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21 Nov, 61 tweets, 47 min read
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 ✨A Message to all of Humanity✨
👉A Rigged System

Many of you know this election was rigged. Many do not. But the news unlocks the map.
And the correct picture emerges. Do you truly believe Joe Biden is going to win? Open your

@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 But you don't need to be told the truth. Part of you already knows that. Whether you deny it or not.
All the evidence needed to destroy the media and establishment's narrative exists.
If you truly want freedom, don't believe the media.
Have faith in Humanity. Let me show you.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 There's a funny thing about belief. You create what you believe. It motivates your actions. The two are not separate at all. If you want to create a better world, Make It Happen.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 In the Movie Iron Eagle, Chappie Sinclair tells Doug to play the right music. This is the right music. Notice how the message lines up with what I'm saying and the Q posts above.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Why do you think the Mainstream Media is trying to call the election for Joe Biden? So YOU WILL BELIEVE it. They are trying to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Because when you believe something, Your actions will mirror that belief. Your attitude will be one of defeat.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 The Media and the Establishment KNOW this. That's why they called the election for Joe Biden. Their claim is only as good as your support and acceptance.…
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Why do you think they are asking when Trump will throw in the towel? To erode public support for his election claims. You have the power. You always did. You just don't believe. It is time to change that narrative. And your attitude.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Never give up on what you know is right. that is what Trump is trying to teach you all. Fight Back. With your will and your soul. True freedom.…
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 So what do the Qdrops say about waiting for something to happen? Take Post 3560. Less than helpful. But there's a few clues. Trump cautions against waiting. You'll get a worse deal. Also why is the tree in the shape of a heart?
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 It's because it is the wrong picture. Now this paints the picture of Love better. News unlocks. But double meanings exist. News doesn't mean what you think it does. The news is mostly fake. Focus on the truth.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 What you say? You aren't listening to the true message
This is a movie. Q says it repeatedly. And in the movies referenced in the drops, the good guys win in the end. Listen to the video below, but watch it as well
Does it look like they are waiting?
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 No. They are making it happen. A contrast to their words, but the same basic message as the Mariah Carey video. In the Q drops, Q says You see, disinformation was necessary. Not that Q was using fake information. But it wasn't the true message.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 This is the message the bad guys really fear. But in case you don't believe me, let me convince you. This election is already over. Trump won. Believe it. Know it. Make it happen. Choose it.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Now some of you are going to say "Why are you playing music industry filth. That's corruption. That's the enemy." I thought so too at first. That's an awful lot of positive messages for the bad guys to be spreading. That is far from the whole story.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 But that is a story for another time. The world is not ready. For now, I can only plant the seeds.
But I know this. It's time we all change the way we look at this world. Take the following song.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Landslide. It's completely relevant. What is the reflection in the snow covered hills? What is the Landslide?

The landslide is fear. The landslide is everything this world does to us to try to wipe away who we truly are. The reflection is you.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 You are literally fighting yourself when you let fear control you. Do you let this world wipe away who you truly are?….
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 You might think "I thought you were supposed to be talking about the news or Q?" That's exactly what I am doing. The truth hidden by this alternate reality. This world is a reflection of you. A mirror to who you are.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Look deeper. The reason this world appears so awful to you is it is a reflection of you. You've let others tell you who you are and what you must believe. You've let the news and the people with wealth and power control your vision of this world. It does not have to be.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 You don't quite get it. The power of the wealthy elite is an illusion. Their only power is tricking people into obeying them. Without that, they have NOTHING. Only when you refuse to do their bidding will you truly be free.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Hitler rose to power because people freely gave him that power, not realizing they were forging their own chains. Stop giving that power away. Say no. The wealthy elite do not deserve your obedience or loyalty in any way. They certainly have not earned it in any way.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Look at the following video and listen to the words. What do you see and hear? No it is not nonsense. And remove all the sexual references and innuendo. Block those out. They are not the true message. Do you see it?
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Reflections. Now watch and listen with Reflection in mind. Now what does it say? Don't get frustrated if you do not see, hear or understand it right away. It takes time and patience. How do YOU see the world?
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Yes it looks very strange, the video. But there is a deeper message to all of it. It has meaning. All of it. There are no coincidences. Yesterday I decoded some messages I found in a video in this tweet thread. Truth is everywhere.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 You are probably saying "You're seeing things that aren't really there." I say no. You are seeing things that aren't really there. All of the above are expressions of the truth. Why are we seeing the truth in Hollywood or music?
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Aren't they the control structure that keeps us docile and obedient? Yes. But those who control us KNOW they cannot stop the truth. We speak the truth to ourselves every day without recognizing it, because we believe we are speaking to others and not ourselves.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Inspiration, intuition, they are expressions of truth. They cannot be stopped. They will always come out. The truth behind this movie clip is decoded. Learn to decode the truth. They can't stop the signal. Your soul
In all those movies and songs, whenever inspiration hits
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 ...the truth flies out. Watch this clip from the Movie Serenity. I highly recommend the whole movie. It's describing our world perfectly. But only if you watch it with the proper context in mind.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 So if the truth is always coming out, how do those who control us stop it? There is a way around all that. Feed you disinformation. Convince you it's not real. Convince you it's a conspiracy theory. They use your own beliefs against you. Welcome to the truth of...
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Mainstream Media. Lies. Propaganda. All of it. Used to create a belief system that is not real. Oh I am so using this. The perfect illustration of how you are constantly being manipulated, exposed.…
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Once you start to realize this, you realize people on the left are not your enemy. People on the right are not the enemy. You all want the same thing. An end to the system of control. A rigged system. Alone and divided, you do not know how to end it. They want you divided
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 For that reason. When you are too busy fighting each other, you cannot stop them. Some of you might say, Q talks about God. I don't believe in God. The beauty of this life is YOU DO NOT HAVE TO. You have free will for a reason. Use it.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Decide for yourself what your life is really about. Stop letting others decide for you. Stop letting others make you into something you are not. All you need is some Love and Emotion to create the world you want to see.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 I'm sorry to say, religion is a control structure. You do not need it. God speaks to you every single day. But you are too involved in this illusion to recognize what you are hearing. My spirituality, not religion, is my own. Unique.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 And no one can take that from me. Listen to the voice within. And yes, I keep using that video for a reason. It is everything. Learn to see what I see in it. But don't let me tell you. Listen to the voice within you. Let the message to you, JUMP out at you. That is the..
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 ..beginning of True Sight. What God wants you to see. When you start to accept each others differences all as part of God's plan for this world, then and only then, will you unite. No one is coming to save you. We are the plan. Conquer fear. That is the true enemy.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 If you want to be free, choose to be free. The only thing stopping you is you. Listen to the message.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 The rest is just a Fantasy Land. An alternate reality. How long are you going to let the media and the elite control you? It's all not real.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 That same message lies in all things, should you choose to truly wake up and hear it.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 You are not alone. That is the illusion. There are many others that feel the same way, but are caught in the illusion. Find the truth you share in common with them. And reconcile. Make peace. Q tells us to reconcile over and over. But he means forgiveness.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Forgive those that have hurt you. The true picture below.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Q tells us over and over, this is a movie. And he is correct. It is YOUR movie. Write the ending you want to see. I know this is what he means right here. You are the hero. Make your miracle.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 The message is everywhere. You can't stop the signal
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Afterword
But if you feel you need convincing that the election was rigged, and this is all a system of control to keep you enslaved, read the links and attachments listed below.
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 And after all that, still Democrats deny the whole thing…
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 End Credit Music (every movie needs a soundtrack)
@PsychoMetalHed @SidneyPowell1 Note there are multiple links in a single thread for the sake of brevity. But don't be afraid to click on them all. Or better yet, do your OWN research. Nothing beats figuring things out for yourself.

