#Revelation 🧵

Spirit of King David Returned

37 Biblical significance

Strong’s word: Abital
my father is (the) dew) a wife of David 2 Sam 3:4; 1 Chronicles 3:3.
SIGNIFICANT: Because the root word of 37 is Ab. This is the first word. Strongs number 1

Strong's Hebrew: 1. אָב (ab) -- father
2nd Root is Tal Definition: night mist, dew

Strong's Hebrew: 2919. טָל (tal) -- night mist, dew
Prophetic Picture: Double Masculine noun from root word.

Powerful picture of strong arm, protection, supreme power, majesty, omnipotence, glory

Father of the Mist (Spirit, Dew)

Let’s explore its MIRROR 73
Mirror of 37 is


[ struggle, agony, grueling ]


God’s mercies within the struggle.
Hebrew 73: Abnet

Sash or Girdle - But particularly referring to a belt to hang money on. A 💰 bag.

As I walk my way through the study it occurs to me that we were warned about this time.
Indeed, the circumstances in our world, America in particular, have a direct correlation to wrapping a belt around your waist.

I see this as binding yourself and contractually obligated yourself to the pursuit of money.

Abraham entered into a COVENANT with God, NOT a CONTRACT
Covenant- Hope
Contract- Enslavement

Covenant - Holy, Everlasting, Unbreakable
Contract- Unholy, Unequally Yoked, Severable

Is not this the basis of our current American crisis?

Are we not bound up as a nation in unholy contracts and alliances?
Does he not call us to:





We are His Eklesia.

The significance of the number 37 and it’s mirror 73 shows us a picture of an omnipotent God who created the times we live in and....
set appointed times to send heaven’s armies including the spirits of our biblical ancestors with Jesus Christ our King in the final redemption and judgement.

We should fear not.

The apocalypse is the revealing of the hidden.

Shining light.

Uncovering truth.

🎥 @JTWildeMusic
The root word TAL, indicates a huge struggle with great agony in an arena like setting, such as our media… But ultimately it indicates victory on the part of those who stand with Christ.

Is not the last book of the Bible revelation?

Satan is making his last stand…

So is God!
The Lamb who became the Lion.
The gentle babe who became the Sword.

The bright & morning star who endured all the darkness of hell to rip the veil open and create a pathway for all mankind to come to his father.

The one who was, is, and EVER SHALL BE.

#TheSword #WeAreLions

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21 Nov
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A new day has dawned over America!

The voice of the Lord thunders among the people of the earth.

Now begins, the end of the snake.

#TheBestIsYetToCome #GodIsReal
#ShabbatShalom #GodIsGood
Job 26:13

By His breath the skies were cleared;
His hand pierced the fleeing serpent.
#Dominion #TheEnd

Isaiah 26:13

O LORD our God, other lords beside thee have had DOMINION over us: but by thee only will we make mention of thy name.

Nate and Christy Vid 👇🏻
The KING 👑 of Snakes 🐍

Matthew 10:16
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Source: bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Serpents
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#ProveMeWrong @COSAGOV

Is anybody else hearing songs on the radio that attempt to compel you to feel guilt over your constitutional rights? #USC241 #USC242

Feel free to take a video and add it to this thread.

#YourTaxDollars 💴😷💴

RT #WeThePeople
#USC241 #USC242

#YourTaxDollars 💴😷💴

Being used to take away your rights one day at a time…

RT #WeThePeople


A written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court.

How is this useful?

if any of your constitutional rights have been infringed, you can make a confidential report at this link.

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18 Nov

🔍affliction, persecution

From thlibo; pressure (lit. or fig.) afflicted, anguish, burdened, persecution, trouble.

Matthew 24:21 - For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
Daniel 12:1 - And AT THAT TIME shall Michael stand up, the GREAT PRINCE which STANDS for the CHILDREN of thy people: and there shall be a TIME OF TROUBLE, such as NEVER WAS since there was a nation [even] to that same time: and AT THAT TIME thy people SHALL BE DELIVERED. 📜

♦️a disclosure of truth, instruction

♦️concerning things before unknown

♦️used of events by which things or states or persons hitherto withdrawn from view are made visible to all

♦️manifestation, appearance

♦️laying bare, making naked
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17 Nov
🔍 Were they? #SecureTheVote

🗳One of the largest voting stations in San Antonio was at the AT&T Center.

🗳HOSTED BY 🔍 [ DS ] sports leagues in San Antonio.

🗳Biden campaign officials were seen rolling in boxes of something… #SanAntonio #ATX 🗳

🕵️ R E C O N C I L E 🕵️
What if this was the 🗳 drop?

This is the second or third event held at the AT&T Center in recent weeks.

Does this look like a campaign 🛑 ?

Where are all the Biden supporters?

Asking for a friend...
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