This new paper by Jaafar et al (2020) publish last September shows that the accuracy of PCR tests using 35 cycles of viral RNA amplification is only about 3% meaning that 97% of the positive test results might be FALSE:…

CDC recommends using up 40 cycles!
The paper by Jaafar et al. (2020:…) also demonstrates that the accuracy of PCR tests rapidly drops beyond 25 cycles of RNA replication.

However, all labs in the USA and Europe use 35-44 cycles, which is why positive PCR tests are essentially MEANINGLESS!
This is an example of misleading & harmful propaganda peddled by an agenda-driven mainstream media that ignores the science & meaning of PCR tests:…

The SD Governor is right: People should not be afraid to get together for Thanksgiving!

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9 Nov
Here is another example of instantaneous vote switching that occurred in PA in real time on Election day and was directly captured from the TV screen. Trump's votes dropped 19,958 at the SAME time when Biden's votes increased by EXACTLY the same amount:
Russel Ramsland, a cybersecurity expert from Dallas TX showed an example of instantaneous vote switching in Kentucky between Governors candidates Andy Beshear (D) and Matt Bevin (R) captured during a life CNN news report:
This type of instantaneous switching of large number of votes between candidates can only be done electronically through a software that is either controlling the vote counting machines or performing statistical processing of data downstream from the vote counting machines.
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8 Nov
Two days ago, I speculated that, IF an election fraud was committed, it must have been done through the software controlling vote counting & statistics:

This article discusses evidence for this found in MI and other swing states:
A software developed by the Dominion Voting Systems Corporation (…) was caught to instantaneously SWITCH votes from Republican to Democrat candidates in MI and other swing states:

Dominion software was deployed & used in 47 states!
This Wiki article about Dominion Voting Systems Corporation is worth reading:…
This Canadian company plays a dominant role in serving US Elections through voting machines & software.

Note this statement on the Wiki page about GA selecting Dominion in 2019:
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7 Nov
These are some stunning revaluations by the retired US Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney (…) about the existence of a software called SCORECARD maintained by CIA that can change votes while data are in transit. Watch:
I mean to say above:

"These are some stunning revelations..."

Sorry for the typo, but the spellchecker tricks me sometime. 🙂
Watch this interview from Oct 5 with the head of a Cybersecurity Firm in Dallas TX to learn in TECHNICAL DETAILS how incredibly vulnerable are the computer systems running US elections, and how votes are fraudulently being changed on Election day:
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7 Nov
Shortly after tweeting today my opinion that, if an election fraud existed, it might be in the computer code counting the votes (see ), someone posted this interview with Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, who suggested the same:
This is the portion of the interview with the US Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, where he talks about a computer software developed during Obama-Biden Administration that changes votes while in transit within the system:

This is ALARMING!!
Here is a Wikipedia bio of the US Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney listing his career & qualifications:…
He served in top military positions under the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the US.

His words should be taken seriously!
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6 Nov
It's really difficult to reconcile reported Presidential Election results with the HUGE enthusiasm gap observed between Trump's and Biden's rallies over the past 6 months.
If there is a fraud, it's likely to be in the software code aggregating vote counts at county & state level.
To be clear, I'm not saying here that there was a fraud (I don't have any proof for it!). I'm merely speculating about a possible place to look in order to verify whether or not an election fraud has been committed.
How could traditionally Republican (red) states such as Georgia and Arizona end up in the column of a Democratic candidate, who has beardly showed up in public over the past 6 months to explain his planform, and has flipflopped his position on key energy & environmental issues?
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25 Sep
Last Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lifted ALL #COVID19 restrictions fully opening the state economy for business while suspending all outstanding penalties for individuals, who have been fined for not following COVID-19 restrictions! 👏👏👍…
FL Governor DeSantis set an example of leadership that all US Governors ought to follow.
I've said this before - the solution to the COVID19 "pandemic" is twofold:
- Full reopening of the economy and abolishing the ridiculous mask-wearing mandates.
- Comprehensive audit of CDC. Image
The #COVID19 death toll claimed by CDC is likely inflated 17 times or more. We need a thorough investigation of CDC's guidelines & statistical records as well as an audit of hospital records & death certificates issued in NY and NJ as demanded by people:
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