Now PA Repubs are claiming PA's entire vote-by-mail law is unconstitutional. I may regret this as I've seen only the parts @bradheath has tweeted, but here goes:

It seems this suit is falsely premised on a belief that a requirement in PA's constitution is also a limitation.

I shall now pause this thread to read the complaint...

That's just the complaint; I've not yet seen a brief with citations to any PA court decisions on which they're relying. Yet, I persist...

Here's the primary provision on elections in PA's constitution: Art VII, Sec 4.

"All elections by the citizens shall be by ballot *or by such other method as may be prescribed by law*".

The Republican complaint focuses on Art VII, Sec 14, which says: "The Legislature shall, by general law, provide a manner" by which people who are absent (b/c of listed circumstances) or can't get to their polling place (b/c of listed circumstances) may nevertheless vote.

On the one hand, the Repub plaintiffs claim that, for people who do not come to vote in person, Sec 14 establishes an "exclusive" list of excuses for allowing those people to vote by mail.


Otoh, Sec 14 on its face doesn't say that. Nothing on its face suggests it embodies a limitation. Sec 14 tells the legislature what it "shall" do; it doesn't tell the legislature what it may not do.


FUN FACT: While PA Republicans are now claiming Act 77 is unconstitutional... the PA Repub Party just two months ago told the PA Supreme Ct that that very same Act 77 embodied "a grand bipartisan compromise" to modernize the state's election system.


• • •

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But then there are the rules of the Senate.

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… and b/c we inescapably knew that much of it wasn't sold (something that's obvious from the tax information provided by the trustee)*, he also abstained from voting on matters that could affect that company's business.

(* – my boss also released his tax returns every year)

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... you'll see in the footnote they cite as their authority S Res 62 from the 114th Congress.

Being the ex-staffer that I am, I decided to look up S Res 62 from the 114th Congress...

And when I looked up S Res 62 from the 114th Congress, here's what I found...

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