I feel like the shitshow nature of the legal challenges actually helps the coup plotters. It covers the gravity of what they're trying in the comedy aspect, even though the legal challenges are in part just messaging, a way to keep Trump's supporters on board.
Don't get me wrong--the legal minutiae of it is critically important. It ensures no judge will just get lazy. It explains to those Republicans who care how unserious the legal claims are.
But this still a coup [autogolpe] attempt, and the legal challenges don't HAVE to be serious to either lead to violence or to make the country ungovernable.
And to be clear, I'm not sure how to cover this. But three things should change:

1) Stop giving @GSAEmily free PR. She is breaking the law for partisan purpose and risking American lives in the process. Cover her like lives depend on it.
2) Republican members of Congress who are just playing along are not, actually, playing along. They're hedging their bets, figuring a dictatorship will work for THEM, but if not a damaged democracy will work for THEM too. Call them on their inaction.
3) One way or another you need to get more Republicans on the record opposing this coup. Keep running lists of far right Republicans--Republicans who loudly supported Trump in the election--who have conceded that Biden is the duly elected President.
4) Adding, I talk a lot abt Sidney Powell's performance art in Flynn case. Same thing: Shitshow lawyering. There, bc I was virtually the only one watching closely, the frothers BELIEVED it, even tho Sullivan was like "wha?" Of course, that worked especially well bc he's black
Thing is, we discovered when THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT altered docs in that case, that the legal challenge was largely for show. They used it to (try to) set up an attack on Joe Biden.

OF COURSE Flynn is getting a pardon. So why draw this out?

For show.


• • •

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21 Nov
Glenn Greenwald once again making the case for an Assange/Snowden pardon as Trump's best way to get back at the Deep State.

It's not civil liberties for him (he has disavowed that interest, and doesn't give a fuck that Trump is worse). It's about hurting the CIA and NSA.
For those asking, no, Glenn never argues Winner should be pardoned.

Ed did, while lying blatantly about whether anyone had asked on his behalf. Problem in, in doing so Ed provided evidence against a guy still up on trial, Daniel Everette Hale.
Fact check:

Billy Barr's DOJ is who is demanding that Snowden & Assange be prosecuted.

The same Billy Barr that Glenn has apologized for over and over. Funny how he never criticizes the guy in charge of DOJ.
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18 Nov
In 2008, I knocked doors for Barack Obama in Jackson MI. It's one of several (3?) cities in the Midwest that makes a claim to have hosted the founding of the Republican Party. I went to the commemoration stone making that claim and took a picture of the Obama t-shirt I had worn.
I was sure that MI, which claimed to have founded the anti-slavery Republican party, would vote to elect the first black President. I also worked as a vote CHALLENGER (look it up, @WaPo) in Detroit to do what I could to make that happen. Lots of first time voters. I was right!
@wapo When I flew to DC for Obama's inauguration, I went through TSA right behind Julian Bond. The screeners treated him like a rock star. The entire plane treated him like a rock star. This was MI's destiny.

And today, that same GOP shat over their entire legacy.
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17 Nov
"Looking Forward" Will Be Harder for President Biden than It Was for President Obama

Here are JUST SOME of the investigations that either currently exist or have been corruptly shut down:
>Build the Wall (Steve Bannon)
>Fruman, Parnas, and Rudy
>Other FARA charges against Rudy
>Erik Prince selling an army to China
>Ryan Zinke false statements 1/n
>Campaign finance/grift investigations implicating Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Brad Parscale
>Conspiracy w/Russia involving Stone (and possibly Trump himself), plus pardon quid pro quo for Assange
>Possible aftermath of Mike Flynn case, including perjury and Turkey 951
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16 Nov
Assuming all things continue as they have been on Trump's election challenges (follow @marceelias for his latest tally), it's worth comparing this to the Trump-driven investigations into the RU investigations.
The election lawsuits make grand claims and then, when a lawyer has to risk her license, those claims dissolve.

TO SOME DEGREE, that has happened on Trump's witch hunts.

DOJ IG took a disastrous bend-don't-break approach, but never gave Trump the big win he wanted.
So then the witch hunt moved first to Durham (where Nora Dannehy's pre-election resignation prevented Billy Barr from concocting propaganda) to the Jensen investigation (where DOJ literally altered docs, w/outcome to come).
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15 Nov
Note: Billy Barr said PUBLICLY months ago that if Biden won the Durham investigation would be dropped. And recent actions in the Jeffrey Jensen case--where they had to alter docs and do incompetent interviews to make false claims--shows they had nothing.
But the chances of an ACTUAL source with familiarity of Durham's thinking would leak to Federalist Faceplant Sean are ... less than zero.

The chances that Billy Barr or Kerri Kupec is dealing bullshit is, however, quite likely.
Here's Trump saying that if he doesn't win Durham will go away.

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15 Nov
Here's when she accused the FBI Agents who investigated her client had committed "outrageous deliberate misconduct," even though DOJ was relying on one of them (pro-Trump FBI Agent Bill Barnett) in their latest moves.
Here's how Sidney Powell submitted evidence showing that FBI WAS NOT investigating her client for the Logan Act, even though DOJ has made that a centerpieces of the basis for dismissing the case.
Here's one of the several times that Sidney Powell made claims that -- if true, would mean her client perjured himself.

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