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💥💥The Election was Stolen💥💥

But it's being taken back
Trump has won. Anyone who says otherwise is denying reality. Here's the details. Why is this relevant?… Image
Why didn't Hillary challenge the vote in 2016? If there was any impropriety in the election in 2016, she could have won? Couldn't she?
No. Future proves past. If Hillary Clinton had challenged the election in 2016, cheating would have been revealed. The Democrats' cheating would have been revealed. They've been cheating all along. They swallowed the loss to prevent the people from turning on them. Image
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Q says it will be necessary to prove I am speaking the truth about all this. To that effect proof has been provided to me.
Who could have provided this sort of proof. Well there's only three possibilities since the proof is given after my...
...reply. It concerns Q's instructions on how to obtain that proof. It involves a reply to a Potus Tweet and a corresponding military tweet. The miltary tweet must be within 60 minutes of Potus's tweet to eliminate any coincidence, but allow for enough variety in the numbers.
Think a 60 minute clock so that the numbers can line up with the timestamps on the Q posts. Q thinks it's important to keep the proofs together. Well, you know what it's like trying to find old tweets.
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Continuing from where we left off yesterday,
this part in the series directly relates to providing
evidence that voter fraud is occurring.
Yesterday we covered the rampant fraud and corruption
that occurs in our own government. How widespread
it is and how that could translate into a system capable
of orchestrating voter fraud.

The Qdrops are not what every thought they were. They aren't necessary a magical predictor of events, not in the way people were using them. It's an instruction manual. The instructions are carefully hidden throughout the drops. A map, so to speak. But more on that later.
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✨Voter Fraud✨

What do the Qdrops have to say about voter fraud?
That is one of the clearer topics in the drops. They indicate there would be voter fraud. But why? And if the voter fraud was known about, why was in not exposed? Image
The truth is, it is being exposed. Right now. For all the see. But the media is doing everything in it's power to keep you from seeing it. You see, the media is complicit in the fraud. The only way the establishment wins is if you believe their lies and stop fighting. Image
The Qdrops indicate there was only one way to stop the theft of the election by the establishment. Since the intelligence agencies were corrupted, there was only one intelligence agency that could be used. Military Intelligence. The corruption in DC is too deep to clean. Image
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✨The Mystery of the Q Signatures✨

This will be the first of my Qproofs. This will be hard to believe, which is why I have been thorough as I could be. But I'm on the clock. As of a few days ago the Qclock ended on 11/11. It spanned 1111 days. But it is not what it seems.
Q tells us to think mirror. I believe the clock started on 11/11. Now I have confirmation of that, but it's been deleted, as I expected it would be. There's a reason for that. Optics.
I intended to start with an investigation of visibility. A marker. But the drops were speaking to me in a way I did not understand at first. Coincidences led me to believe they were talking about my visibility, and that of others. We were never intended to stay anonymous...
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12 Nov

Well you didn't think I was going to come to Twitter after hearing what I did about it with my real identity, did you. Message received. Identity confirmation commencing. You see, Jenariel was the main character in a story I wrote...
One I was inspired to write. And after reading it, I realized, I was writing about me. Maybe one day I'll get to finish and release it.
As usual, I am holding up the show. Time to become who I was meant to be. Codemonkey. Too literal. Still working on my hearing. 🤣
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