the main issue is this
1. Men do not listen to women and do not care about their inner lives.
So many men gush out about how they love their mums. If they knew how many times their mum was sexually harassed, maybe even raped, they may think twice before letting men in female spaces.
They declare proudly they are fathers of daughters. But they do not understand the inner life of an adolescent girl. Otherwise they would not want to subject her to the shame of sharing her intimate spaces with boys (and they know how boys are).
They say they love their wife or partner but they do not really understand how their wives' lives are different from their own, shaped by the need to carve out a space in a world made for men.
They say they respect women, but they do nothing to stop all the violations to women's dignity, to their bodies, to their minds. They cherish their daughters and they watch porn with women the age of their daughters.
We are not fully human for them. Men are. And anything men want, men get. So if a man wants to be a woman, why not? No skin off their nose, and in any case, they really do not like the idea that TW are men. Because that would mean they are like them.
To accept TWAW they have to do nothing, lose nothing, their life does not change a iota. And the fact they do not even stop to consider how their moms', daughters', wives', friends', colleagues' lives may change, shows they do not care. We are not human to them. We are not men.

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18 Nov
Short thread on human rights and gender ideology.
There are some human rights that are universal. Civil, political, cultural, economic and social rights are universal and we all have them as human beings. 1/9
Some human rights belong to specific groups: migrants, children, disabled people. There are clear criteria for qualifying as a migrant, a child or a disabled person. 2/9
International human rights law also includes two conventions, for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and for the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination. 3/9
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26 Oct
Male bodies and female bodies. Thread.
I was born a girl. I grew up to be a woman.
On the road to womanhood, any girl has to come to terms with her body in a way a boy does not have to.
By the time we are young women, we will have experienced the following.
The onset of our period. Our bodies change, every month we have to deal with bleeding, often painful and heavy. With our period comes our awareness that we are now sexual beings. If we are raped, or we have sex, we can get pregnant.
We have to go to the gynaecologist. We experience intimate examinations, often by a much older man, when many of us are still virgins.
Our periods can affect our sporting life, and our social life. And we are the lucky ones.
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4 Oct
What do people mean when they say that for some, 'transition is the right thing'? What do they mean by transition, and what are the legal consequences of it?
1. If by transition they mean SRS, it is currently unlawful to demand it as part of a legal sex change.
And (1/5)
2. If they mean that the consequences of transition is that at least some individuals are allowed to change sex legally, even without SRS, then transition is just the nice way of saying self ID. (2/5)
If we believe that biology determines our sex, and not law, there is no such thing in biology as transition. And if we believe gender identity is regressive, we cannot mean by transition 'presenting as a woman'. (3/5)
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1 Sep
One of the stupid arguments the trans activists bring up is that you cannot enforce single sex toilets without checking genitals at the door. Here is a typical example Image
Not only it is stupid, it is also cruel and tone deaf, and show these people are most definitely men. Because females undergo genital testing all the time.
It starts when they are female fetuses, and if female genitals are noticed, the fetus is aborted. Millions of female fetuses meet this fate. Image
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22 Aug
Human rights for specific categories are never inclusive.
You have to prove discrimination on the basis of race to avail yourself of the protection of the 1966 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.
You have to be a woman to avail yourself of the 1981 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.
(The basis of discrimination is sex, not gender).
You have to be a child to avail yourself of the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child. (Child = under 18 years old).
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18 Aug
Just a quick thread on GRA, since it seems most people do not seem to know what it does.
1. The overwhelming majority of 'transwomen' do not have a GRC, so they are not covered by the GRA at all. Meaning, they are legally males.
2. The extremely low number of GRC possessors who transed from male to female are legally female for legal purposes only, with important exceptions, usually related to their biology (parenthood, sexual offences, sport).
3. To the extent GRC-possessing TW present as males, there is an expectation they will be treated socially as such and the GRA does not establish any legal duty on third parties to treat them as females, since their legal status as females is not even known to them.
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