I while ago a conservative friend and I were talking about an "end of times lifeboat". Who would we put on it, sort of conversation.

Today while I was digging roots out of a ditch I got thinking about that conversation and the long piece I have been writing, off and on, since.
So, I have a new category (we'd originally had three).

That's the "muh freedoms anti mask" gang.

So, none of you get to come on the lifeboat. You'll have to burn to a crisp on the shores. Sorry.

You do deserve an explanation, though.
First. You're cowards and I don't really think we should build our brave new society with cowards. You're simply too weak and selfish to buck up and do something for the greater good. You know, cowardly stuff. You'll kill us all. We don't need or want you.
Second. You're not very bright and won't even do something that brings no harm to you to save your own life. Never mind that you're okay killing other people (we'll get to that), you're just stupid. Also not a quality we want in our brave new world. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Third. You're a little wonky, morally, there guys and gals. You know. You don't seem to have a grasp on basic "right and wrong" stuff. You think your right to not do something for the greater good is more important than human life. So. No. We definitely have no use for you.
Fourth. You're a bit of a sissy, eh? Can't take a little piece of cloth over your mouth for a few hours here and there. I mean, come on. We need people who can hunker down and get things done without a lot of whining and crying. Poor sookie, maybe the next boat will take you.
Fifth: this one is just personal, but you seem like jerks. The kind of people who cheat at board games and steal condiments from restaurants because "they charge too much anyway". So, I just don't want you on my boat at all.

• • •

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19 Nov
I refuse to accept that we must sit by and watch our society be destroyed by people like Michelle Rempel and @PierrePoilievre and Michael Cooper and that whole pack of crazy liars.

I. Refuse.
And no, we're not fine.
The fix will take money - lots of it and organizers - lots of them and someone to ride the white horse.
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18 Nov
If you're still a conservative (as it manifests in real life, not as it seems on the pages of text books) after watching people drop dead because of the conservative worldview then I will freely admit to having lost much of my respect for you as a human being.
Because we are going to have more disasters. More climate crisis inflection points. More viruses. More political unrest. More poverty and more wealth disparity ... and thinking that doing more of the same thing will correct it ... is insane.
I must admit, I find much of the bullshit rhetoric on the left, the identity politics and the unicorn ideas and all the cray cray defund the police crap to be pretty off-putting. Seriously.

But at some point we all need to recognize reality. As in ours isn't working.
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9 Nov
I think there's a lot of general confusion over that "conservatism" is.

First, it's not "evil" or even "bad". It's a legitimate political philosophy that boils down to minimal possible intervention in society, including but not limited to the economy.
Liberals and moreso progressives, believe that the state can/should if not "engineer" society, exercise its power to shape society and use its machinery to level the playing field. To address inequalities that arise from an insufficiently regulated free market system.
If you buy into the notion that these are the primary, functional differences between liberalism and conservativism, you cannot escape the conclusion that a part of the reason for the rise of the hard right is the "gains" made by the liberals towards their "better society" goals.
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9 Nov
We could solve a pretty huge percentage of our problems by insisting on a livable minimum wage for every Canadian.

The free market would survive and come close to its real potential.
I'm an unabashed capitalist. I think it's the only workable economic system.

I also think we have borked it up badly, letting it favour "management" instead of "labour" who are, ultimately, also its consumer base.
If your business can't survive by paying a living wage, you need to close your business and make room for someone who has built a fair wage into their model.

It's not complicated.
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8 Nov
I've dusted off a few old physics texts and have been reading about gravity, motion, and the nature of pendulums.

Someday I would like to talk seriously, honestly and openly with non reactionary people about identity politics.
I'm kind of genuinely confused about why *not* voting for someone because of their gender or ethnicity is evil racism/misogyny/misandry but voting *for* someone because of those things is good.
Despite having read what feels like all the possible explanations none passed my internal logic tests and I'm ... lost in reflection and confusion and concern.
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7 Nov
Canada, we need to have a long conversation about conservatism in this country.

41% of Canadian conservatives, including a few premiers and the conservative leader would have voted for Trump.

And we need to have it soon.

A reckoning.
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